The Weekly Ramble

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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

The Weekly Ramble | Life as MOM: night waking, bad backs, time budgets, and learning to swim.

I am tired. It’s been awhile since a child kept me up for much of the night. Last night was it. FishChick6 got a sore throat and sniffles yesterday. It bothered her a lot in the night. Therefore it bothered me, too. But, I am thankful for a good attitude on my part! Those are hit and miss when it comes to interrupting my sleeping hours. I realized as I lie there in her bed that these days are practically gone. I’m so glad to be needed.

She’s still very whiny today. Her complaint of other symptoms has me consulting Dr. Google when I know I shouldn’t. Sigh.

In other news, my new time budget is helping me a lot! I have been a a lot more productive this week, the house has been a little cleaner, and I’ve gotten a little ahead of the game. Since I planned for it in advance, I also got the kids to the library, two parks, the pool, and the beach. Yay! I kinda felt like Wonder Woman for about five minutes there.

The Weekly Ramble | Life as MOM: night waking, bad backs, time budgets, and learning to swim.

If you haven’t investigated time blocking as a strategy to manage your time, I highly recommend it. It takes a little self-control to stick to it, but I’ve found it to be really helpful. You can read more about it here.

Next week Freezer Cooking Days returns! I’ll be sending out a beta cooking plan in Sunday’s newsletter. It’s a summer suppers plan that features foods that are mainly grill or slow-cooker. Yay! I hope you’ll try out the plan. Come chat all things freezer cooking on Facebook – Monday night at 6pm PST.

Looking at the calendar, I see that the next few weeks are all dotted with all kinds of things: two more birthdays, travel, VBS, etc. Many of these things are away from home and totally jack with my at-home during the week schedule. As a homebody who loves routine, this gives me a little anxiety, but I think if I plan for it, I’ll be okay. Right?

If you remember, awhile back I started training for a 5K. A week or two into it, I injured my back and it’s been a good month or so that I’ve been troubleshooting the issues. I went back to the chiropractor, but I didn’t really feel good about it. They charged me extra since I hadn’t been there in awhile. I could just see the dollar signs add up quickly. I went twice to deal with the most pressing issue and am not working on strengthening my body.

The Weekly Ramble | Life as MOM: night waking, bad backs, time budgets, and learning to swim.

A trainer/lifeguard who takes yoga with me each week says I need to start swimming. Gah! I am not a swimmer. Then, FishBoy12’s physical therapist said he needs to get into swimming. I’d already been toying with the idea of YMCA swim team for FishBoy14 since we aren’t doing hockey anymore. So, I guess I’ll be exploring our options in swimming. This is very much outside my comfort zone.

And the pool in the summer is a nightmare of crowds! Not sure how we’ll swing this, but keep me accountable, eh? This is not something I want to do, but I see the benefits for me as well as for my kids.

In other news, do you remember when FishPapa got injured at work back in mid-March? After weeks and weeks of pain and visits to the doctor, they finally did an MRI about week 8. Turns out it’s a large bucket handle tear of the meniscus, necessitating surgery. Sigh. We’re on week 12, now, waiting approval of the surgery by workman’s comp. Pray that all the stars align and that the timing is good and recovery is easy and without complications. This has been a long, painful process for him.

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  1. I can fully endorse the swimming as well. I do enjoy swimming myself and when I worked as a lifeguard in high school and college, a local physical therapy office would bring their patients to the pool to show them therapy moves in the water. A few years later, my grandmother broke both her hips. The doctors predicted a long, long, long recovery process, if full recovery was even going to be possible. They said she wouldn’t take a single step unassisted for at least a year, if ever.

    My grandma, who has been terrified of water her entire life, started doing physical therapy at the pool at the age of 68 after recommendation from her physical therapist. She was walking unassisted within six months and at the one year mark, my parents took her to the beach where they took a nice, long stroll along the ocean. She has gone twice a week for seven years to exercise at the pool and is quite the spry woman for a 75 year old post double hip broken woman!

  2. Have you looked into Aqua Aerobics at your Y? I used to teach, and it’s a fun, low impact way to get moving.

    My boys are in swim club year round and they love it. It’s amazing to see how far they’ve come. Swimming is a great lifetime sport!

  3. Jen Grant says:

    I really dislike the crowds at the rec center pool too. I’ve found that if we go at dinner time, we usually have the place nearly to ourselves and it’s much more reasonable. It helps that we typically eat late due to Dad’s work schedule.

  4. Lynette W. says:

    Hi Jess! Always love your posts 🙂 loving your ramble one’s too 😉

    I hurt my back last year too. For two weeks, oooh, ouch – I could barely get off the couch, let alone clean out the garage (which I did) or host a yard sale (also, too.) or even stand to cook dinner. I had the yard sale so that I could pay for my annual swimming pass that I normally always had, except the pool had changed our rules so group passes (we’d go in 5 individuals and split the difference!) could no longer do and hubby’s pay had been sliced by 10% just at the time I needed to renew it….yard sale to the rescue to earn the cash I needed (which I did) and I was able to return to my exercise love – swimming. Yes, even with that hurt back (I went down one day and paid full price to swim, just to see if I COULD do it, hurt back and all and I found out I could before paying for that pass.)

    All of this was to say – that I was super impressed with the fact of how swimming helped heal my back last year. I’ve always touted how wonderful I know swimming is…how it works all my muscles all at the same time, how it kicks walking or running’s butt, keeps you cool while allowing you to do resistance training in the water….like doing more lifting reps at the gym with lighter weight to strengthen….but then I swam with an injured back and I realized how much swimming tighten, strengthened my core and healed the muscles that were hurting constantly. Within weeks I was no longer in pain, and another few I could return to lifting boxes or anything and not wincing as I crouched down to pick things up! It really, really did wonders for me! Swimming is not easy, and not for the feint of heart! It is very tough, and it doesn’t let up on you even after you’ve been swimming a while – but for an over-all best work-out – Swimming is my go-to exercise for everything! I highly encourage you and hope it will help you out! Hope you feel better soon too!

  5. Arg.

    I’m feeling upset for your stuck-ness. I’m so sorry you’re still having issues – and I’m sorry that you’re not feeling good about the swimming. I don’t care for it as exercise either – nor do I relish the idea of a) fighting crowds and b) having to leave the littles with the less littles while you do it. Arg again.

    Prayers for hubby’s surgery and situation and reasonable decisions by worker’s comp etc. Prayers for you to find the right path for you and fb14 too – I feel your aggravation coming through. It’s so hard sometimes!

    Giant hugs from the east coast, where it’s still not really swimming weather 🙂 Hoping next week’s report is full of improvements and solutions

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