The Weekly Ramble

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The Weekly Ramble

The girls had their first ballet class this week. You should have seen how excited they were, both before and after. Did this mama’s heart good. There were three other girls in the class, all decked out in leotards and tutus. Most had been inspired by Angelina Ballerina. What can I say? Mice have influence in this world?

Seriously, the girls had a blast, telling me it was their “best day ever”. Wow! That’s high praise. I’m blessed that we can give them this little opportunity.

The rest of the week? It’s a blur, I tell ya. FishBoy11 had his first karate lesson. He likes that, too.

I’m reading through this book about the Bob of Bob’s Red Mill. I’m just really impressed by his story. I’ve been a fan of the products, but I had no idea what kind of life the man has lived. Wow! I’ve been reading it on the treadmill in the mornings while I listen to David Crowder Band on Pandora. I confess that I’ve gotten a little teary eyed with God-breathed words and a God-breathed life coming at me at 3 miles an hour.

It’s otherwise, just been a busy week with school starting back and a Pantry Challenge going on. I’m ready to sleep, but I actually need to get a little more organized and on top of things. We haven’t seen the laundry room since Christmas. How ’bout you?

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The Weekly Ramble

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Coming next week:

  • another free weekly meal plan
  • Time Management Tips for Crazy Days
  • How to Eat at Home More Often
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  • Prepping Your Paperwork for a Great Year

Be sure to let me know what stories and articles are helpful to you and what you’d like to see more of in the coming weeks. I want to make your “life as MOM” as fun and as easy as possible.

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  1. I have 3 girls in dance (15, 9 and 2) And they all love it! I got lucky this year and their dance studio added an acro class, which is dance mixed in with some tumbling. So they get the benefit of gymnastics without the added expense. My 15 year old takes 6 different styles right now so the costumes for the recital are killing me, but she volunteers many hours at the studio which gives us a break in tuition.

    I’ve noticed great improvement in school work and behavior since adding dance to their lives.

  2. My 6 year old has been doing dance since she was 3. She was also influenced by Angelina. And unfortunately copied some of Angelina’s flair for drama. Not as into the show or books anymore but she still loves dance. She does ballet and tap. So far the 3 year old sis has not been interested.

  3. I love that book! His store and mill are a little over an hour away from us so we traveled up there last summer! I saw him speak in June near Seattle at the Mother Earth News sustainability fair.

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