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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

The Weekly Ramble - Chatting about Trivial Pursuit, mammograms, wisdom teeth, and whatever else passes my radar.

Oh my word! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I got the flu the week before Christmas and since then someone in the family has been ill. We are ready for a change, that is for sure. Being sick for the holidays was not on my Christmas list, but it’s happened several Decembers in a row. I think I will just plan for it next year.

Did you have a good Christmas and New Year’s? Our Christmas was quiet at home, just ourselves since we had the grunge. Then I spent the aftermath working on page proofs. Cookbook Number 4 is coming your way next fall and so we’re crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s around here.

For New Year’s Jessika and her family came for several days. That was quite the best way to ring in the new year. Our combined eight kids play very well together so we basically had a respite from parenting. We cooked and talked and ate and had a very good time. We also played several mean rounds of Trivial Pursuit Family Edition that I got at Target.

This week was our first week back to school. It was a slow one, that’s for sure. We’re not quite ready for the long haul until summer. But, I hope to sit down and do a ton of planning this weekend to set the next six weeks up for success.

Two interesting medical things punctuated the week. I took the big boys to the orthodontist. This office is like a luxury spa, I tell you. The parents’ waiting room is like Panera with a coffee bar, cafe tables, and desks with charging stations so you can plug in your devices. The “sibling lounge” has two gaming stations, while the “patient lounge” has three. Yes, yes, I did have to pick my jaw up off the floor. I’m not a bells and whistles kinda girl, but I think the orthodontist knows her chops. And that’s what matters.

Our dentist who I happened to pick randomly out of the phone book and who we LOVE takes her own kids to this ortho, so I feel good about it. FishBoy17 has a jaw issue that may require oral surgery. No surgery happens until this guy stops growing. Just talking to Dr. F assures me that it will all be okay. Even if her office is all glam and flashy.

FishBoy14, on the other hand, will be starting his treatment next month. We’re opting for Invisalign. I let my son decide and since he knows good oral hygiene is crucial during braces, he opted for the Invisalign instead.

The Weekly Ramble - Chatting about Trivial Pursuit, mammograms, wisdom teeth, and whatever else passes my radar.

In the meantime, both boys are getting new Sonicare toothbrushes and having their wisdom teeth pulled. FishBoy14 wanted to know if he was going to get $50 per tooth this time. Uh, no. The oral surgeon actually recommends that he be put to sleep. Did your kids have that?

I still have my wisdom teeth and I’m taking them to the grave, so I have no experience with this at all. Your advice is welcome! I’m guessing we’ll go with these soft foods, but you let me know what’s worked at your house.

So, that was the first medical thing. It’s sorta medical.

The second was that the radiology department called me after I had my mammogram early this week. Nope, no little post card in the mail. Ladies, go get your pictures taken — and don’t take those post cards in the mail for granted.

I go back on Tuesday for an appointment with the radiologist for more pictures and a possible ultrasound. It could be nothing. Big boobs and dense tissue runs in the family. So, I know it could be fine. But, I like to be prepared and run through the worse case scenarios. It could be something worse. So, we’ll prepare for B, but hope for A, right? Your prayers are appreciated. Those are the biggest things on my radar.

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Meanwhile, here’s what’s been happening on Life as MOM:

The Weekly Ramble - Chatting about Trivial Pursuit, mammograms, wisdom teeth, and whatever else passes my radar.

The Weekly Ramble - Chatting about Trivial Pursuit, mammograms, wisdom teeth, and whatever else passes my radar.

Here’s what’s been happening on Good Cheap Eats:

The Weekly Ramble - Chatting about Trivial Pursuit, mammograms, wisdom teeth, and whatever else passes my radar.

