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The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

ino sundays (1)

Those of you who’ve been following along with my Pantry Challenge this month know that we are eating down the household. Our house has termites and will be tented sometime in the next few weeks. Apparently, you have to store your food in a special way during that tenting process so I want there to be as little as possible.

So far the freezer is about half depleted. Proteins are pretty slim as are some of our regular staples. I’m not restocking anything unless we truly can’t live without it. Things should get interesting.

One thing that I am holding on to, however, is my Sunday night trip to In-N-Out burger. We don’t eat out much as a family, particularly during a pantry challenge, but back in November or December I realized HOW MUCH IT HELPS to have a planned take-out meal on Sunday nights. Whew. Yes, ma’am. So, we start the week with burgers and fries — and a clean kitchen. Amen, hallelujah.


I haven’t been that organized in other areas of my life, however. Two weeks in, we still aren’t up to full speed when it comes to school. But on the flip side, we have worked in more socializing and more exercise. So there’s that.

I made it a goal for myself to do some kind of exercise every day. I started on Christmas Day and except for taking a break last Sunday when I wasn’t feeling well, I’ve kept to my goal! I’ve been active 22 of the last 23 days, either walking 2 miles, taking a yoga class, or following the Couch to 5K app on the treadmill. Yay!

I’ve got some issues with shin splints which a friend says will go away soon, but otherwise, I’m feeling really good.

I’ve included the kids in many of these get fit activities which has been enlightening. Earlier in the week we had a homeschool playday at the park. The park is about a mile from our house. We walked. Ha! The kids were stunned when I said we weren’t getting in the car.

coffee walk talk

We live in the burbs and there aren’t too many shopping centers or sites of interest too close to our house, not like living in Paris or anything. But, we’ve got the essentials.

This guy was a little surprised when I switched up our Lunch Lessons experience. About 18 months ago I was rotating one kid a week to take to lunch in anticipation of our trip to France and restaurant dining. Over the holidays the kids asked that we start doing it again.

I quickly realized that our budgets (both money and time) don’t ideally work for lunch out every week, so I adapted the idea. Coffee Walks are the new thing. Starbucks is about a mile away. Bwahaha! The walking mama made this guy work for his treats. He scored with a free drink coupon I had which allowed him a dessert as well. Good thing we were walking. (More on Coffee Walks and one-on-one time with kids next week!)

magic tree house

School has focused on literature and math, with lots of read alouds for the littles. FishChick7 is ALMOST an independent reader. ALMOST. Dinosaurs Before Dark was a gateway book for the other kids; they were off and reading after doing the first chapter with me.

Not so with little miss. We read the whole book together. I’d never read a Magic Tree House book before and was highly annoyed. With the lack. Of punctuation. In the proper places.

Stick needles in my eyes, why don’t you? Sheesh.

However, on the plus side, my girl loved reading with me, ran all over the house telling everyone she finished, and was ready the next day. With the next book. For us to read. Together.

Heaven help me with the punctuation! No wonder some of my kids have struggled with punctuation over the years. I heard these books were safe! Oy!


So, that’s the bulk of my week. And it’s been good. I’m looking forward to next week being better because I have a few tricks up my sleeve. If you saw Saturday’s scope, you know what I’m talking about. 😉 More on that soon….

kids on swings

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  1. I’ve been running for almost 30 years, and have had shin splints every time I’ve started up after taking a break. They will go away, but there are a couple of things that will help. “Write” the alphabet with your toes to stretch. And the best one is to crouch down with your fingertips on either side of your feet. Sort of straighten your legs as much as you can. And then tap your toes up and down (leaving your heels on the floor) 100 times. At first you don’t think that is hard at all, but as you go on towards 100 you’ll start to feel it.

    Good luck with the running! I enjoy these posts and both your blogs in general. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the tip! I googled and found some stretches and other things that should help, too.

    • I, too, have shin splints ever time I start up again. Time heals them – as well as not doing too much too soon…

      I also hate the Magic Treehouse books. We tried the audiobooks for a family trip and I couldn’t handle the: Jack said, Annie said, Jack said, Annie said boring lines. We have them in our personal library for the new readers to enjoy (one has, one hasn’t, little one is too little to tell), but I refuse to read them. Little House books are much better for that age.

  2. More thoughts on shin splints–I had this a few years ago and purchasing a really good pair of running shoes made the problem disappear, literally overnight.

  3. Definitely steer clear of the Junie B. Jones books! They are banned from our house because of the horrible grammar. My kids have loved the Magic Tree House books and it’s been worth it to build their reading skills. I do agree that the punctuation leaves something to be desired!

  4. Maya Andrews says:

    I just thought of a book recommendation for kids. My 7 year old is loving magic tree house books right and I’m happy he is reading happily. He has been getting discouraged. I read ‘Seven Day Magic’ by Edward Eager to check it for my kids. Very good. I think my 9 year old will love it. The author has at 7 more books that are similar to this one.

  5. I resisted Magic Treehouse for a while too but my girl keeps asking for them and she’s reading, so there’s that. She is getting a better sense for geography since they tend to take place in different countries. You might also want to try Dory Fantasmagory or the Princess in Black for books with a few more pictures.

  6. Good luck with the termite tenting ! It is a good idea to run down your dry food stocks.

  7. My girls both enjoyed reading the Michael Buckley, Sisters Grimm series. Well written and a fun twist on the Grimm’s fairy tales. I read them aloud to my youngest while my oldest read them on her own.

  8. I had horrible shin splints until I was fitted for shoes at a running store. I need stability shoes- they have a thicker sole at the arch. These are the ONLY shoes I can run in without getting shin splints!
    I agree that stretches help, but if you’re not properly aligned when running, you’ll still feel them.
    Way to go for being consistent!!!

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