The Power of Play

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The Power of Play - an hour playing with my daughter was just wonderful. I need to do it more often.

Saturday morning FishChick was the first to awake, shortly after I stumbled down the stairs, hoping for a little quiet time to myself. But, how do you turn that face away?

I admit, it’s not that hard sometimes. I get too busy. Or so I think. And turn on a video for her or let her play games on the iPad while I “try to get something done”.

Saturday I had the grace to just wait on my to do list. And we played together, building Lego for a good hour.

The Power of Play - an hour playing with my daughter was just wonderful. I need to do it more often.

Neither one of us are that experienced with Lego, but we put our best efforts forward. It helps when you have such bright colors and some fancy accessories.

I get the credit for the idea to build a Starbucks. Ahem. That’s where she and I have gone on many a mother-daughter date. We made baristas and people waiting in line. Eventually, we even had a drive-thru window. Ha!

The Power of Play - an hour playing with my daughter was just wonderful. I need to do it more often.

FishChick5 gets the credit for setting up this chick with a croissant and a basket of stuff from the farmer’s market.

It was a really precious time, just playing, just the two of us. We didn’t have any deep, philosophical talks. But, we had time together, building, creating, playing, connecting.

It’s something I need to do more of.

How ’bout you?

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  1. I couldn’t have turned that face away either!!!!! What a precious memory you both will have.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  2. Some of the best times are unstructured, unscheduled ones. We’re often chasing so much as Parents that if we’re lucky, we get to be Grandparents to make up for it all.

    I’m glad you found a way that you won’t have to wait that long 😉

  3. This is so very true! Sometimes Moms are too busy getting stuff done to ever just play. I notice that my kids go to Dad for undivided true play time because he can get the to do list out of his mind and truly play with them…This post reminded me of it (confession: I read it after dinner while my kids were in the other room “playing” alone) Then I went and played my little pony’s with them! Thank you for the quality time with my kids (from both them and me!)

  4. Just about every night before bedtime my daughter almost 4 asks if I will come play in her room with her. I am getting better at saying yes and leaving the to do for tomorrow. Great reminder that playing is way more important than the dirty dishes in the sink

  5. She’s precious <3 I am sure you enjoyed time with her much more than a me time , though we really need some me time sometimes 😉

    I need to do that too …sigh !

  6. You will remember spending that time with her when she is 17 and doesnt have time for you….i talk to my teens totally different than i did when they were younger more open to listening. I really have to anticipate how to present my case for them to do things they prefer not to do and i want them to do? Ive had to google it many times??

  7. I get a lot of one on one play time with my son because he is only at school half day. I try to play with my daughter more. Because I’m the only parent at home in the evening it’s hard to focus just on her. I need to plan more dates with her as well.