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  1. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    My first experience getting a wisdom tooth pulled was done by my dentist so he was only able to numb me. It was a FREAKY experience being able to hear and feel the pressure of the process. Literally cracking and pulling. That pull was an emergency bc it was cracked and painful. I had it done when I was 32 (my dentist did not agree with pulling wisdom teeth unless absolutely necessary and preferably over the age of 28!). It took me another couple of years before I was brave enough to take care of the other 3. I had to be put to sleep. If he has to get all four I would think anesthesia would be best. I know that’s scary when it’s your kids! My daughter had to get her tonsils and adenoids out at age 2 1/2 and I was most frightened by the anesthesia. All went ok.

  2. I had my wisdom teeth out at 16 I think. In the podunk dentist’s office. I was drugged. I don’t think I was under, but I spent a couple days OUT on my parents’ bed, needing my mom to even help me to the bathroom. I think they gave me too much medicine.

    I had a follow-up call this year after my mammogram… for an ultrasound and then a more-specific follow-up ultrasound. When I asked, they said it wasn’t that my mammogram was any worse this year, but that the standards had changed, and so they had to do more follow-up. Hope that’s the case for you!

  3. Ruth Meyer says:

    So sorry To hear about your coming visit to the doc. prayers being sent your way. absolutely love your cookbooks and blogs. Kids have left our home a long time ago, but this Nana and her hubby love your freezer recipes.

  4. I didn’t get put under for my wisdom teeth, but they were visible, and it was a simple procedure. I got valium, laughing gas, novocaine, and a noise-cancelling headset with music playing. I was still a nervous wreck and had some trouble. Putting someone under is much more expensive, especially since you need to have an anesthesiologist there. Don’t agree to surgery with general anesthesia without the anesthesiologist there. Glad you’re all past the flu, and I hope that whatever they saw on your mammogram turns out to be nothing.

  5. I had my wisdom teeth out at 16. All four were impacted (below the surface) and I had to be put completely out. My son had the same situation at 14. I think that’s pretty typical these days. I am a person who does not use anesthesia for fillings, but would not have wanted to go through the wisdom teeth surgery without being out. My son was hilarious after the surgery – completely looped and said the funniest things. He recovered quickly, but really enjoyed the ice cream, apple sauce, pudding, etc. for a few days. Soft foods are a must.

  6. I went under “twilight” anesthesia for my wisdom teeth, and I remember NOTHING. It’s a lighter anesthesia that’s easier to put people in and out of, doesn’t require a breathing tube or an anesthesiologist, etc. Typically safer than all out general anesthesia, from what I understand.
    After the teeth came out, I went home, started throwing up, and threw up stitches. Not fun. Go ahead and drool and let the blood out, do not swallow it.
    My brother did wake up during his wisdom teeth removal, and I don’t recommend that.
    I think all of my siblings had cavities while we had braces – it’s really, really hard to keep everything clean. Good call Fishboy14 choosing invisalign if it’s an option.
    One of my sisters had her jaw broken and moved forward when she was 18 because she had such a strong overbite. She could finally eat after that – I think before that (I was about 7 when she got the surgery) she had a hard time biting things.

    Good luck with all the medical things!

  7. Praying for your mammogram. I had to have one redone this fall and the wait is nervewracking. My results ended up being find (extra fluid likely causes by too much coffee and stress! Ha!)

  8. I only ever had 1 wisdom tooth! So imagine the jokes my family had for me lol. I had it removed without going under. I remember a lot of pulling and tugging but no pain. My daughter on the other hand had to have 4 baby teeth pulled. They were impacted and weren’t going to come out in time for her adult teeth to come through. She was completely under and the waking up part was so funny. I’m so glad I had a video camera on my phone. She was 10 and very meek and reserved. From where I was in waiting room, I heard LOUD, off pitch singing…it was HER:). While they were wheeling her to me, she starting acting like she was a boxer punching the air. It was so funny. She would be laughing extremely loud one minute and crying the next. It is all recorded. She did have a very easy time with recovery. So I’d just say be ready to get a funny memory on video;)

  9. Praying for good results next week. And praying that He helps you with any anxiety you may experience.

  10. Prayers for you!!

    Both my young adults had their wisdom teeth pulled this past fall. Both had anesthesia, came out fine. Ask for nausea medication before going under. Since there is always risk involved with invasive procedures, You will hear about and sign all kinds of release forms. Our cost was well over $1000 for each kid.

