The Weekly Ramble

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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

sleeping girl with note

I shared this photo last night on Instagram, but it is so sweet, I have to share it here, too. My girl, who has insisted she can’t read or write for the last two years has finally gotten over that hurdle. Earlier this month she started writing princess stories in the smallest notebook you ever saw. They are PAGES long.

Yesterday she knew she was tired — exhausted from the anticipation of Halloween — that she wrote a note:

Mom, can you wac me up wan it is dinar time.

Be still, my ever-loving heart. How cute is that?!

The days are flying quickly. Can you believe that October is already over?! I’m not exactly sure how that happened.

The month was a busy one for us. We spent the first 12 days getting ready for, celebrating, and recovering from my brother’s wedding. Then we spent a chunk of time organizing and cleaning our home for the owners’ visit. We did some major overhauls to my office and the kids’ rooms and are feeling really good about the improvements.

Cleaning My Kids' Bedrooms

What I Learned Cleaning My Kids’ Bedrooms

In fact, we’ve been able to keep the house “inspection ready” for almost 2 weeks now. That, my friends, is a MAJOR MIRACLE.

The loose link in the chain happens to be my sweet, creative girls who craft and play and build all over the house. Stray knitting needles, lego, and hair ponies are the norm — everywhere I look. It’s been a good exercise in self control — for me and for them — to keep things shipshape.

If you didn’t notice, I blogged every day in October on both blogs, a feat that honestly kicked me in the tail. I just can’t keep up with comments and writing and home and school when I’m creating two blog posts a day plus all the other behind-the-scenes things. Whew. I’ll be returning to my regular three posts a week schedule. I hope that works for you!

If you’re a newer reader, you might not know that I used to post three times a day! I’m not sure how I did it, but I was a younger woman then. That said, there’s a regular treasure trove of archives to explore if you haven’t already. When I scroll through all that’s there, I surprise myself. When did I find the time?!

Ha. My house most likely was NOT inspection ready.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s been happening on Life as MOM:


The Organization for Normal People series was a labor of love. So much of it was live-blogged, as we figured out different situations in our home to make it work better. Real life messes can be seen.

If you missed part of the series, know that all the posts are linked here. Thanks for sharing the series on Pinterest, Facebook, and twitter!

Here’s what’s been happening on Good Cheap Eats:

I blogged for 31 days about Quick Dinner Ideas over on Good Cheap Eats. You will never be stuck for a dinner idea. Promise. You can read all the posts here.

Coming this month:

  • a new Month of Meals Plan
  • Good Housekeeping
  • School Volunteering
  • How to Give Freezer Meals as Gifts
  • Ways to Avoid Student Debt
  • Thanksgiving Printables for Kids
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This year I’ve put together a FREE 4-week e-course to help you get organized for the holidays, and most importantly, celebrate simply. You can register for the course here. The course begins November 16.

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  1. Do your landlords read your blog? if so, they can see how you really live. ; ) Was this a scheduled “inspection” for some reason you can share?

    • They come every year at this time. They live in Australia. I’m not worried if they see normal vs. “inspection ready”. They are super kind and pretty much the best owners that renters could ask for, so they know that life with a family gets messy. “Inspection ready” just means that every room is clean at the same time which is just hard to pull off in a family of 8.

  2. Kathy in Illinois says:

    I repeat- that is the cutest little girl I have ever seen!! Sweet photo!
    God bless, Kathy

  3. While it was fun having you show up in my Feedly more often, it is absolutely ok to go back to posting less often. More than anything, I appreciate that you reply to comments and answer questions. Thank you so much.

  4. I really enjoyed the organization series! Thanks for all of the helpful info!

  5. I was so impressed you blogged on both every day, but I’m very happy to have just three a week, especially if it helps you keep your sanity! I can’t imagine 3 times a day! I’m sorry if you got some negative comments, too. And I love this post when you blog like it’s 2004. 🙂

    • Ha! Thanks, Holly. Yes, I had a lot of free time on my hands back in 2008. I had postpartum obsession and wrote a lot those first couple years. Hoping to find a good balance and maybe bring some good stuff from the archives back to life.

  6. Cute picture!

    Where in the archives (either here or GCE) can I find what type of pans you use? Like bread, 13×9, etc. I’m pretty sure I saw recommendations on one of your blogs. I want to say the brand is American something????? I’m needing some new loaf pans & wants to look at whatever those were! Thanks!

  7. That picture of your daughter is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time! I was just about to send you an email as I had just finished reading your newsletter. I had to back up and read it again…the bit where you said you had received some complaints about content. I cannot imagine why??? I have been reading your blog for years and I have never felt the need to complain. I just wanted to let you know I have found your blog to be very helpful over those years and I think you are amazing. 😁

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me so! I really appreciate it. I was worried that for every vocal grumpy person there were ten quiet ones. Glad to hear that we’re good. 😉 Thank you!

      • Melanie A. says:

        I’m echoing Nicki’s comment about the complaints. How strange! I have also been reading your blog for years and you are one of the few I still read, because I get so much from your blog. Keep doing what you are doing! And fewer posts are fine with me – I hardly ever get online on the days I work, so I feel like I read about a post a day on my days off, because I am catching up on what I missed when I was working! 🙂

  8. So sweet! I enjoy both blogs and hearing from you on life. 🙂

  9. Holy smoking’, please just post whenever and whatever you want to! Thanks a million for sharing your ideas on motherhood et al… we your readers are blessed. Your family comes first though! And that photo is adorable and just so heartwarming… I have an “I can’t read”-er too… but really he can… I would fall over backwards if he wrote a note like that!

    • Ha! Yes, well, in many ways, this is a business and you are my customers. 😉 Want to keep my customers happy! Thanks for your encouragement.

      And yes, I just about fell over, too. We turned the corner and I am SO happy. Your guy will come around!

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