The Weekly Ramble

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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

weekly ramble

We  call this “Bored Girl at a Museum”. She was hungry and more than done with browsing the San Diego Museum of Art earlier this week. But, she’s so stinking cute, isn’t she?! I couldn’t resist taking her photo.

It was actually a really fun time. It tested us for what’s to come in Europe. As in, how can I keep six kids interested and engaged at the Louvre? My desperate brilliant mind came up with all kinds of questions to ask the kids in order to get them to interact with the paintings — or at least look at them.

I think we most of us really enjoyed the Sorolla exhibit. I love his beachscapes as well as his portraits. I’m thinking of buying this book. I don’t have many coffee table books, so that would be a cool one to have, but I also don’t have a coffee table, so maybe not.

I resisted the museum gift shops, but they were tempting! Can you tell? Instead, I came home, hopped on Amazon, and bought this art book to work through with the kids. FishChick7 has already starting reading it. It’s got a great list of questions to ask kids about artwork in it.

We viewed the entire museum, but the Sorollas were my favorite. Second was the pieces that were recovered by the Monuments Men. Yes, really! They placed placards near those pieces so we could know that bonus history of the paintings. (I just finished the book this week and highly recommend it.) Can you tell fine art has been on the brain?

In other news, we’re just plugging along, doing school and trying to have some fun as well. I crave a little more routine than we have right now, but I’m not sure how to pull it off. It becomes increasingly more difficult as my kids get older. They all have minds of their own. Interestingly enough!

It still feels like herding cats. And then I have to remind myself of this.

the week in pics

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  1. Melyssa Leighty says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Quick idea to keep the little ones engaged at the Art Museum, we come up with a list of 10-15 items to look for in the paintings before we get to the Museum then it’s like a scavenger hunt and they really have to take their time looking at the paintings. I’ve also had them take the letters from their names and come up with nouns and we look for those. Both of these work like and charm for my kids ages 7,10 & 15. :). Good luck!

  2. I teach computer classes for elementary kids and every year we do an art unit. I’ve come across some awesome, engaging things that really get kids interested in art! It is hard to get them engaged in a painting on a wall, but giving history, asking questions, and letting them explore is tons of fun. Off the top of my head… Starfall recently added an art section, MOMA Destination Modern Art is a favorite with the younger set, NGA for Kids has some amazing interactives. For checking out famous art (as if you were actually right up close to it) or older kids researching, Google Cultural Institute is amazing, and freakishly frequently updated with new features.

    Just some food for thought, and stuff too good not to share!

  3. One game we enjoy to stay engaged (even as adults) is the “What’s your favorite painting in the room game” for each room in a gallery or art museum. We take a few minutes or however long we need to look around, then pick our favorite and tell one another why before moving on to the next room. If it doesn’t make your kids too negative you could also have them pick their least favorite – sometimes the reasoning there is just as important.

  4. Kathy in Illinois says:

    YES, SHE’S STINKING CUTE!!! I’ve always said she’s the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen!
    God bless, Kathy in Illiniois

  5. Susan Larrance says:

    The Louvre is huge and can take you all day or multiple days if you try to see it all. We prioritized what we wanted to see there and hit the highlights. A tip is to buy the Paris Pass (can’t remember what it’s called but it gets you into multiple museums/attractions). It allows you to skip the line at certain places, and allowed us to use the tour group/pass entrance which got us into the Louvre 1/2 hour before opening – we ran to the Mona Lisa and saw it solo, then did the rest of the highlights. An hour later there were hundreds of people jammed into that room. I also recommend a very quick stop into the l’Orangerie (very close to the Louvre). 2 large oval shaped rooms surrounded by huge Monet Water Lilies canvases especially created for the museum. Small galleries with other major artists, too. It’s a quick stop and included in thast same pass, and if you are a Monet fan, I recommend a stop there.

    • Good point on the pass. We saw the museums you mention 21 years ago, but I”m not hip to all that has changed. From what I can see, though, a lot of things are free for kids. Booyah for the family with SIX children. 😉

  6. The cover of the Sorolla book makes me think of ‘The Awakening” by Kate Chopin. Thanks for the recommendation of the art book for kids. I found one of 13 American painters that is targeted to kids as well that I may purchase as well. Time to get these kids some culture!!

  7. I really enjoy the weekly ramble. 🙂

  8. thanks for sharing your week. man, you are so fantastic. thanks for the book recommendations.

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