    The recovery took about one week. The first 48-72 hours were the worst. Ice packs, sleep, prescription pain meds, soft foods, are necessary. Both were back to school after 3 days. Both had orthodontia in their teens. Our dentist recommended getting the wisdom teeth pulled to prevent them from messing with their straight teeth because the wisdom teeth began to move things around.

  11. I’m 45 and have been called back after mammograms several times. Mine have all turned out to be nothing. Callbacks are stressful but they are so common, especially for us gals with dense boobs. Every year when my doctor orders my mammo, she tells me, “Chances are, you are going to get a callback because you have dense tissue – so don’t freak out when you get that phone call!” Well, easier said than done and I still freak out every time. Waiting for the appointment to finally arrive is definitely the worst part…I will keep you in my prayers and will be thinking of you on Tuesday. Please let us know how it goes!

  12. I actually had my wisdom teeth taken out in two different procedures at an oral surgeons office – the first was the bottom getting cut out in high school and the second was getting the top two cut out during college. Both times I just had a pill to calm me (maybe valium) and then laughing gas and novocaine. I was fine with it, and actually chose not to be put under in college when given the choice. I was kind of in and out during both procedures, but felt no pain. I’m assuming it made my recovery a bit easier not having been put out. For the bottom teeth, I swelled a lot and had bruising, but the top teeth were a lot easier to handle. Definitely will need to eat soft foods afterwards.

    You’re in my prayers about getting a second mammogram. Unfortunately, I tend to be like you and immediately imagine the worst scenarios for myself and my family, but I pray that you’ll have peace beforehand and during the process. The extra worry is not going to change the outcome :-).

  13. I had my wisdom teeth, all 4 impacted , at 22 six months after my first c-section. I woke up half way through with dentist kneeling on my legs trying to yank the teeth! Totally recommend being put out. My 17 yr old dd is having hers done next month and is going out and my 3 yr old having tonsils, adnoids, and tubes on tues. Scary for me but better for them. Good luck on your test. I have lumpy breasts and it is always scary.

  14. I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out at the same time (over 20 years ago) with just a local. I was only 16, so the teeth hadn’t broken the surface and therefore didn’t have strong roots. I’m very glad I had it done that way. It wasn’t bad listening to everything, etc. and they did have to crack one to get it out. But, I’ve heard quite a few stories of people going under and throwing up when they come out of it…not something that I want to deal with when I have stitches in my mouth. You’ll make the right call after talking to the doctor about why he/she suggests going under. Good luck with all of it!

  15. Praying for you this week! Specifically for peace, because while it is great to be prepared, “who of you by worrying, adds one year to your life?” Glad the boys appts went well. When I had my wisdom teeth taken out it was a relatively simple ordeal (although the extraction was not simple). They put me to sleep, and I think that helps, because you can’t freak out with all those tools in your mouth. I don’t remember what I ate in the weeks after, but my mom and then, boyfriend (now, husband) decided to take me to sonic to get a milkshake on the way home – I was still out of it because of the anesthesia, and the stories that have arisen from this trip are EPIC. My advice. Take them home for their milkshakes or smoothies. 🙂

  16. I wasn’t sure what you meant when you said your ds is getting Invisalign because of the oral care needed with traditional braces. Does he know there is an EXTENSIVE cleaning regimen with Invisalign?

    Best wishes for a “nothing of interest” result on your follow-up mammogram.

    • Well, with traditional braces (which we did with my oldest son), you can get swollen gums and discoloration. My understanding is that these aren’t an issue with Invisalign. The ortho office said that the teens with Invisalign become much better brushers because they don’t like the feeling of food in the trays. That’s what I know so far. I guess we’ll see.

