Thieves: Pain, Fear, or Worry

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I was robbed this week. Not in the physical sense. At least not this week. But, I was robbed.

My sore hip decided to scream loud and clear that it needed more attention than just a diet. The pain, while not debilitating, was certainly distracting. And the fears and worry that accompanied it? All the moreso.

Do not visit Dr. Google lest you misdiagnose yourself with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, a tumor, or worse.

There’s no thief like fear.

You know this is true, right? When we’re hurting — either physically or emotionally — when we’re scared, when we’re worried, we tend to lose perspective. We get distracted. We’re not as focused on the things that we really need to do.

In essence, we are robbed.

We are robbed of joy, contentment, peace, efficiency, life. And it’s no fun.

Thief Fear

In the midst of my pain and stress, a friend and I texted back and forth. She spoke the truth. I knew the truth. But, in that moment I wasn’t comforted by it.

So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10

Will I trust God that He will be there, come what may? Will I trust him with my fear and worry? Will I rest, knowing that He’s got this?

I hope so. May the Lord help me, I hope so.

May you feel God’s strength and peace upholding you today.

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  1. Passages about fear abound in the Bible – which in my minds means that God is well aware that we will face fear of all sorts. I believe God wants to us to choose to turn to him with all of our thoughts – he already knows all of it. Our fear is understood and already forgiven in Jesus. As you say it is only ourselves we need to convince. I have spent many hours on many days crying on my bathroom floor (until I was sure the rug there should be replaced) pouring out EVERYTHING to God in the outrageous belief that he would hear it all and still be there. Again, and again, and (dare I say) again he has heard the worst failings, doubts and fears from me.

    I recently have been enjoying 1 Kings 19:11-13 because it talks of Elijah living through a terrible storm and then hearing God’s quiet voice afterword. It has been a good reminder to me that the peace we hope for in God is often closely tied to the chaos we experience in life. That even when we are already close to God there will be storms – and no matter how we get through the storm – he’ll be there to talk to us.

  2. Praying for you! It’s never easy when life’s journey is challenging. We have been facing a challenge of our own now for 8 months of having to stay with friends as we work to get back on our feet again. Through it all God has been faithful and in His timing we will once again have a place to call “home”…of our own!

  3. Hey there. I have five kids and have had issues with hip pain since #4 came along. Every time I have been to a physical therapist they mention how often women who have had multiple children have issues with misalignment of their pelvis which can cause pain in hips, knees, backs etc. if you haven’t already, I highly recommend going to be seen and just ask about the possibility, sometimes just having them adjust you and then helping you strengthen your core can make that pain subside. It may be something totally different but it is worth a shot if you haven’t been adjusted before. I can usually ward it off entirely by just keeping up with a few simple exercises.

    Hope it gets better soon! Prayers to you as you figure it out.

  4. I have similar fears that creap up periodically and have been struggling w/ those fears about my health this weekend; wierd how irrational they seem during the daytime, but all nite long, I’m tormented by them; I’m slowly and painstakingly learning to give those fears to God and trust Him to be with me whatever happens. Not an easy task. praying for you…

  5. I pray that the pain will go away and that whatever it is won’t be serious. And even if it is, God will be with you.

    I was diagnosed with a terminal cancer almost 5 years ago, but they were wrong. Then checked for many other cancers. Nothing. CFS and MS were next on the list…and then it was ‘merely’ celiac disease! Throughout it all God was really and truly with me and with our family. He still is now, when it’s obviously more than ‘merely’ celiac disease.

    Just hold onto that. God is with you. He is powerful. He is good. And we don’t always understand.


  6. I second going to see a physical therapist. I’ve had pain on and off in my hips since pregnancy. It is easily treatable!

  7. I find that it is difficut for me to remember God’s truth when I’m in the trenches, so to speak. I KNOW His word and I BELIEVE His word, but when I’m feeling the weight of the world I guess I just don’t think straight.