The Power of Imaginative Play

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Costumes have always been a huge deal at our house. We have several large (read: ginormous) boxes of dress up clothes. In the early years of my parenting it was chock full of cowboys, pirates, and Star Wars. It’s only in recent years that we’ve added some princess garb.

For many years, getting into costume was as regular as pulling on normal clothes in the morning. My boys totally embraced their assumed identity for the day. In fact, they would get so much into character that they would often wear these get-ups out of the house. Like to the store. My sister was stunned.

You’re letting him go into the store dressed like that?!

Yes, yes, I am.

Quite honestly, I loved to see the looks on people’s faces when a pirate or a cowboy or a Roman soldier came prancing by. It’s too bad that we don’t smile so freely all the time. It would seem that this hat has brought a smile to many a face:

Imagine a cold wintry day and you’re driving the cold, deserted streets of the ‘burbs on your way home. You can’t wait to get out of the cold and into your warm house. But, as you turn the corner of the cold street, you see a young mom pushing her bored children in a stroller while they wait for Papa to come home. One little boy in a bright red coat and this golden Roman helmet brings a smile to your face.

I loved seeing the looks on their faces. I did not love how stinking cold it was that day. But, the memory of my little Roman still makes me giggle.

Yes, we get into character.

The bigger boys once attended a sonogram appointment of mine dressed as Davy Crockett and George E. Russel. They even sang the Ballad of Davy Crockett to the ultrasound tech. She wrote down in my file, “Davy Crockett’s mom.” And you can bet that she still remembers us seven years later. (Hi Lynn!)

Yes, costumes have that effect on people.

Since we are history buffs, all of our kids have spent a fair amount of time reenacting days and worlds past. When we study the American War for Independence, we don tricorn hats. When we study medieval times, we bust out the knight’s armour and shields.

So, when Halloween Costumes contacted me about reviewing kids’ costumes, I knew my kids would love it. I chose dress-up clothes that fit the time period that we are studying: the Ancient World.

Roman soldiers, greek women, and Biblical characters are great multipurpose get-ups for kids exploring the story of the world. Right now we’re studying the Hebrew exodus from Egypt, and our shepherd Moses is leading us.

I’m really impressed with the quality as well as the price of the costumes we chose. My four younger children absolutely love to wear them. The girls love dressing up as Hebrew and Egyptian women and the boys are loving reenacting ancient times.

(Please keep in mind that not all the costumes on the site are appropriate for young children. So use discretion when browsing.)

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Leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite “dress-up” memory, either of you or of your child.

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Disclosure: I received children’s costumes for review and compensation for administering this giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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  1. My favorite memory is seeing my girls dress up in my old dance costumes.

  2. My favorite memory is of my three little girls dressing up as Mary, Laura, and Carrie – they made the sweetest looking “Little House” girls ever!!

  3. My favorite dress-up memory is putting on a doctor’s coat and pulling my sister in our radio flyer wagon. She was always our patient and the wagon our ambulance!

  4. Last time we were going to get our car seats inspected at the fire dept my son insisted on wearing his fire fighter boots. When we got there he asked one of the fireman where his boots were! Haha But he dud get to sit up in the truck like a real fire fighter. His face was glowing!

  5. I remember when my oldest was about 4, we dressed him as a shepherd – bathrobe, head covering and a little stuffed lamb under his arm. He has Down Syndrome and wasn’t really talking then, so we pinned a note on his robe that said, “I am a shepherd. I care for my sheep.” He was so sweet.

  6. I was the oldest of 5 children. For many, many years…all of us dressed as bums. This meant we wore our dads jeans and shirts…stuffed them with pillows and smeared dirt on our faces!

  7. My son recently discovered “dressing up” at a friend’s house. Since then he has been asking for his own butterfly and/or fairy wings!

  8. My son is in love with dress up, he will get all dressed, he loves his accessories, and he is that kid at the store with his cow boy hat, big belt buckle, and boots. I love letting him express himself freely.

  9. my girls like to dress up and pretend they are beezus and ramona. And they call me Mrs. Quimby…not sure why it isn’t just mom??

  10. My favorite memory is of my dressing up as teachers complete with glasses,purses, and authentic attitude. Acting has brought history alive to our girls and to us!

  11. I love a good super hero cape.

  12. I love the way my little girl gets up in the morning and has to dressup first thing.

  13. Renata Sommerville says:

    I love taking knights, princesses, and cowboys on errands!