  17. Sorry your kids are all having orthodontic issues at once.

    I had my wisdom teeth out 30 years ago and I was completely asleep for the procedure. I remember not being able to open my mouth to talk or eat and I could not chew and I could not open my mouth wide enough to brush my teeth. This last about 4 days. If things are still the same be prepared to make lots of smoothies and soft food.

    Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

  18. I’m sorry you were sick for Christmas. That sounds like an awesome orthodontist office! I wish my daughter’s orthodontist had all of that for the parents. There is a video game room for the siblings, though. I will be praying for your visit to the radiologist.

  19. I’m praying for clear test results, Jessica! May you have peace.

    On the teeth stuff, I just started invisalign this week. (I’m 30!) Had traditional braces as a kid and long story short, had problems the last couple years, so here we go again. On the plus side, they really are not very noticeable. My husband didn’t know I was wearing them. And brushing AND flossing each time I eat can only be good for my teeth. But, it is a royal pain to do so often. And I don’t like feeling like every meal or snack is on a timer (you’re supposed to have the trays in 22 hrs a day). So, goodbye leisurely cup of tea while doing reading lessons with my kindergartner. Oh well. Your teen will have to be disciplined, but sounds like you’ve got it covered. And less snacking for me can only mean tipping the scales back in my favor after the holidays!

    I had my wisdom teeth out at 17 and was put under. It was a little rough, only because my pain meds made me nauseous. And because I ate a salad too early and had to fish a pumpkin seeds out of one of the wounds with tweezers. Yep, go me. He will be fine! Let him pick a menu from your juices book. :):)

  20. Breathe. Now breathe again. I usually have to have more films taken every single time I go for a mammogram, which I’ve been doing since I was 22 and my mother had breast cancer [and is still with me 25 years later thankyouverymuch]. It just means they’re being careful 🙂 Next time see if you can find some place where they’ll do it all at once – where the radiologist is reading them before you take off your ugly gown – less stressful 🙂 But prayers coming from NY for a big fat nothing to come of it all.

    As for the boys – cushy LOL! I didn’t go out for my wisdom teeth but I did have gas – not sure how they do it in ny now – either way – prayers for them both – and so glad you like your doctor – half thebattle right there

    Hugs for a hard few weeks 🙂

  21. My husband had his wisdom teeth removed as an adult and the worst part was the pain meds. They made him too nauseous to eat so he ended up so dehydrated that we had to go to the ER for an IV. I believe some pain meds are more likely to cause nausea than others so that might be something worth investigating. I had mine removed as a teen and opted against taking the pain meds for that reason and it was painful for a few days but in my mind it was better than throwing up. Praying for y’all.

  22. My husband said in hindsight he thinks he would have been better off with the pain meds if there had been more food in his stomach.

  23. I had my wisdom teeth out my 2nd or 3rd year of college. I had some sort of shot (in addition to the Novacain) and I remember talking to a Garfied sun catcher hanging in the window. No one else was in the room with me. I remember feeling all the pushing and the popping sound when the teeth came out. I don’t remember havig stiches, though I probably did. One thing to keep an eye on: I had one tooth that had already erupted and it created a dry socket. I don’t remember why, but it had to have bits of gauze packed in it if I remember correctly. Took forever to fully heal and food used to get stuck in there. NOT fun at all. I also had mine out while in braces because I had such a small mouth. Oh, and I recently had gas while having a crown done (didn’t wth my first), and it was the best decision I ever made! Best of luck to you all and thinking good thoughts.

  24. Dear Jessica,

    Praying for peace of heart & mind for you as you go back for additional testing. Over the last 5-6 years I’ve been called back at least 4 times for more testing. So far it is just dense tissue. Thanks for letting us know. Praying for you.

