Things That Make Me Smile

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1. Sleepy-headed babies
2. Making my kids laugh
3. Listening to my husband rant at the football referee on TV
4. The ocean
5. Hummus and potato chips
6. Bedtime Stories
7. Losing weight
8. Coupon savings
9. Good friends
10. Thoughts of Jesus

I have so much to be thankful for.

What makes YOU smile?

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  1. All I could see initially was the very top of your head. I thought it was going to be an adorable picture of Fishbaby. I. Was. Surprised! YOU make me smile 🙂

  2. My eyes popped out of my head when I read #3

    3. Listening to my husband rant at the football referee on TV

    That annoys me to no end…I *think* I need to have a bit of an attitude adjustment huh?

    1.Sitting here staring at the Black Hills makes me smile.

    2. Knowing that by this evening we should be at my families house and I get to see that adorable little baby again!

    Those two jumped to mind after my eyes went back into my head.

  3. Okay, that picture made me smile & LAUGH!

    1. The deep belly laughs of my youngest when you hit his tickle spot

    2. How DS1 will give the youngest a hug & a kiss & ask if he is okay when he is hurt —-even if it's DS1's fault

    3. As much as my oldest beats the crap out of his younger brother, the youngest will still go wherever his brother goes—even in time out

    4. The sunset tonite & the cold air…winter is a'coming

  4. I try, Jess. I try. The kids thought that was hilarious. Thought some of them would be pee their pants.

    Johnlyn, what can I say? It's a novelty. I only found out that he liked football a few years ago.