The Pantry Challenge is On!

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Every January on Good Cheap Eats, I host a Pantry Challenge. It’s a focused time to use up what’s in the cupboard and save some money. Last year, I saved over $500 just by shopping the cupboards and freezer before going to the store.

One of the best parts of the Pantry Challenge, besides the money savings, is the camaraderie that’s built among the participants. Seriously, we share how we’re using things up and build friendships all at the same time.

This year, I’ve put together a free Pantry Challenge Starter Guide for anyone interested. Get the details and join the Challenge here.


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  1. Sweet potatoe topped, turkey Sheppard’s pie topped with some shredded NY sharp Cheddar and some smoked Guda (the last of the fancy cheese leftover from Xmas). Turkey, stock, sweet potatoes (cooked extras ahead as these were bought at Xmas) was from this past Sunday (I have a tradition of roasting a whole turkey on NY day), leftover veggies, the usual mire poix. It’s baking right now. Smells wonderful! Salad of Romaine, l/o black olives, l/o cornichons that I sliced, tomato, red onion. Choice of 3 dressings.

  2. I spent about $60 for the first week of the PC which doesn’t sound very good. Thirty was spent on a special family dinner and then another shop before a sleepover with my 3 grands. Fifteen more on produce and legitimate items we needed. I would rate my success as 50% this first week. We did a good job of eating leftovers and using some items that were their near expiration dates. I need to improve on my shopping though. Everything looks so good at the store and I always think we will eat more fresh produce that we actually do.

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