The Weekly Ramble

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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

rainy day (1)

The week flew by and here I am trying to remember what I did. I slept in past 7 am on multiple occasions. I know, sounds like a really small deal. But, it’s a big deal for me. I’m trying to take things easier. I like to wake up before everyone else.

I’m also learning to like sleep.

I was struck this week by the luxury that is my life. That I CAN take things easier. My job has flexible hours. My children all sleep through the night. The only deadlines I have are the ones I create for myself. Knock me over with a feather, but I’m in a new season of life.

I say that not to brag, because I didn’t do anything all that special to get to this place in life. I say that to give you mamas hope. Your day will come!

I remember when two hours of sleep in a row was the most I could hope for. I remember not being able to leave my children for more than a few minutes — during waking hours, at least — because mischief might ensue while my back was turned. I remember not feeling like my life was my own.

And voila. Now it is. 

Well, I mean, my-life-is-God’s-so-I-don’t-really-control-everything-in-it-kind of my own. And I’m thankful. Very thankful.

Read: She’s gotten over the catastrophe called autoimmune disease.

Well, I’ve not gotten over it in the sense that’s it’s cured or in remission, but at least I’m learning to sleep in and rest and take the days as they come. And I’m growing in appreciation for this precious life of mine.

Plus, the Irishman wrote me first thing this am to tell me that my labs were good and that I can bump the meds down to the bare minimum. So there’s that.

In other news, it rained this week. That’s like two miraculous occurrences in the space of a few sentences. The rain didn’t last but a day, and the heat is coming back next week, but rain is rain. I’ll take it where I can get it.

Easy Freezer Meals (1)

Also, a new dishwasher arrives tomorrow. I think it’s been three weeks since the old one broke, but the kitchen has been cleaner without that crutch to lean on. I wash; the littles dry and put away. The counters stay cleared.

I’m almost tempted not to use the new one.

I said almost.

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  1. I’m part of the sandwich generation. I’ve been sandwiched between caring for my 92 yo mother that lives with us to having each of our adult children (sometimes with a child, wife or dog…or all three!) move back in with us over the past ten years. Finally they are all gone. Sort of. All of them live within 20 minutes of us and we do FREQUENT grandparent duty for our 4 munchkins. Mom is still with us and enjoying good health. I hadn’t envisioned that I would be a granny nanny for our 8 mo. old grandson when I retired earlier this year. When my friends ask me how I can do it, I tell them “it’s only for a season”. Caring for my mother is “only for a season”. Seasons pass and make us richer for the experience. You’re so right that all we have belongs to God. You’re doing a fabulous job! Give yourself a pat on the back 🙂

    • Laurie what wise words – I’m coming towards the end of the child-rearing season and entering the teen and parent care season – you’re so right.

  2. Jessica a dishwasher – ahhh – a good thing – not that you can’t but nice you won’t HAVE to do so.

    I will say that accepting my life back in some form is often a puzzler to me – I feel mom guilt [and I’m of the reject guilt variety] sometimes, though it’s brief, when I try to do things for ME for whatever reason – but I’m doing it anyway!

  3. I’m so glad your health is improving! Good for you to look at the positive side of not having a dishwasher. Yes, rain this week was very good. We needed it! I’m not looking forward to the heat returning.

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