The Rewards of Sending Greeting Cards

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how cards connect us

I had an amazing surprise waiting for me in the mailbox on Friday. My friend JessieLeigh sent me a surprise card and gift. How fun is that?! (Thank you, JL!)

Plus, she made me cry. Inside the card with some sweet words of encouragement was a necklace representing England and France, our big crazy dream for next year.

While JessieLeigh and I have never met in real life, we’ve been real friends for five years. She has been a help and an encouragement to me in many ways, through phone calls, emails, messaging, etc. Her card in the mail is a tangible reflection of that friendship.

It got me thinking about how important cards are. I have boxes of cards and letters that I’ve saved over the years, from college, from France, from when our babies were born.

Cards are more rewarding than email.

Greetings Cards France

Hubs and I started dating just a few months before I left for France. We continued our “courtship” mostly through the written word — and some very expensive phone calls. Email and the internet just weren’t the thing back in 1992.

Instead I received these wonderful letters chock full of news, romantic mushy stuff, pictures, and trinkets. I’ve got a full banker’s box full of our correspondence as well as letters from my parents, Gramma John, and my siblings.

I’m kinda sad for the new generation who doesn’t know cards and letters like we do. Who’s going to scroll through old emails and texts twenty years from now? Really?!

But, to open an old letter with a real stamp? Well, that’s pretty amazing actually. I like that. I think we need to keep cards alive!

Hallmark Card Rewards


Hallmark sees the rewards of cards and raises the stakes. Hallmark has recently introduced a new rewards program that allows you to earn points for every Hallmark card you buy — no matter where you buy it! Now that so many stores like Walgreens and CVS carry Hallmark greetings, it’s nice to know that you can be rewarded for buying Hallmark wherever you go.

Through Hallmark Rewards, you’ll earn a reward of your choice—redeemable for dollars off merchandise, dining or other perks from program partners —  when you buy 5 cards. Monthly and annual limits apply. Plus, you’ll also get exclusive offers and ideas just for signing up.

Once you sign up for the account, you can start reporting your purchases, either by scanning the card through an Android or iPhone app or by typing in the barcode. You can track your progress toward rewards online, but Hallmark will also send you a monthly statement to let you know what rewards points you’ve earned. Then you can cash them in for cool stuff.

This is a very new program for Hallmark. As an incentive to trying out the program, one of the first 400 new members will win $500. Plus, each of those first 400 will receive a Hallmark card pack to get their rewards started. If you’re a cardy kind of person, then this is a way to earn a bonus on something you already do. Go here to see the official rules for Hallmark’s sweepstakes.

Sign up for Hallmark Rewards and start earning points right away.

What’s your favorite card memory?

Disclosure: I have been compensated by Hallmark. All opinions are my own.

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  1. When my mom was fighting cancer I joined a prayer group of older and wiser ladies, who sent my mom an encouraging card. After my mom passed away, the group gave me the thank you card my mother had sent to them. The words inside made me cry as she talked all about how proud she was to call me her daughter.

  2. I love receiving cards, though I’m having a hard time pinning down a particular memory. I’m too busy laughing at the fact that I’m POSITIVE I received that “je ne sais quoi” card many, many years ago and, if I remember correctly, it says “that’s French for ‘card with no money in it'” inside. Does not surprise me ONE bit that we would have received the same card. 🙂

  3. It’s so interesting to read this. After going on a long card hiatus, I am jumping back on the bandwagon for sending cards. Two things happened: a really sweet girl sent me something in the mail, and I sent her a thank you note. When I was at her house about a month later, she had that card hanging on her frig. She told me that she was so surprised to get the note since she hadn’t gotten a real handwritten card in a long time, and she loved it. The second thing that happened was my husband received a birthday card from his aunt, who faithfully sends cards for everyone’s birthdays, and she wrote a really sweet note and update about her family, who we don’t really keep in touch with. I guess since I had just had the conversation with my friend, it really struck me that his aunt is getting up there in years, and she probably never receives any cards from our generation, even though she faithfully mails them to us every year. I am writing her a note and mailing it tomorrow to brighten her day. 🙂

    I am going to join this Hallmark rewards program through your link and go stock up on some birthday cards for the next few months.

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