The Weekend Begins!

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Sun-baked kiddos after a day at the park are cooling as they watch a short video. The bread machine is working on tonight’s pizza dough. FishPapa is on his way home from work and the weekend begins.

Tonight’s agenda? Pizza and a movie. Not sure on the film, but the food is almost the same each week. Some homemade lemonade is also in the works with lemons from my parents’ tree. Throw in some coupon clipping and some shop-listing and we’ve got the makings of a great Friday night.

FishMama say what?

Yes, I know how to live a wild and dangerous life, don’t I? I usually clip coupons during movie night. It’s a way to multi-task and still be a part of the family action. I take a few minutes to browse the on-line printables at Red Plum and as well as check out the Sunday Coupon Preview to see if it’s worth buying a few papers on Sunday. And since I know that early Saturday morning may be my chance to grocery shop ALONE, I also try to load my grocery store cards with electronic coupons from Cellfire.

It may not be the most exciting way to spend a Friday night, but it keeps me out of trouble — and in the black.

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  1. My “FUN” weekend includes de-clutterin the 2 coat closets and planting some seeds for the garden. And yes I am excited to start tomorrow!

  2. Sounds almost like my Friday night. Home made pizza from dough made in the breadmaker has been eaten and we are now watching 101 Dalmatians with some popcorn popped on the stove. I don’t get my ads early though so I am catching up on some blog reading while my 3 year old watches the movie.

  3. Hmm, I would looove to buy a bread machine. Is it really worth it though?

    • Andrea says


      Do you have little children running around? If you do…YES!

      I love to bake bread by hand…but honestly, with working on a double masters’ degree and being a momma to two little ones under the age of three (he’s 2.5, she’s 4 months), plus being the official “doggie lett-er out-er” for my family in town, and the cleaning lady for extended family as well as my own home…I just don’t have the compunction to make bread that way often. I’ll admit it – I’m lazy!

      But that #8 dough cycle is a lifesaver – add the ingredients, press start, and walk away. Bessie lets me know when she’s done! Then, I just beat the dough into submission…um, I mean…shape it…for it’s final rise.

      Et voila! Freshly baked bread/pizza dough/sweet rolls, or even jam! I have the Sunbeam model from Walmart, and that’s all I need. I AM the granddaughter of a baker, so I can’t stray too far from my baking roots. 😉

  4. Sounds like my kind of Friday night … we grilled out instead of eating pizza, and we’re watching Nightline instead of movies, but the same sense of tradition still reigns. I love multitasking coupon duties while hanging out with my family. It’s way more likely to get done if I don’t feel like I’m missing out on family fun.

  5. Krissy says

    Sounds like my idea of a perfect Friday night and especially Saturday morning!

  6. After looking now I don’t know how I saw it but when I first saw that picture I thought it was a toilet on an airplane. Weird.

  7. michelle waite says

    I love that cookbook. I am making my own bread this year, so I have been using the Bread Bible by the same author quite a bit. I also checked out her Rice Cooker cookbook from the library this week and am trying recipes. That is a great cookbook for inexpesive meals.

  8. Serenity says

    We did that too! Took all the fixings for homemade pizza, including the dough that I made in the bread machine to my parents. After we put the kids to bed, the adults watched The Blind Side! Loved it!

  9. I spend my Thursday nights out (mom’s designated alone time) at the library! I am wild and crazy, too! But there’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting back in the chair and reading a good book – uninterrupted!

  10. I also clip and file my coupons while watching tv.

  11. Can you share your pizza dough recipe? I have a bread machine and am fine with making the box dough that came with it, but when I used bread dough from a different brand, it flopped and was just plain yucky, doughy. Can you share any secrets about working with a bread machine and how you make pizza dough in it (with your recipe). I know that it a lot to ask… I am very thankful.

  12. You know, I’ll take my cheap, “boring” (but productive) Friday/Saturday nights at home over an expensive night out anytime! 🙂

    And I SO wish I could make fresh lemonade!!! Sounds divine!

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