    I’m 61 and still have my wisdom teeth. Didn’t need braces as a teen or thru my my mid-20’s. Then my wisdom teeth started to shift and now my lower teeth are quite crooked. =( It will probably be better in the long run for your sons to have their wisdom teeth removed now. Praying for wisdom as decisions for them are made.

  25. I’ll be praying that all goes well for your boys and that you get a good report on the mammogram. I’ve had to get additional testing a couple of times, as well. It has been scary, but came back normal both times. I love your beautiful testimony, fun sense of humor, and healthy, frugal tips which keep me faithfully reading and enjoying your blogs. Hugs!

  26. My oldest had his wisdom teeth removed while they weren’t even out yet because they saw from an xray that they were growing horizontally! He was asleep (which freaked me out), but he did very well. He didn’t eat much for a few days, jellos and smoothies with a spoon because he was not supposed to use a straw, since the sucking could dislodge the clots and delay the healing. Eggs are a nice soft food too. The first 24 hours he slept almost all the time.

    I have dense breasts also and have had follow ups; the radiologist I have talked to really recommends getting a screening ultrasound in addition to a mammogram yearly. The insurance doesn’t pay for that yet, but he told me that with my degree of breast density (3 out of 4), it could make a big difference in catching a cancer early enough. I am now budgeting tho $350 dollars yearly for this, because I would like to maximize my chance of beeing around as long as possible 😉
    If a radiologist recommends an ultrasound follow up after a mammogram, the insurance will pay for it, but they will only look at a precise spot, not the whole breast , not both breasts, like the do when you get a screening ultrasound. Just something you might want to think about for the future. Ask the radiologist which level density you belong to (1 through 4).
    I wish you the best and I will pray for you; odds are it’s nothing, because they really take very basic films with the screening mammogram and they often need to get a better view afterwards.

  27. I had my wisdom teeth out just a couple years ago (at the ripe old age of 40….something) and had anesthesia b/c one had to be cut out. The anesthesia was a lovely thing. So nice to go to sleep and have it done when I woke up! Hopefully all will go well with your son. And hope your additional mammogram reports are good, praying for you there.

    I hate to break it to your 14 yo, but invisalign involves a LOT of brushing! The nice part is that you can eat whatever you want when the trays are off. My 15 yo son is about six months in, it is going well. I think the hardest part for a growing boy is not being able to eat constantly. 😎

  28. Will keep all your family in prayer for your upcoming medical/dental appointments. Everyone I know who has had a recent mammogram has been called back for more images, even my adult daughter, but I see it as a very good thing to get better images. It sure gives you more piece of mind after the new images are taken and nothing alarming is found. My wisdom teeth never materialized, but my daughter missed several days of college classes after she had her wisdom teeth removed. I made the mistake of getting her a milkshake before I read the recovery directions stating that straws are not a good thing after this surgery. My daughter did vomit for about 24 hours afterwards, and even though she was college aged, she wanted her mommy to stay with her. Yes, they still want their mommies nearby even when they are adults.

  29. My wisdom teeth were removed in my 20’s by the oral surgeon because they were all four impacted. I had the “twilight” anesthesia, which was great. I don’t remember anything and was functioning fine not too long after. I just needed a ride home. I did get dry socket though and it was THE WORST. It hurt terribly and I could barely eat anything for over a week before it so much. Make sure to follow all of the instructions they give at the end to prevent dry socket. I did, but I think I might have been form the removal of the gauze the first time. You have to switch it out from all of the blood and drool. Fun.
    Good luck with your own test results as well. Sending good vibes your way!

  30. I had my wisdom teeth out when I was 16. I was not put under and do not recall it being horrible. HOWEVER. After the fact, I was not given enough instructions about preventing a dry socket. Absolutely no straws! Dry sockets take weeks to heal. Part of the process is packing the dry socket with cotton soaked in clove oil. To this day, I cannot stand to eat anything with cloves.

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