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eggs on clearance

Oh, what a week. Am I getting redundant? Do I say that every week? Maybe I’m getting old?

Anyway, I think it was the back pain. That was hard. I can’t remember a time, aside from the postpartum season, when I was in such discomfort for so long, no matter my position. It kinda wears on you, you know? Being a hypochondriac doesn’t help. This week it was worries over osteomyelitis. Yeah, I know. My husband and friends roll their eyes. You can, too.

That culminated in the zenith of the week when I was stressing about my own health and worried that my children would be motherless, coupled with FishPapa having an injury at work. Top that off with a chronic condition of FishChick5’s manifesting in a new and potentially dangerous way.

I whisked her off to Urgent Care and was so thankful to see the same doctor that we had the last time this flared. We got great treatment and a referral to the specialist at Children’s Hospital.

I went to bed on Thursday completely spent emotionally, but so thankful. Things were a little more in perspective since I was busy caring for my daughter instead of dwelling on my own vain imaginations.

Friday, on the other hand, was full of good things:

I asked the chiropractor if having a short leg might contribute to my issues. We somehow skipped talking about this months ago when I started treatment. I had a lift in my shoe for much of my teen years. He said, “How did I not know this already?”

After relaxing the muscles with the massage machine (awesome) and adjusting my spine, he took an x-ray and — lo and behold — that leg is still short and could very well explain why my hip and my back have been so painful. I’ve been trying to compensate for the shortness and wrenching my right side something awful. There’s a possibility that the new lift may alleviate the back and hip pain.

Do you hear the angels singing the Alleluia Chorus?

That afternoon FishChick5 and I headed down to the hospital and met the lovely ophthalmologist. She’s French-Canadian and has the sweetest accent. I loved her immediately. I also embarrassed myself by speaking atrocious French, but she was very gracious. Good news on the eye front as well. A few meds and we’re good to go with a plan for the next time, if a flare should happen.

Also, I found organic eggs on clearance for $2 a pack. I bought five dozen. It’s the small things, too, people.

Today we’re celebrating FishBoy13’s birthday. Wow! If you don’t know his story, then you need to stop and go read it right now. I’m so blessed by this kid — in so many ways. God has been very good to me.

Lastly, what in the world do I DO with all these persimmons?!


Meanwhile, here’s what’s been happening on Life as MOM:

Coming next week:

  • More Falling for Fun
  • Reality Check: Is there a SuperMOM?
  • Add Life to the School Lunch

Be sure to let me know what stories and articles are helpful to you and what you’d like to see more of in the coming weeks. I want to make your “life as MOM” as fun and as easy as possible.

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  1. What about trying to make jam with the persimmons? We got that as a gift from someone at church one year and it was good. I had never even heard of persimmons before that.

  2. My dad always requests persimmon pudding for his birthday. I’ve never had plum pudding, but I’m told it’s similar, except you bake persimmon pudding, rather than steaming it. It’s definitely an acquired taste, so I wouldn’t put all my persimmons in one recipe, if you know what I mean. Your persimmons look more like Asian persimmons (or kaki, as the Jpse call them). American persimmons seem to be best when they’re mushy (and you need mushy ones for the pudding recipe). Japanese ones seem to be best when they’re still firm. In Japan we always ate them as a fresh fruit. Peel it, cut out the seed part, and slice in quarters. DELICIOUS!!

  3. I miss your Grocery Geek posts…. ;).

    • I know. It’s been so chaotic around here the last 6 weeks. That’s one area of grace I’m giving myself. I just need folks to put it away for me. I’ll see if someone wants to take the picture, too.

      • I’d love to see them back too. Glad you’re healing.

      • I hope I didn’t add undue stress to you by saying I missed the Grocery Geek posts. I’ve been following both of your blogs for years so have seen your recent struggles. And, like you said, even when we feel overwhelmed, it pales in comparison to true challenges. I just wanted to mention that I missed those posts as a result of your final comment in bold on the original post to let you know what things we would like to see on the blog. I can imagine that delegating your shopping trips has been a huge help in your current groove of life’s happenings. 😉

        • I knew what you meant. 😉 I honestly, feel so behind, and I didn’t keep good track of my spending during survival mode Oct and part of Nov, I don’t really want to know what the number is… How’s that for bad? (Just thankful for a slush fund to absorb the costs.)

  4. I’m with you on the persimmons girlfriend! I’m letting mine ripen on the counter (ugh, they need to look rotten before they’re ready to process), then I’ll puree them for some persimmon bread for the holidays.

    I have totally sympathy for you on the back pain. I fell backwards… on my tailbone…on cement and have been on meds for pain and inflammation and going to physical therapy for the last six weeks. It has affected my life in every way possible. But I don’t have six kids to chase after so I’m REALLY feeling sorry for you.

    I always enjoy reading your blogs to see what the Fish Fam is up too. You are a real inspiration!

  5. Um, yeah, that qualifies as ‘what a week!”

    I’m thrilled to hear you have a solid plan for dd, and delighted that you may have something easy as a solution for your hip and back. Fwiw my dd has had wonky hips for years – we’ve only recently found out it’s perthes’ disease because it wasn’t evidencing on x rays before – but I had the PT at her school track me down to say I should have her legs checked for being uneven – hers were and she said my dd’s hitched walk was a carbon copy of her own before resolution – she wears a left and it’s resolved her pain and issues. Prayers that yours are the cause [and easy resolution] of all the pain you’ve been struggling with! And for dd and dh as well – hope his injury is cleared by now.

    Happy birthday to your miracle boy 🙂

  6. rosalie perez says:

    Persimmon jam! They are my favorite food. As far as hypochondria goes, I have just decided my body is broken for a reason, be it to teach my sons to be better men, or to atone for a sin committed in my past…. Who knows, we just trudge forward and pray for mercy and good graces.

  7. Ha! I feel like I saw that every week, too. What a week! Yours certainly qualifies in that category. I’m hopefully (with you) that the lifts will help your back pain. And yay for little things, like marked down organic eggs! 🙂

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