The Weekly Ramble

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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

ramble strawberry

This week’s Ramble is shorter than normal. 1. Not much happened. 2. I’ve got lots of writing to do for some upcoming projects, and only 8 more hours in my day to do them. I hope you won’t mind a quick, little update!

The weeks don’t seem to be packed with that much activity, but they sure do go by quickly. This week disappeared before my very eyes, and unfortunately, I don’t feel very accomplished. I know I did stuff, I’m just not sure what!

Many days were filled with every day life with kids kind of things: wiping runny noses, comforting after bad dreams, taking pictures of weird fruits and vegetables my kids discovered.

On the home front, our bathroom renovation was completed. Since we rent, we didn’t make any of the choices, but it’s nice to have new surfaces and a fresh, clean feel. It was hard though to have workers in and out for two weeks. We’ve got at least one more week to go as they replace the flooring in the boys’ bathroom and then I think we’re done for repairs. We’ll just have the termite tenting to deal with in March.

ramble bathroom

Speaking of March, next month, the Weekly Ramble will be moving to the newsletter. If you don’t already get the Life as Mom newsletter, be sure to subscribe here. It goes out every Sunday afternoon, and is different from the daily alerts that some folks receive via Feedburner.

Behind the scenes, Joy from Five Js Design and I are brainstorming ways to make this site more user-friendly. You may see some changes over the next few weeks. If you happen to go to a page or free printable and not end up where you wanted to go, would you please let me know. I’ve got some clean up to do with some broken links and such. Thanks for your patience.

The FishFam is doing pretty well. A few of the kids have still got some sniffles, but we ended up escaping {knocks on wood} a widespread bout of stomach flu.

For myself, I’m honestly not feeling very well. I’m 13 pounds over my normal weight. And my normal weight was already a good five pounds more than ideal. This is super frustrating, and humbling. I am sure that my thyroid is partly to blame, but so is my self-control. The first will hopefully even out once I’ve got enough thyroid medication in my system. I’m working on the latter.

I’ll confess that makes me grumpy. I snapped at the girls earlier because I was hangry. Not a nice place to be. I’m not up for a full-blown Whole30, but I know I need to do something to right the ship. Friday night I made a bunch of salads for the weekend and that has helped. I’m not tempted to eat crap when I know something I love is ready and waiting for me.

ramble clothes

Next week, I’ll be sharing my Zone Defense update. You’ll see that my current wardrobe is pretty sparse, and very black. I was thrilled to see some fun colors in the Lands End catalog. My usual stops (Target and Old Navy don’t have the fun colors right now.)

I am a little skeptical of the quality, despite all y’all’s rave reviews. The reviews on the LE site complain that quality has gone down hill, which is what I expected since they are owned by the same company that owns Sears and Kmart, both of which have seen a decline in recent months.

I’m due for some new tops (tshirts and button-downs). I don’t do thrift stores (because my mother scarred me for life with atrocious purchases as a child  long story), but would love to hear your suggestions for buying classic, quality, affordable.

I’ll keep you posted once I’ve got a capsule wardrobe for spring.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s been happening on the blogs:

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  • Zone Defense: The Ebook
  • Daily Periscope Broadcasts (7 am PST @jessicagfisher)
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  1. Lands End has cute things, but I hate not getting to touch before I buy, especially if it is more than $10, and we don’t have one near us. Let us know if you find quality, or not.

  2. Land’s End is no longer owned by Sears. It was sold and is now a stand alone company even though it still leases space in some Sears locations.

  3. A few things.

    My experience with Lands End knits is that they stretch out but that could be just me. I’ve been looking to add a few items to my late winter/spring capsule and I’m tearing my hair out trying to find decent quality. The high end stuff, like the $200+ jeans from Nordstrom or the $80 Free People tops, are out of my price range but I would like nicer stuff than Target and Kohls. Where is the middle ground? Drives me bananas.

    Secondly, I feel for you in the weight gain department. I struggle food issues and it’s really a constant challenge. The year turned 40 I lost 30lbs which put me at 95lbs less than I was at 20. Super awesome but this isn’t an issue that goes away. I’ve been struggling this winter and am up 3-4 lbs which makes me feel like crap and I’m not getting traction trying to deal with the problem.

    I also hear you in terms of wondering where my week went. Currently I’m working on a mid-life career change (with the goal of working to promote healthy living and weight loss to individuals and families) and it’s been very difficult. Mostly because I’m not sure how to measure my progress or exactly what I should be doing with my time. So no neat little items on a To Do list to cross off. It’s a bit stressful. Hence the weight gain. Anyway…….

    Life As Mom can be quite complicated, can’t it?

  4. Be patient with yourself as you get your thyroid meds figured out. It does make a difference with the weight ~ and food cravings. Good job prepping yourself healthy foods you love and need. Be good to yourself!

  5. I bought some T-shirts at Gap that I absolutely love when they were having a sale. They ended up being about $8 a shirt which I think is pretty good! I dont shop there enough to know when they have awesome sales, but I am thinking I need to learn that!

    Spring is always a good time for me to trim off a few pounds because fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful and cheap and I get so excited about them that I turn to those instead of winter comfort foods. This week I saw great sales on asparagus, blueberries, grapefruit, brocolli, arugula, clementines, and zucchini. Do you notice a big change in prices this time of year in San Diego? I never know how places that dont live in snow all winter fair in that department!

  6. LL Bean has great basics and a wonderful guarantee. I also love LOFT and Gap. I am a thrift store girl though:-) do you do yoga at all? I have been loving Sarah Beth Yoga on YouTube. Tons of nausea yoga routines and very clear modifications if you need them. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. I have been pleased with Eddie Bauer Tshirts. I have found them to be good quality (lasting about 5 years before getting holes) with a nice selection of colors. I haven’t ever used coupons for them (I’m not a big couponer and I don’t think EB releases a lot of them) but I check their clearance section on their website and that brings their otherwise steep prices down.

  8. I second the recommends for Loft and Gap. I have owned gaps favorite T ( that’s the style name) for years- I had one for like 10 years!! So comfy and when they have a sale they are even a better deal. I shop at Loft a lot. Their jeans and pants fit well and their t shirts fit and feel nice plus they are in a variety of styles and colors. Also love their shorts. And I like that they have shirts that are comfy but a little dressier than just a plain t shirt.

  9. I would probably steer clear of 100% cotton and look for something with 1% spandex. I like to check out the scene at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross. They should be stocked for spring now and you never know what excitement you will find.
    Take a deep breath and get in a “mindful eating” groove. You did Whole 30 so you know what to eat. It seems like the stress is talking. I am in the same boat carrying 5 pounds more than my heaviest. One day at a time.
    You can do it!

  10. I like Vineyard Vines. Their clothes are classic and very high quality and they have lots of bright, pretty colors.

  11. I’m liking Old Navy for basic t’s; I used to like Target, too. Good luck. 🙂

  12. I’m liking Penney’s – which has surprisingly good inventory and frequent sales. As for the weight, I’m the reader with prediabetes, remember? This is a lifelong struggle for me; I already dropped 22 pounds and I still need to lose another 15 ish but have no motivation. One thing that REALLY helps me is to tell myself, “I’m going to do the very best I can do today.” Somehow, that lessens some of the stress and expectations about what I will eat, with a positive result on many levels.

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