The Reluctant Student

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Ever find yourself in that quandary when your child is resistance to learn, to study or simply to follow directions? I’m there more than I would like to admit.

Recently, I got the chance to talk about addressing reluctance in your homeschool,

As we live the life of both parent and teacher, challenges present themselves. Parenting is hard enough sometimes, but then children drag their feet through what should be a stimulating, educational, enriching moment.

While there is no foolproof, one-size-fits-all, answer to this dilemma, there are things you can do as a parent and a teacher. Read the cues from your child because he may be communicating a number of different reasons for his reluctance.

Pop over to Simple Homeschool for some suggestions as well as a great discussion about us parents learning together.

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  1. Yes, Yes and Yes!

    I don’t homeschool – mainly because I don’t think I could do it. I did however teach my son to read abit prior to going to school (he was 3 at the time). He did manage to learn 120 sightwords and all his letter sounds. I also taught him, days of the week, months, colours and numbers up to 20.

    However, since being at school I have found doing homework also impossible – for a while reading became an arduous task (it stopped being arduous once we completed the reading scheme and he became a free reader – says alot about reading schemes eh) but now the major bug bear has to be spellings and writing! How, do you get a boy of six to write? It is beyond me! I have now succumb to bribery – he earns points once he completes a task and points add up to prizes from extra TV time, a friend for tea etc.

    My son loves, loves science so I spend alot of time doing that – if you have any ideas or suggestions on good science material I would greatly appreciate it. I’m looking for stuff he can do on his own whilst I’m cooking tea. He loves engines, space, dinosaurs and the ocean.

    I’m constantly amazed by how you not only look after six children but also teach them as well…and I bet your house is clean too!

  2. I don’t home school but have this problem with my 1st grader and homework. No more battles this year! He’s now welcome to tell his teacher that he didn’t want to do the work. The threat so far has been sufficient.