  14. My favorite was when my son dressed up as the lion from wizard of oz + my neighbor dressed as Dorothy.

  15. I dress up as Laura Ingalls when I was a little girl and it was definitely my favorite costume.

  16. We tend to buy halloween costumes one size up so that my daughter can add them to her dress up trunk. She’s been a fairy, butterfly + cat. She also has plenty of tutu’s + pettiskirts, kids aprons, etc.

  17. My favorite is dressing up as a clown…it’s always fun to do the makeup.

  18. my favorite memory is actually of my granfdather dressing as santa every christmas as a child.

  19. I loved dressing up in my mom’s old bridesmaid dresses and high heels.

  20. My favorite is of my son dressed in a bumblebee costume…he asked Santa for that gift! Grandma had to make it and everyone loved his little stinger out his backside. He loved running around stinging everyone. Truly a fun memory for me! Thanks for including us in your giveaway!

  21. We would love any history dress-ups, too! We have cowboys, Civil War soldiers, and banditos at our house! πŸ™‚

  22. My son is just getting to the age where he can play dress-up. I’m planning to make him some costumes for Christmas and can’t wait to see him dressing up with capes, etc.

  23. We loved playing dress up as kids and also had a huge box of dress up clothes. I’m slowly building a collection for my little one now!

    KRDuttine at gmail dot com

  24. One of my favorite memories is when my oldest daughter was either 2 or 3 years old and was dressed up as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.” Instead of saying, “Trick or Treat!” she just pointed her toe and stuck her foot out… she was thrilled to be wearing “ruby” slippers. πŸ™‚

  25. My favorite memory is my own costumes. My parents made everyone and they were a joint effort. My mom sewed and my dad constructed. They were amazing! My son is due 10/12 and already has 3 Halloween costumes, LOL!

  26. We received some hand-me-down Power Rangers costumes which I wasn’t thrilled about but our dressup box was lacking. Bc of the padded muscles my son decided they are generic “superhero” costumes and loves to run around the house in them. He also accessorizes: cowboy hat or police helmet, stethoscope, etc.

  27. Last year was our daughter’s first Halloween. We found a lion costume at a yard sale that was just a vest with a lion’s head attached as a hoodie. She was so cute! It was the perfect costume — our last name is “Roer” (pronounced roar πŸ™‚

  28. I remember as a child dressing up like Casper the Friendly Ghost. I remember being Casper for 2 Halloweens in a row because I loved it so much.

  29. My favorite dress up memory was of when I dressed up as a bride one year for Halloween! I thought I was too cool. πŸ™‚

  30. My oldest daughter’s 3rd Halloween as a little monkey πŸ™‚

  31. My favorite little memory (and proof that we need more boy dress up clothes) is watching my little boy run around in his sister’s pink tutu and heart rain boots.

  32. Christina H says:

    I love how the same article can be sued for so many different things – Our police helmet has been a SWAT team hat, smoke jumper helmet, a fireman’s hat and is now currently covered in foil for a knight.

  33. I love when my kids all play together, dressed in all kinds of interesting costumes from the dress-up box or from things that they make. My favourite dress-up moment is probably my when my son received his jaguar costume that my mom sewed for him, at his request. It is used all the time, by kids of all sizes, whether it fits or not…it is just so cool!

  34. Laughing at my daughters attempting to walk around in my old bridesmaid dresses! I guess I should shorten them!

  35. Kim Stachowiak says:

    I don’t remember dressing up much, but my two love it. Right now they are into Star Wars, and it’s cute when they dress as pairs (Anakin and Ahsoka for example).

  36. My children LOVE to dress up and are usually found in a costume at least once throughout the day!

    My favorite memory is when my 3 yr old was given a Buzz Lightyear costume while my husband and I were away on a getaway and my mom texted me a picture of him in it. I already missed them, but when I saw that it just melted my heart! He looked adorable: )

  37. My grandmother had a dresser drawer filled with cast-off “fancy” dresses. My sister and I would put them on, crank up their Benny Goodman records and dance away. Those are some of my favorite childhood memories.

  38. My five year old daughter loves dressing up…every day it’s something new and I’m always amazed at her creativity…and sometimes I’m scared what her teenage years will bring! πŸ™‚

  39. Oh, how fun! Do I have to pick just one memory? How about this week, when my “doctor” and “patient” told our grocery cashier that the bandaids we were buying were to restock the dr’s office?

  40. I love seeing all the crazy outfits my 4 year old comes up with. Princess dresses, mittens, baseball hats, boots, with a ladybug umbrella is very typical!

