The No-Brainer Meal Plan

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We love to eat. I like to cook. Usually.┬áBut, I’ve noticed lately that the minutes tick by much quicker than I would like them to. It seems the days disappear before I’ve had a chance to do all that I think I can do in a day.

My friend Sharon suggested that perhaps I have too high of expectations for a given day. You know, she could be right.

Could be.

So, I’m working on trimming my time and figuring out what really can fit in a day. Staring at the cupboard wondering what to fix for dinner is not one of those things. Thanks to my fall meal themes, meal planning is now a no-brainer.

I mentioned last week what a help it is to me to have theme night dinners. I can vary it each week, but because I’ve narrowed the field of choices, I can make a decision pretty quickly. It’s, as they say, a no-brainer.

I need as many of those opportunities as I can get!

Here’s my meal plan of the week:

Soups, Stews and Chili – 2 choices: Chicken Noodle as well as Aunt Sandy’s Broccoli-Cauliflower Soup
Football Food – Grilled Tri-tip, Lemon Roasted Potatoes, Steamed Veg
Pasta NightChicken and Bowties, Steamed Veg
Casserole – Chicken Enchiladas, Rice, and Beans
Mexican Food Night – Tacos
Pizza NightChef’s Choice
Cooking Out – Grilled Asian Chicken, Bok Choy (it’s in the produce box!), Rice

Is meal planning a no brainer for you?

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  1. The planning is a no-brainer for me but I’ve noticed I’m spending A LOT of time in the kitchen lately. Part of it is the end of Farmer’s Market season approaching so I’m preparing a lot of thing to freeze. But in general it seems like there’s always something that needs to be done – bread put in the machine, various DIY stuff to make (yogurt, kifer, ricotta, sour cream), chicken or vegetable broth for soups. I don’t dislike it but it takes a lot of time away from my kids and leaves me with no time to relax. Anyway, I need to take a bigger page out of your book and do some bigger freezer cooking sessions. Or accept defeat with regard to the things I make from scratch.

  2. Because the availability of some items fluctuates widely here, I have plan my menu after I get home from the store and see what we have. We have a few simple meals that we eat a lot and then I rotate other in. I cook a lot, a lot, from scratch, but it does really help me to have a back up meal or two that can be prepared really fast for those days when the clock seems to have sped up. For my this is often pasta and red sauce I make from frozen tomato paste.

  3. Here is my favorite recipe for bok choy:

    Good luck!

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