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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

life-changing magic closet

Big doings around here. It only took me 42.8 years, but I finally learned that the cause of my messes is too much stuff for the space that I own. I know, brilliant.

Believe me when I say that I read every organizing and tidying book written between 1990 and 2000. At that point I gave up, tweaking different systems to make things work. While I was doing better than I had as a child or young adult, my house still reverts to messy. This past week I’ve been reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. A light bulb went off. I’m now on a mission to declutter our home once and for all.


Laugh, if you will. Let’s talk again in six months, my goal for the Whole House Makeover. I’m just so sick and tired of messes. The kids and I spend way too many hours cleaning up and I can only guess that it’s 1. too much stuff and 2. no homes for the stuff. I hope is that by mid-September I will be able to say you can come over without any notice.

A girl can dream, right?

tshirt drawer

from instagram

This is evidence that at least one idea in the book works. I was so excited to try it out that once I tackled my drawers, I refolded all FishPapa’s clothes. He has two drawers for shirts and pants/shorts. Both were overflowing and I still had two stacks to put away. Once I refolded according to the Konmari method, everything fit plus he could see everything he had. Mind officially blown. When he came upstairs, I had to show off. His jaw dropped to the floor.

Here’s to more life-changing tidying at our house.

date night at the habit

In other news, we had our money meeting earlier this week on date night. I know, you’re not supposed to talk about kids, work, or money on date night, but we break all those rules. We went to The Habit, a Santa Barbara original that has expanded to San Diego. Not as high quality as Burger Lounge, but almost half the price. Since I spent almost all of Tuesday crunching numbers, I was ready for a cheap date. In-N-Out would have been cheaper. Either way, I was happy to see that our family has really good taste in fast food.

(Mamas with babies, the day WILL come when you can have a date night without paying a babysitter. Hang tight!)

Anyway, so we had our money meeting. We’ve got a lot of ground to reclaim since the Big Blue House Debacle of 2014. Having that property vacant for nine months, performing repairs, and then paying the negative to get out from under it was not fun. And some days it’s really hard not to be bitter at the property managers who dropped the ball. But, the monkey’s off our back and now we can work toward building a house fund of OUR OWN. Yay!

I got some kind of virus earlier this week. Four days of sore throat culminated in one big Fever and Chills. I spent most of Thursday in bed. I feel like I’ve been in a time warp, but I’m starting to feel better. Amen to that.

Tonight we’re watching Guardians of the Galaxy and heading to STEM Saturday tomorrow. I’m hoping to take the girls to Cinderella on Sunday. Shh. Don’t tell them. It’s a surprise. Big weekend! I hope yours is a great one!

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Be sure to let me know what stories and articles are helpful to you and what you’d like to see more of in the coming weeks. I want to make your “life as MOM” as fun and as easy as possible.

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  1. Jillbert says:

    Ha! I just discovered the Konmari method recently, too! My drawers look amazing now. I did start on a big de-cluttering quest in the fall and have tackled areas of my home that haven’t been touched since we moved in 14 years ago (hello, storage room!). It feels so much lighter here and is much easier to tidy up with little notice. Still, I have a long way to go. Every day moves my home a bit closer to how I want it to be.

  2. I only have 2 kids but I think the source of messiness is kids. Now that my daughter is away at college, my house is much less messy. I only have 1 at home and he has autism so he keeps everything in its place. I’m the messiest one in the house and it is much easier to keep on top of things now that I don’t have littles w/ a million toys around.

    • I am not sure. I know that my little ones are the ones responsible for the most messes, but there’s also not a good place for them to put their stuff away. At least for us, the problem is both of us.

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation! It sounds intriguing. I used to think I (and the rest of my family) needed tons of clothes… I think it was a carry-over from the days when I had to use shared laundry facilities and I tried to do laundry as little as possible. 🙂

    But when my family camped on our property for two months (yes, in tents! But there were only two kiddos back then) and I washed all our clothes by hand (yes, really) I realized just how little we actually need. That experience was seven years ago, and I am still thankful for my washer and dryer every day! And I’ve also managed to keep the clothes pared down considerably too. Phew! It is so nice to not have laundry be the beast that it once was, even though of family has grown to 5 kids.

  4. Once again, very motivating. I love your website <3

  5. I can’t throw away all my clothes, but I have 3 closet fulls (over one for winter and over one for summer). Not even worth giving away. I am going to cut quilt squares out of them. Then I will have too many quilt tops. I thought of a funny one. Patchwork curtains? No? How about patchwork lounge pants? OK. I will get rid of my old raggedy blankets when I get my quilts done. It’s time to get the flower beds and spring cleaning, so the quilts will be a while, but I am going to get rid of all those clothes by cutting squares like we did in the old days, at night (after work and supper) in front of the tv.

  6. My mom has a tendency to be a pack-rat. I think I would tend to be a little like that naturally. Moving fairly often and traveling a lot has helped me to get rid of stuff & be more intentional about what I buy. It doesn’t hurt that hand-washing (not by me!) with rough detergent wears out many of our clothes out in 9-12 months. Others get faded by the sun after being hung on the line time and time again. So, you’re not tempted to hang onto clothes for years & years. Once it’s worn out, it goes. Then the combined fact of bugs and other pests getting into anything stored and so many needy people all around, it’s easy to get rid of stuff! I can know that someone who needs it more is putting it to use instead of it rotting or getting eaten by bugs. And I have realized that I “need” way less than I always thought I did.

    I hope your purging goes well! Sounds like a big job, but I think you will feel so much better at the end.

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