  41. I always was a ballerina. Mom insisted on reusing the recital costume!

  42. My daughters love to dress up. My oldest spends all day in a princess costume and I will always remember her at this age in that costume!

  43. I loved dressing up as the devil when I was about 5. That and a cowgirl with a corncob pipe!

  44. My favorite dress-up memory of myself is when I was a pumpkin for a ballet recital. My twins are two this year so I’m very excited for Halloween!

  45. My sons still do dress up so I have lots of memories. Right now we are in a Captain Underpants phase; except our cape is white. But it was about 50 degrees the other morning & my son insisted on being captain underpants….after about 2 hrs with blue toenails & very cold hands he thought it was time for captain underpants to put clothes on & decided that captain underpants must live in California or Texas…someplace where it NEVER gets cold LOL

  46. MamaFeelgood says:

    My kid dresses up all the time and leaves the house. I love it and it makes errands much more fun.

  47. My little girl just had her first dress up experience a couple of weeks ago. The look on her face when she saw herself in the princess dress was PRICELESS!

  48. When I was younger I’d love to dress up my little brother and make him play with me!

  49. I had a dress-up birthday party one year which I still remember as such great fun. All the girls wore fancy dresses, costume jewelry and big hats.

  50. My favorite memory is my son dressing up as a confederate soldier at the history museum!

  51. My daughters LOVE to dress up. My 7 year old loves to see how many articles of clothing she can wear at the same time. I love to take them to the store after they have all their clothes on and watch the people stare!!!!

  52. We too are a dressing up family, but my favorite was my youngest at 18months who donned lion’s costume for Halloween. She was soooooo cute and cuddly!

  53. When we were really little, we loved dressing up in my great grandma’s wigs and bathrobes. We always had so much fun.

  54. My favorite memory involves a trip to Home Depot with two princesses, including high heels….

  55. I was Wonder Woman when I was 4 and broke my arm trying to fly.

  56. My kids all love dressing up as their fav characters from books.

  57. THe year our then 4 year old was Fancy Nancy and her little sister was a year old and wore a tutu and a flower headband! So cute.

  58. My little girl likes to play dress up a lot, but what I LOVE is that she doesn’t want to play dress up with me… but with my husband! She loves to put her princess clothes on him! He (secretly) loves it, too!

  59. My most recent costume memory happened when my big boy dressed his younger brother in his new cow costume. My older boy is too old to go trick-or-treating but had such a good time seeing his little bro dressed up and even took pictures of him! Love it when my kids get along. Makes my heart glad.

  60. Kris Henderson says:

    My 4yo old loves to dress up. My fave memory is her wearing a big hat, sunglasses, and long gloves trying to eat yogurt without anything falling off.

  61. My favorite memory is of watching my daughter play outside in her princess dress with her friends (also dressed as princesses).

  62. When I was little, probaly 5 or so, my sister dressed up as minnie mouse and for some reason it terrified me. She kept trying to pick me up, and I kept running away screaming. The picture we have is priceless, my sister sitting on the sofa and me standing in the middle of the living room crying.

  63. My favorite costume memory is my six year old son deciding he would be Elvis because every other costume in his size was gone. He took the Elvis costume and owned it. We showed him YouTube videos and he was the best Elvis I have ever seen.

  64. I never played dress up as a child that I can remember, but my children absolutely adore dress up. I am constantly finding them with my lipstick a cowboy hat and a darth vader outfit all at once!

  65. My favorite costume memory is of my little girl wearing her dad’s work shirt and exclaiming “PAPA!!!!” as she proudly showed us what she was wearing. She was about 18 months old, and she was so happy to be dressed like her daddy

  66. Susan Cunningham says:

    My little man LOVES to dress up. One day he had on probably 10 different necklaces, a pair of huge sunglasses, some white women’s gloves from the 1960’s, a floor length skirt, and a hilarious wig. Unfortunately, he was not in a picture-posing mood, so all the pics I got were of him with his hands over his face.

  67. When my now 10 year old was 2 or 3, he had a pair of superman pajamas – complete with a cape that velcroed at the top of the shirt in back. He wore this costume constantly! I remember many grocery trips with him in this gear racing up and down the aisles, pretending to fly while the other shoppers gave the smile just as you describe! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the fun memory.

  68. I totally agree with you. I frequently shop with Spiderman. My husband however finds it mortifying, so this is usually just a mommy and sons activity.

