The Wiggles Celebration Tour

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Generations of children have latched onto a special childhood character, band, or television program. The songs, games, and characters find a special place in the hearts and memories of kids.

For me, Mister Rodgers’ Neighborhood now brings tears to my eyes. It was such a special season of my life. And his songs and stories had a huge impact on my growing up years. My sisters loved watching Kids Incorporated.

The Wiggles are one such childhood presence in my kids’ experience. I’m not exactly sure how it started. We just picked up videos and DVDs from the library over the years. In recent years the entrance of cable television into our home has brought the songs of Anthony, Jeff, Murray and Greg into our environment. To be honest, I find myself dancing when their songs come on.

One of the things that I appreciate about the band is that many of the band members are students of early childhood development. While it’s rare for men in the States to follow that career path, it’s not uncommon in other countries, like Australia, the home of The Wiggles. It comforted me that the show my children were watching wasn’t merely about entertainment.

The Wiggles Celebration Tour

While half my kids have moved on from The Wiggles’ target audience, my girls and my youngest boy are still interested. When I mentioned the idea of going to a Wiggles show, they jumped at the chance.

And we’re going this summer! My kids have only been to one other live performance, so this will be interesting to see how they do. But, we’re a music family, so I can’t wait to see how the kids like the show.

Here are the details, in case you get a chance to take your kids:

After 21 years of entertaining and educating children around the globe, Red Wiggle Murray  Cook, Yellow Wiggle Greg Page and Purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt have decided to hang up their trademark colored jerseys. This year’s summer tour will be the last opportunity for families to see the Original Fab Four from Down Under perform together. Come Celebrate with Anthony, Greg, Murray, and Jeff when they bring their Celebration Tour to a city near you!

The Celebration Tour, which will correspond with the release of their new DVD and CD, “The Wiggles Big Birthday,” will honor over two decades of Wiggly singing, dancing, and performances for children and their parents.

The Wiggles are excited to bring their highly interactive, fun and educational message across the United States this summer. Stops will include: Dallas, TX; Long Island, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; and Atlanta, GA. The Wiggles are also proud to announce that they will visit Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL on August 5th for a special performance following The Tampa Bay Rays vs. The Baltimore Orioles game!

Check the website for a show near you. If you’ve got advice for taking three squirrely children, ages 3, 5, and 8, to a live performance, I’d love to hear it!

Do you have a favorite childhood character, band, or show?

Disclosure: I have complimentary passes to the Wiggles Celebration Tour. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Charlotte says

    So after reading your blog for at least 3 years today I decided to give freezer cooking a try, guess what , the POWER WENT OUT! I knew it was going to smoothly. Uggg thank God all I have left to cook/ bake is banana bread which I can do when it comes back on. I did try your lawn mower tacos though. In all I’ll have 5 casseroles and 3 banana breads. Not bad for a rainy day:)

  2. Hoop dee doo!

    Our kids would love this show so much. Thank you for sharing this info!

  3. I always thought the Wiggles would make a great workout for mommies. I tried imitating their moves on the Wags the Dog song while Ella watched…and it exhausted me. Hope you have fun!

  4. We’re gonna miss the Wiggles though they are on one of the tv channels we get. I took my now 8 year old a few years ago to see them when they were in Philly. The show was fabulous, and squirrelly kids should be okay. No dull moments.

  5. Laina E. says

    Oh, how fun!! We saw them live – the original group, before Greg left the first time – when we had only three kids and they were 6, 4, and almost 2 at that time. All of my kids had a blast and 6 years later they still remember it fondly (and it’s a perfect environment for “squirrelly”). They did fine throughout the entire performance and they really enjoyed it, though I think we (parents) loved it even more than our kids did. My only tip is to bring a rose for Dorothy and/or make a sign (my kids were disappointed that we didn’t do that, but I had no clue) because when we went years ago, the guys ran over to grab roses from audience members that had them. I’m not sure if they still do that, though. Have fun!

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