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fishkids 2014

Gosh, they’re cute, aren’t they? I’m still amazed when I stop and look at photos of my peeps. They’re all mine! I never would have thought it, even ten years ago. But, wow! Such crazy fun.

For New Year’s Eve, each child was responsible to plan and prepare a different appetizer. We had such a tasty selection of foods: mini burgers, cheese and crackers, jalapeno poppers, a veggie tray, sour cream onion dip, garlic breadsticks, and corn dogs. The corn dog child wanted to make them from scratch, but I just wasn’t up for the challenge, so we bought some from Trader Joe’s.

new year's eve

I confess, I’ve been a little grumpy this week. Since peri-menopause has thrown my calendar up in the air and scattered my schedule completely, it’s hard to know when to expect to feel certain ways. Now in retrospect, I realize why I was grumpy. It would be nice to cut that off at the pass, wouldn’t it?

I didn’t really know I was being grumpy at the time, but when I look back over the week, I realize my words were a little shorter than I wished they were, and I was a less fun mom to be around. Gonna add that to my list of wants this year: manage hormones better.

In other news, the Pantry Challenge is in full swing. I’ve inventoried the freezer, and we’re using stuff up this next two weeks in order to save money, rotate stock, and keep our mad frugality skilz sharp. We do this every January and July and I blog it daily over at Good Cheap Eats. If you’d like to have a peak at the reality show of my kitchen, hop on over.

(Hint: Baking and making desserts every day helps reduce the grumbling of your diners. I made homemade ice cream to go into root beer. Total Mom of the Year award.)

root beer floats

School starts on Monday, and at the moment, I’m not looking forward to it. It’s going to be hard to get my people back into a routine. Maybe we should have started on Thursday like other people did? Oh well. Back in November I discovered the Brave Writer program. I’m hoping it will add a little life into that area of our school work.

That’s about it. We had a sluggish kind of week. I went to the gym. I cooked. I answered emails. And I think someone needs to wash my car.

flipflops on car

Meanwhile, here’s what’s been happening on Life as MOM:

Here’s what’s been happening on Good Cheap Eats:

Coming next week:

  • The LAST 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway
  • Another FREE printable meal plan
  • Add Life to the School Lunch!
  • Zone Defense
  • An Easy, Protein Power Freezer Cooking in an Hour Plan

Be sure to let me know what stories and articles are helpful to you and what you’d like to see more of in the coming weeks. I want to make your “life as MOM” as fun and as easy as possible.

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  1. I would be interested to know what healthy foods/nutrition type books you have been reading. I think you mentioned this in a couple of posts recently. The information out there seems confusing and sometimes contradicting at times—-raw vegan? Paleo? soak grains? no grains at all? I try to take an “everything in moderation” approach, but I would like to improve our diet even more this year. Thank you for your inspiring posts!

    • I actually spent the bulk of yesterday drafting out a series about our changes (past, present, and future) as well as books, etc. And yes, I’m with you, there’s a lot of conflicting ideas out there. I’m trying to find the common ground. Stay tuned.

    • You are so welcome! I thought she was a little crazy but after that first month my husband and I noticed a huge difference. I wish I had a book or some recommendations for natural women’s health. If you find one please let the rest of us know! And I am with Kristi I would love more info on the books you are reading.

  2. I’m feeling for you with the peri-menopause phase. My kids called it mental-pause and one of my girlfriends three sons called it mean-o-pause. I also was lucky enough to earn the nickname Psychomom from my children, lol. Since I was post menopausal at 49 I went on estrogen and it changed me into a livable human being again.

  3. Jessica I wanted to pass along a tip from my OB/GYN. I was having what I thought was PMDD or super crazy PMS. BUt she suggested diet and supplements first before medicine. She put me on Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc. It was a miracle! The Magnesium is a natural mood enhancer. If you try to avoid supplements I would try to get more of these vitamins through food. You may be deficient in some vitamins. I would never have thought it would help so much. But I tell everyone about it and the women who start taking it also notice a big difference. Hope this helps.

  4. Love that the flip flops go all the way across the car’s window. 🙂

  5. Yes your kids are very cute , always 🙂 Your 2nd ds is a young man now !
    One of my cousins have 5 dss and 2 dds and I rememeber from when she had only 4 she used to admire that they are all hers 🙂
    Love the flipflops too !

  6. Tracy Morrell says:

    I wanted to pass on this tip from my pelvic physiotherapist. It is all natural and I have found it to work really well for levelling off my hormone mood swings. I am also peri menopausal. It is all natural, and you should be able to find it in a health food store. I can get it at my local supermarket where I live.

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe Estrosmart Details
    Balanced hormones, healthy breasts, endometriosis,
    fibroids, effortless periods

    What to expect from this product:
    •Maintains healthy estrogen to progesterone balance
    •Protects your breasts
    •Reduces and eliminates the occurrence of breat cysts
    •Detoxifies the liver of carcinogenic estrogens found in plastics, pesticides, cosmetics and more
    •Stops flooding, heavy, debilitating periods
    •Halts abnormal cell growth (fibroids, cysts, endometriosis)
    •For those with PCOS and ovarian cysts
    •Halts conversion of 2-hydroxyestrone metabolites to carcinogenic estrogens (16-hydroxyestrone)
    •Contains the equivalent cancer protecting plant nutrients as eating 1 kilo of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc…)
    •Eliminates PMS and makes periods effortless
    •Maintains healthy PAP smears
    •Eliminates hormonal acne
    Take before menopause to ensure a healthy transition

    Hope it helps

  7. Beth Williams says:

    Jessica, I am so grateful to have found your blog! While I only have two kiddos running around here – you help me keep things in perspective! I am so not worthy – I couldn’t keep up with what you do in a million years!!! I am disabled due to a back injury and a fibromyalgia diagnosis (so that’s what’s been going on in my body!!!!) But I am encouraged by your activities and try to fight on and be the Mom I want to be for my kids – some days it works, some days it doesn’t = but at least I am trying!!
    I did want to suggest a possible solution (or something to try) for your hormone trouble. Arbonne is a company from Sweden that manufactures and sells all over the world – based in California – I used to sell their products – don’t really anymore just because of my issues – but I love their quality products and concern for the environment, as well as the women they are selling to. Anyway – all that to say that they have some topical creams for women going thru hormonal changes – and the lady that helped me into the business originally swore by the stuff. If you check their website it is called Prolief – just a suggestion, do your research, converse with your doctor – it’s a more natural solution, and could be worth a try to settle things down a bit! If only they had something to help me when I am in pain!!!

    Anyway = just wanted to thank you for your time and efforts in your blogs – I am one grateful Mom out here being helped by your time and efforts! God Bless! Beth

  8. Rebecca Scott says:

    Totally off topic, but can you pretty please tell me where you got the flip flop decals for your car? My sister lives near the beach and would LOVE those!!

  9. I love your weekly ramble! Love to hear how life is going, the ups and downs. Hope your cycles get in better order…I sympathize with hindsight showing crankiness! I am so notorious for that.
    Hope you have a great week…and thank you for all your time and energy in keeping your blog up! I love it!!!!

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