  69. My favorite is when my little boy was a cute little pumpkin πŸ™‚

  70. My little boy was a skunk last year for Halloween because he was our “little stinker”!!

  71. My kids love to dress up. I smile so big when I am doing house work and look up to see someone new in my house. The kids love that I play along with the new identity.

  72. My dad made me into a cupcake one year, spray painting a huge box and setting in around me, with my arms an legs poking out. I even had a hat with huge candle on top.

  73. We could certainly use more dress up in our world. My favorite recent memory is of my three year old getting wrapped up after bath time and spreading her arms out saying “look mommy, I’m a butterfly!” Such a fun imagination!

  74. My younger son still loves dressing up! He is currently dressing as a pirate. In the previous two years, he rotated through his super hero costumes! Can’t get enough at our house, and I love how it sparks his imagination!

  75. A couple of Thanksgivings ago my girls dressed up as an Indian and a Pilgrim (they were about 5 & 7 y/o) It was sooo cute, the entire family loved it, it made for great pictures, and reminded us how Thanksgiving began!

  76. My older daughter loves to dress up, but we don’t have many costumes for her. But I love how excited she is about the few we have, and how she tries to take such good care of them — like taking them off before she eats just in case she drops something.

  77. Cati Stokes says:

    As a homeschool mom of 2 little girls, I remember being a homeschool daughter 20 years ago, and my mother pinning 20 purple balloons on me, to make me a ‘bunch of grapes’ or always being dressed up as a colonial girl (even for my daily chores!)
    Love it. Now I just kinda let my children lead if they want to dress up or not, (They usually do!)

  78. I have a costume lover in our house! As a toddler he was a cow for Halloween and wore the outfit until Xmas (it was on our Xmas card- some people were baffled- others understood completely!). After that he was Cap’t Hook for years. Always wore the jacket. (and other accessories) Now at 10 he only dresses up if playing- usually Indiana Jones.

  79. The first thing I remember is dressing my brother up in this cordoroy vest and pants. Then creating a construction paper hat and mustache. What a patient boy he was!!

    My kids are just getting into dress up and we dont’ have many costumes yet.

  80. Dawn Kirsch says:

    We have made most of our costumes. The most talked about one was the washing machine. We used it two years in a row, since it was so good.

  81. I remember dressing as a bag of jelly beans one year as a kid. It was clear trashbag full of balloons. I could not sit down all night at the town’s party, but I did win first place and it was fun too!

  82. We used to dress up in my Grandma’s old Square dancing skirt & pretend to be princesses

  83. My oldest son (now 7) has a very vivid imagination and has always enjoyed dressing up. I have no issues with “gender” specific outfits because he is just playing and pretending and being a kid! Anyway, we were invited to our old playgroup when he was 4 (preschool holiday allowed us to attend) which happened to be on Halloween. Everyone else was in costume and he was bummed that he wasn’t, so I sent him upstairs with the host’s daughter to find something in her dress up box. He came down with fairy wings and a wand. The next thing I know is he is taking off his pants (undies still on) because “Mommy, fairies [in the Tinkerbell movie] don’t wear pants”. The host cracked up while the other moms gathered their precious daughters away from us – and I explained that regardless of the movie, HE would be keeping his pants ON.

  84. My favorite memory is my children dressed up in their armor that they received from their Kindergarten Sunday school class upon memorizing the Armor of God. I think they could sword fight from morning till night. So far only two of my children have been old enough to get them, but by the end of next year all four of them will have Armor. That will be a great sight!

  85. My favorite memory is when I dressed up as a butterfly when about 6 years of age. I thought I looked so good. My mom made the costume.

  86. I made my girls costume last year and it was so fun! They were so excited with them! I hope I win b/c I don’t have time to make our own costumes this year.

  87. My little is a sesame street lover, so, 2 hrs ago we got her a blue sweatshirt glued some ping pong balls and googly eyes to the hood and voila- cookie monster was living and breathing in our house πŸ˜‰

  88. For my son’s first Halloween I got him a marshmallow peep costume. He was so cute with his chubby little face sticking out of that costume!

  89. My favorite memory was dressing up as a Fairy God Mother. Before that I was always a clown. My sister decided to make me a costume for her home ec project (I think it is the only thing she ever sewed). It took her about 2 months to make and was beautiful.

  90. Heather Abbott says:

    My favorite dress-up memory is actually of my boys. My brother got married 2 years ago around Halloween and children were included in the wedding. In order to make them feel included, he suggested all of the kids at the wedding wear their Halloween costumes to the wedding reception. It was absolutely adorable to have 25+ kids dressed up in an array of costumes celebrating their wedding.

