The Weekly Ramble

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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it's 2004. This week's highlights: the doctor says I'm smart, kids are puking, and what is an odontoma?

This chick? She got sick Saturday night. Big girl that she is, she took care of herself and didn’t even wake me up. Sunday morning she told me that she had thrown up twice in the night. Huh.

I didn’t think anything of it until Tuesday night when her five siblings all started violently vomiting in the same two hour span. Tuesday night was fun. So was Wednesday when my girl and I headed out to Walmart to stock up on applesauce, bananas, yogurt, saltines, and the makings of chicken noodle soup.

(Don’t worry. I didn’t feed my sick kiddos beans. Walmart’s just the cheapest game in town for canned beans.)

Anyway, talk about a way to mix up your week’s schedule! The rest of the week has whipped by me so fast I think I have whiplash. Oy! One of the highlights? Besides everyone getting well. Our pediatrician, Dr. P, a young mom at least ten years my junior, said I was a smart mom. Whew. So glad to hear that. She also said my kids got weird stuff going on.

Monday morning I spent with FishBoy14 at the oral surgeon’s. Turns out he has an odontoma, an abnormal growth under the gum line. It appears to be a cluster of 7 or 8 teeth near the roots of his adult teeth. Weird. Weirder still is that Delta won’t pay for the surgery to remove it. Thanks, Delta. You’ll pay for the braces that the odontoma will ruin if they erupt through the surface? Nice.

Turns out the world record is 232 tooth-like growths. Yikes. I wonder if that kid’s insurance paid for it.

Anyway, I broached the topic with Dr. P. She was stunned that dental wouldn’t pay for it. She also had no clue how we go about getting medical to pay for it. Oy! (Weird child thing, #1)

We were seeing Dr. P for the removal of a ginormous wart off the foot of FishBoy12. (I just asked her about the absent FishBoy14 because why do I want to pay another co-pay?) The wart appeared while we were in France. Blech. FB12 has an amazing tolerance for pain. Dr. P. could hold that smoking-gun-freezer-thing on his foot for over a minute without his flinching. Thatta boy. Next week she’s going to scalpel it. Good times.

Since FB12 already had an appointment, I took FishChick6 with us (yes, I paid that copay), to have her eye looked at. No one puts Baby in the corner, remember? She had another outbreak of herpes (cold sores) on her eyelid this week. It was brewing for several days but was milder than she normally gets it. She usually knows it’s happening, like people with chronic shingles know when it’s coming on, but this time it tricked us both. I wasn’t sure that’s what it was until Wednesday when five kids were down with the stomach flu, puking all over.

Did I mention it was a crazy week?

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it's 2004. This week's highlights: the doctor says I'm smart, kids are puking, and what is an odontoma?

We keep antiviral meds on hand all the time — yep, took them to France, too. Really interesting how TSA tested them, too. Anyway, I started her on the acyclovir on Wednesday night as soon as she could keep down food. We saw Dr. P on Thursday. She was stunned. In her words: “She’s a normal kid (read: no chemo or compromised immunities); why is this happening?!” My thoughts exactly.

Interestingly enough, while I’ve done some research on the effects of lysine on herpes, none of the docs at our clinic are familiar with this — I’ve asked all three — despite the fact that they all googled it in my presence and came upon the same NYU medical paper that I’ve read.

We now have referrals to Ophthalmology and Infectious Diseases down at Children’s. Yay. Doesn’t that sound fun?

The highpoint of all this comes in when Dr. P says, “I want them to give you a protocol for dealing with this, so you don’t have to keep coming in here. You’re a smart mom. You know how to take care of this.”

Thank you, sister. I need to hear this.

I also liked the confirmation that odontomas, large warts, and chronic herpes are not normal things. No wonder these thing stress me out. But, hey! At least they don’t get ear infections.

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  1. My husband also gets cold sores. He uses Abreva as soon as he feels it coming on. It is a miracle drug! I hope the kids get to feeling better quickly. And you are a good and smart Mom.

