They Keep Me Laughing

I Need One
This little miss has been helping us all over the place…. unloading dishes, unloading boxes, getting into all things not for babies. One day I was unpacking my stockpile of toiletries and she found a box of pantiliners, you know the BIG pink box. Of course all 552 of them were strewn all over the floor in a matter of seconds.

Big sis, age 2 11/12ths came up and said, “Uh Oh. Baby got into that.”

“Yes, I know. I’ll pick them up in a second.”

Big sis: “I need one. I need a band-aid.”

I almost choked on my spit and I can’t wait to tell her this story when she turns 12.

When You’re a Kid
Last night I had a conversation with FishBoy 7. We were discussing making good choices and growing up and that someday he would be a papa with children of his own to teach good choices to. Collective groans from the audience.

I said, “But, being a parent with children is more fun than being a kid.” (And I truly meant it – I’m having the time of my life.)

FishBoy7 replied, “Yeah, but when you’re a kid you get to eat your mama’s yummy food.” (And he truly meant it, too. Be still, my heart.)

Garage Candy Canes
FishBoy5 reportedly told his uncles how much he was going to miss the old house. While they were packing up stuff in the garage, he recounted, “Yeah, every morning I come in here and sneak a candy cane. I sit here in the garage and eat it.”

I have NO IDEA where the candy canes came from, but apparently he enjoyed them.

My life is never boring. I am, indeed, having the time of my life.

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  1. I love it! When I was younger, our dogs once got into a package of feminine products and left a trail of them down the hallway. My little brother was mad at them for tearing up the "footpads" for our shoes!

  2. JessieLeigh says:

    Oh! What classics! Thanks for making ME laugh too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes, when my son was younger I was talking to someone in the grocery store and he went and got a box of feminine products and brought them over and asked if we needed band aids?

  4. Too funny!!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Funny! My kids keep me laughing…can't imagine life without em!

  6. Kimberly Dawn Rempel says:

    Great follow up to 'Nothing is Forever' – just enjoying every silly moment. Nice 😉

  7. halfdozendaily says:

    LOL! Yup… gotta love kids! Brutally honest! At all times! haha! Today the little boy (7) I babysit asked me how old I was… I replied, 35. He says, "ohhhh.. wow. My grandma is that old, wait, maybe not that old, maybe 30." I gently told him he must be missed a few numbers. LOL!!!!

  8. Vicki Smith Ruppert says:

    My "kids" are ages 34, 30, and almost 22 and they continue to make me laugh…at anything! I've always cherished this as they were growing up and look forward to it continuing as I get older…LOL!!! Love the stories above…

  9. That's one cute little baby! My youngest is 3, and I miss that tiny toddler stage!

  10. My 2 year-old said the same thing about the pink package of panty liners. Mommy, I need a band-aid. I cracked up laughing, but my husband laughed even harder than I did. They do say the funniest things!

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