  91. One great memory is my sons’ first Halloween dressed up as a bumblebee!

  92. My favorite memory is my girls dressed up in my clothes “pretending” to be princess

  93. My favorite memory for our boys so far is Halloween 2009. Our boys were 5, 3 and 6 months old. The oldest dressed as a storm trooper, his friend was Padima and we dressed the baby as Yoda. Our middle child – being the independent individual he is – dressed as Batman. He still wears his Batman costume at least once a week. Out of the house.

  94. My favorite dress up memory is of all the days my children played Princess and stayed in those crazy dresses day in and day out.

  95. My favorite dress-up memory is when my oldest daughter was 2 years old. She had a train engineer costume, which included a pair of overalls. She brought them to me and asked me to put them on her. She put on a baseball cap from her dress up stash, found an apple and a cup in her play kitchen, and said she was Daddy going to work. =) My husband always wear coveralls in the winter, he always takes a cup of coffee with him, and usually an apple for a snack. Cute!

  96. My boys were policemen and firefighters three halloweens and played in those costumes all year long. Very sweet memories!

  97. Thank you so much for your post! My son is almost 6 now and going through a really rough phase. We’ve had big changes and he’s really angry and well, mean. Sometimes I find it heartbreakingly hard to like him. However, your post about costumes just made a parade of precious moments and memories flash through my head! My eyes are wet but my heart is full and that big amile you mentioned? I’m wearing it. You’ve reminded me that this little man who is challenging now is the same chubby 1 year old who used to “work” in my moms garden wearing a bob the builder hat, t shirt and tool belt. No bottoms but a bare one! He’s also the same little guy who fell in love with baseball, memorized the entire red sox line up at 22 months and insisted on being “Big Papi” for Halloween. In the same phase he used creatively used the strainer and oven mitt to be catcher jason varitek, and a kitchen towel set of “dreads and do rag” to be manny ramirez!! But the best costume phase, the one that evoked so many of those free joyful smiles was the firefighter phase! He wore those turnouts everywhere!! And the helmet? That precious black helmet? Never left his head excpt for a bath! That dedicated little man even slept in that hard thing!! I feel like I’ve already won this contest because of the chance to shake out these sweet memories, but if I were to win it would be my prayer that a brand new set of dress up might bring back some of that wonderful joie de vivre and happy smiles to my son again. Thank you for reading this.

  98. Christina Dunnan says:

    My dress-up memories are ongoing, as my daughter is SOOO into dress-up and imaginative play. We also have a ginormous tub of dress-up clothes and are not gender-specific. My absolute favorite is her full pirate garb, including a sword with her name on it that we got on vacation last year – Dastardly Delainey!

  99. My favorite is when my daughter dressed as a boxer — especially the black eye!

  100. My favorite dress-up memory is my youngest son and his batman costume! He wore that thing the store, outside to play, to bed, didn’t matter. After awhile the cloth batman mask started to lose the stamina in the bat ears and they stuck straight out the sides of his head instead of up. His siblings would laugh and unfortunately that ended his batman days!

  101. Jayme Jean Jacobs says:

    One of my many favorite memories of my children was last year when my two little boys dressed up as little monkeys and sang to me., “no more monkeys jumping on the bed.” My boys were 2 and 5 at the time. Thank you for letting me share my memories with you.

  102. I used to love dressing up in my mom’s dresses and heals.

  103. One memory that stands out to me is one day my Grandma took out this huge trunk of her old dresses. My sisters and I put on the dresses, some hats, and our mom’s heels and we all had a tea party together that afternoon with our Grandma.

  104. My little (now big) girl dressed up as a bride and wanted me to take her picture. We took some fun pictures in the traditional poses. I look forward to showing those on her real wedding day.

  105. Easily my favorite dress up memory is when I dressed up as a My Little Pony and my brother, three years younger, was Darth Vader. I remember at a young age trying to explain to him that ponies couldn’t be turned to the dark side….

  106. I love it whenever my boys dress-up but one of my favorites is when my son is “The Man in the Yellow Hat”. He puts on everything yellow he can find, including a yellow hat we got at the circus, and carries around his Curious George. It’s adorable and I love his imagination.

  107. My favorite dress up memory from my childhood was putting on my Mom’s pink fancy dress and pretending I was a princess. It was a beautiful dress my Grandfather had bought for her and she had a potrait painted it in. I have no idea how it became a play dress for my sister & I. And I have no idea what became of the dress…I wish I had it now.