  2. Wow what an Interesting week! My son had some extra baby teeth in-between the adult and actual baby teeth and oral surgery as well. Our dental insurance was of no help but our medical covered the anesthesia part which turned out extremely helpful as they actual did it with him completely out. We also paid cash so they offered us a discount. Still very expensive. Don’t know if that is an option but might be worth looking into.

  3. Sorry to hear about your week. I’m a veterinarian and we use lysine supplements when we have cats with herpes (they get an upper respiratory infection and/or an eye infection). Herpes needs an amino acid called arginine to replicate. When supplemented w/ lysine, this replaces the arginine and this will slow/stop the herpes virus from replicating. Not to say your daughter is a cat, but there is a definite basis for its use. Hope everyone gets better soon.

    • Thanks. Yes, I’ve been doing some research about the whole lysine-arginine link. Sunflower seeds are high in arginine and that has been something we’ve used to supplement for her peanut allergy, but I think it’s off the table now. Thanks for the input!

  4. June Combs says:

    Wow ~ my kids are older but I remember those nights when 1 child is sick, I can’t image having more than one!

    On quirky thinks that happen to my kids I asked my mother in law if her children ever suffered from the same thing and quite often they had she rarely had a solution, but genetics can play a role?

    Also, I usually blame something in their diet that doesn’t agree with them! Its tricky getting to the bottom of it, but white flour/glutin gets blamed for a lot these days. Stomach viruses always cause us to get cold sores, thy’re related???

    You’re an awesome mom!

    • It was uncanny when FIVE of them all got sick in a two hour span. I thought it was food poisoning until I quizzed them all; there were no common foods that the sick ones had and the well child didn’t.

  5. As soon as I’m done reading this post, and taking lots of mental notes about the mocha icebox cake, I’m gonna swab everything with Clorox wipes! So sorry your troop got sick.

  6. We all had the dreaded stomach bug before thanksgiving. Why do these things always happen at night?! I hope everyone is well now.

  7. Back before Sudafed was treated like a Schedule I narcotic and Robatussin was on every shelf, our Pediatrician would order it in the large Pharmacy size refills for our family, because if 1 kid was sick, it was only a matter of time before all 8 were down with it. We’d line up by age for strep tests, too. And moms of large families? Heck, you have more knowledge and experience than Web, MD could ever hope for!

    In this, the 21st Century , where we think we’ve been so smart getting everyone health insurance — why are co-pays so darned prohibitive? Can’t they come up with a family rate for circumstances like yours, Jessica?

    • It didn’t even apply to a copay. Dental said it wasn’t a dental issue. Medical said it wasn’t a medical issue. I suppose they both call it elective until those FIFTEEN little teeth decide to erupt through the surface and wreak havoc in his mouth. The dds. had already seen them actively growing over the last year. I call it preventive medicine, but I guess the insurance companies don’t. Sorry for the rant. But, goodness!

  8. My husband did a lot of research on the lysine-arginine correlation. He takes 1000 mg lysine a day and avoids any foods that he knows has a higher arginine level than lysine. It means no nuts, seeds or oats for him. He hasn’t had a cold sore in over 2 years. Also, they are much more likely to develop when your immune system is already low (ie the term “cold sore” or “fever blister”). Is likely to have been just waiting and when she got a stomach bug that her body was fighting, we’ll, body couldn’t fight two viruses at once.

    • Thanks for the input. That’s what I’ve been guessing at, except that the virus continued to spread to her thumb even after she was on the meds. That part I don’t get.

      • She’s contagious as long as there is a blister present. Unlike antibiotics fighting a bacterial infection where you are usually no longer contagious after 48 hrs of antibiotics, antivirals help speed up recovery, but can’t totally prevent it from spreading. It’s a virus of the nervous system, so essentially it can show up anywhere. Its likely she just touched her eye with her thumb. We’ve done way more research than I normally like to admit. Lol

  9. My 3 year old gets cold sores every time he gets sick. He has had them on his nose, lip, and most recently his chin area. My 13 year old gets them rarely on his lip when he is sick. They say you shouldn’t let anyone kiss on your babies faces and that you shouldn’t share foods and drinks. Our insurance doesn’t pay for anything. I’m not sure why we have it. I guess if there was a crazy accident and one of us fell off a ladder they would pay for it. Lol

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