  108. My favorite costume memory is dressing my newborn up as an easter bunny. She was born March 9, 2008. I made the bunny costume, complete with ears and a cotton tail. She was adorable. Then I placed her in a basket. The basket was my first easter basket as a child. It was real cute! We took pictures.

  109. I am the oldest and after me there are 6 boys, I had to wait 10 years to get a younger sister! My brothers used to play dress up with me. I could dress them up in the frillest most ridiculous dresses that my mom would pick up for a dime at our churches mission rummage sale. My brother Josh was the one that would dress up with me for the longest period of time, he was probably 9 adn still would wear the frilly dresses. When he later became a Marine those old pictures worked for some major blackmail!! lol

  110. My daughter is almost two and she was quite sure of her outfit yesterday… Teal leggings under her tan capris with a hot pink longsleve under her different shade of hot pink tank top with her purple tutu and brown cowboy boots… Yes it was an entertaining trip to the grocery store yesterday =]

  111. My favorite memory is playing “Little House” with my best friend. We’d dress up in long skirts and bonnets my mom made us and play for hours in our “log cabin” (an old shed). Thinking about those carefree days still makes me smile.

  112. I acutally sewed up a pattern for Sylvester the Cat one Halloween for my son!

  113. I remember my mom dressing me upas a ballerina and letting me wear real blush and I felt so pretty! Creedamy at yahoo dot com

  114. Christine w. says:

    My favorite dress-up memory is when the my son (5) dressed up my daughter (3) as a princess and then he proceeded to dress up as a knight and protected and rescued her. πŸ™‚ It was cute.

  115. I love when my kids “dress up” in mommy & daddy’s clothes (especially the shoes). πŸ™‚


  116. We love dress up. Our family is dressing up star wars this year!

  117. MY favorite β€œdress-up” memory was when I was a child my mom gave me $5 and let me loose at the Goodwill store to buy whatever caught my eye for my dress up box.

  118. My kids have many dress up clothes, and even though they are now 10 (boy/girl twins) they still dress up. Of course, this is when no one but family is over. Cowboy boots were worn by my son with everything, everyday for a couple of years. We still have them sitting by our fireplace and I love to look at them them and remember that happy boy in boots.

  119. My son wore a costume for the first time last year when he was 1 1/2. He was a cute little lion, and I couldn’t believe he didn’t mind wearing the mane. He loved walking down the sidewalks looking at everybody.

  120. Can I be honest and say I hardly ever remember dressing up? I can’t think of a time that my sister and I did besides Halloween. My favorite costume was one my mom made of a crayon. She put a lot of work in to those and I loved my crayon tip hat… πŸ™‚

  121. My mom and dad met after joining a “square dancing club” during the 1970s. Mom had all these big dresses with the crinalins to go underneath to give them those puffy twirls. I used to dress up in the puffy crinalins and pretend i was a princess!

  122. my favorite memory is winning a costume contest as an Asian Dolly Parton!

  123. Thanks for the giveaway!
    My favorite memory is of the Halloween my oldest son had just turned three: my sister, a talented artist, made amazing costumes for my son and my tall, lanky husband – Curious George and The Man With The Yellow Hat. They were fabulous!

  124. my girls like to dress up and pretend they are butterflies

  125. I loved dressing up in my mom’s old dresses she had saved.

  126. My favorite dress up moment was when my husband, daughter and I dressed up as the wolf, little red riding hood and grandma. It was great!

  127. My favorite memory is of my youngest “Amber”. She was so excited to dress up for preschool. They bring them out on a little “parade of costumes” at the end of the day. You could just see her pride in showing her costume with all of her preschool buddies. Oh why can’t they stay that cute and small? WHY?? LOL

  128. My son loves to dress up. His faves: a lion costume and his “spiritual armor” that he got from Bible class. His little sister is starting to get into it as well. I love it!

  129. Some of my favorite memories as a kid are of my little brother and I dressing up and acting out whatever or imaginations came up with! And now he is a script writer and movie producer, so maybe I helped a bit with that!

  130. MY favorite dress up memory can come from just about any day. Like your kids, mine love to dress up — for homeschool, for the grocery store, for just playing at home. I guess a good answer is that my favorite dress up today is the day we are having on any give day! We love costumes!

  131. My favorite memory is dressing up in my mother’s clothing and high heeled shoes as a child. I loved doing that.

  132. Amy Ritchie says:

    I would LOVE to win this for my 7 yr old boy. When my older girls were 6 & 10, the older one wrapped herself in toilet paper (kind of like a mummy) and came leaping out of the bathroom announcing she was “toilet paper girl”. This was SOOOO out of character for her because she was normally very quiet and reserved. Her 6 yr old sister put on a pair of my boots and stood beside her claiming she was her helpful sidekick “boots”. It is one of my favorite memories of their childhood!

  133. My favorite dress-up memory happened a long time ago. My elementary school was celebrating a Fall Festival and we all decided to wear homemade costumes. I was a pirate- torn pantyhose, red bandana and eye patch. My brother was a cowboy-Jeans, boots, hat and gunbelt. Then my mom surprised us by dressing up herself. She dressed up as a giant teabag!. She sewed white cheesecloth into a huge bag and stuffed with leaves that had fallen. Then she made a teacup hat out of posterboard complete with a tag. Everyone loved her costume. She was the only adult to dress-up. We had so much fun that night.

  134. Once my mom let me dress up in her wedding dress when I was about 5. I got to wear the veil and everything πŸ™‚

  135. My fav memory of dressing up is my sister and I dressing up in my older cousin’s nice(r) dresses to play ‘grown-up’. We both had a fav dress we’d pick every time we played (both of which, looking back now, were pretty ugly! lol!)

  136. My three-year-old son went to the his baby sister’s doctor’s appointment with his stethoscope around his neck. Their doctor was so sweet to address him as Doctor and let him help “examine” his sister.

  137. Michelle Murphy says:

    I remember dressing up with my sister in our mom’s dresses from the 70’s. We always had fun πŸ™‚

  138. I love watching my boys put different super heroes costumes together to create new heroes.

  139. i love how much children enjoy dressing up. you have such great boy costumes. love your roman memory and that you are davy crockett’s mom. grin

  140. I remember the first costume I made my my oldest son (now he’s 24!). It was a very cute pumpkin with a “stem” hat. He was about 3 years old and just darling!

  141. My 4 year old wore her cowgirl outfit to the library. I did stop her from bringing her stick horse, but the librarians still got a kick out of it. After reading your post, I think I’ll let them wear their outfits out more often. We also do western reenactments, and I love the way my girls look in their dresses and bonnets!

  142. My girls use to dress up as me and my husband.

  143. My favorite dress up memory is when I use to dress up as the Cheetah Girls with my cousins.

  144. When I was four and older sister was eight, my mom made us twin leopard costumes we are for Halloween. She sent them to me last year. My kids put them on (they fit perfectly) and ran around the house wearing them and terrified our cat. She was spooked!

  145. I scored a Cat in the Hat costume at a resale a couple of years ago. It was a couple of sizes too big, but no matter- we just rolled up the ends and my son still loves prancing around in it. In fact, he wants to wear it for Halloween this year!

  146. Last year my boys were Woody and Buzz, I loved it!

  147. Hilary Young says:

    I love it when my daughter dresses up as a random princess and sets up a picnic in the living room. πŸ™‚

  148. I have pictures of many clown costumes. I’m not sure if the 80’s were the decade of clowns or if that was what my mom could sew up in a jiffy. Either way I always had a big smile peeking through the face paint, wigs and big red nose!

  149. My boys aren’t so into dressing up, but I have wonderful memories of changing my clothes multiple times each day as a kid. I had a long Little House on the Prairie phase, my mom made long dresses, aprons and bonnets for my sister and me. I would put the foot rest up on the recliner and pretend that was the seat of the wagon…

  150. My daughter loves dress up! My favorite memory is watching her try to get my son to join her and the hysterical costumes they come up with!

  151. Carrie Phelps says:

    I think imagination play with dress up is so important to children. Following the holidays I buy discounted “costumes” and keep them in a basket in my living room for my grandchildren to play with.

  152. I loved that my folks had a box full of ideas for halloween. i hope to be that organized someday!

  153. My favorite dress up memory is dressing up in sheets and parading around our neighborhood…. Nobody knew who we were, at least we thought they didn’t know us!

  154. My favorite memory is of my oldest, who at the time was about three, dressed up as Zoro…Someone in the grocery store called him batman. Boy oh boy, you should have seen the look my child gave this person. He was so offended at the age of three!

  155. Christina Dent says:

    Getting dressed up like Cinderella to go see the actual Cinderella play when I was 12

  156. I have memories of dressing up in my mom’s clothes, we didn’t have any costumes, but we did have fun

  157. I remember the magic of dress-up when I was a child. I loved putting on costumes and acting as a new exciting character. My sisters and I would raid my grandmother’s closer for costume pieces and rare finds. One was a faux mink coat. Boy- did we feel fancy in that! We would perform elaborate plays for our adoring fans (our grandma) in that mink coat.
    The magic of the mink coat was just recently felt again when I saw my 5 and 2 year old daughters playing in it at my mother’s house.

  158. Several years ago my mom made my niece several sets of dress-up clothes for Christmas, and supplemented with some clearanced halloween costumes, one of which was a great witch costume. My niece dressed up in all the costumes, and eventually as the witch. About htat time, I wanted to take a walk, so she climbed in the stroller and off we went. Many smiled, waved, said Merry Christmas, and only one looked at us strangely and said “wrong holiday”.

  159. My favorite memory of dressing up when i was a child would have been being a jaguar. In my 2nd grade class we made the book The Great Kapok Tree into a play. I used black construction paper, a large paper bag and markers. I thought it was the best costume ever!

  160. My kiddos dress up all the time…cowboys, superheros,pirates and one little princess. I love how even simple costumes bring out their creativity!

  161. I love seeing my daughter dress up in my mom’s old formal dresses, that she made, and that I used to dress up in myself. :>) Thanks for the chance!

  162. Oh I saw this and I said I just had to share because I have the most imaginative little girl when it comes to dressing up. All day long she will change clothes (4 yr. old) & mix and match her latest creation I loved was putting on her rain boots w/her Easter Dress (yes she pulled it out!) and Afternoon Tea Hat.. W/her “purse” Came out & said How do I look.. How could I get upset. How I love to see what she will come up with next!

  163. My favorite dress-up memory of my son is the time (and there have been many!) he wore his full cop regalia to the pet supply store where we wash our dogs on a regular basis. One of the groomers was so impressed with his attention to detail, from the gun (orange of course), cuffs, notebook, you get the idea; that she asked him about all his equipment and he was able to describe it all. (my husband is a cop) It was precious and it made me thankful to have a kid with the confidence in himself to pull it all off. Cutie pie!

  164. dress-up is a regular occurrence in my house, I think my boys think they’re real pirates by now!

  165. I remember how excited my son was to get his transformers costume after dressing up in his older sister’s princess dresses. It was time for boy dress-up clothes!

  166. My daughter loves to dress up as a princess now!

  167. When I was little and went trick or treating and made my costume of a mummy out of toilet paper, those were the good days!

  168. My kids always liked making costumes for the plays they were in at school.

  169. All three of my kids have always enjoyed dressup, whether it’s my girls’ dancing around in pretty dresses to “princess” music, or my little boy running around in his Buzz Lightyear pjs using his laser on bad guys. Probably my favorite memory is of my brother when he was little, though. His dressup clothes of choice were his Superman pjs, complete with cape. I have a picture of him like this, with the addition of impressive muscles which were improvised by adding some rolled up socks under the sleeves and some underwear over the pants to serve as the breeches, lol!

  170. One of my favorite memories was putting on my mom’s dresses & heels, wear makeup and play with her old purses. We would play office or school. Thank you for bringing back some sweet memories!

  171. Our children are as enthusiastic as yours when it comes to costumes. We have an entire closet dedicated to dress-up costumes. One of my favorite memories is when we rented costumes for my children at Colonial Williamsburg and they got to participate in all kinds of historical activities throughout the town. It was great! πŸ™‚

  172. Favorite Dress up costume moment would be really recently: my daughter loves Jessie from Toy Story (a totally underrated character from the princess line-up I would say). She saw the red boots on the disney website (when I was contemplating getting the costume from her) and she fell in love! I had to get her those boots!

    Got her the costume along too, but she just really loves those boots! So on her birthday (cause that’s why we were looking at the costumes – cowgirl party) She is wearing the boots (the rest of the costume was taken off) and we had gotten her a play kitchen also. My friends made her an apron to go along with the costume – and she decided to go play with her kitchen. So of course we have to put on the apron! The apron was so huge it hid all of her clothes (from the front) but underneath you could see these red gold-sparkly cow-girl boots, that she wore to go play in. Everyone saw it and thought it was so adorable!

    Thanks for the give-away!

  173. I lost my 3yo for a whole year to Raggedy Ann. My daughter insisted on wearing raggedy ann red yarn wig and a bluepolka dot dress. A whole year except Sundays. We adapted the dress for the weather. In the summers she wore a large pink glittery sequenced flip flops. She would only take the wig off to go to bed and put it on as soon as she woke up!!

  174. Oh. And she would put dress up clothes on top of this. Raggedy Ann princess, butterfly…

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