This Week on URS: Salad’s On!

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I hope you had a chance to browse all the very creative birthday cakes that readers shared last week for the URS/Birthday Cake Swap. Katie’s Popcorn Cupcakes are a bit time-consuming, but particularly cute.

This week at Ultimate Recipe Swap, Salad’s On! It’s probably my favorite thing to eat, overall. Can’t wait to see what you toss up at your house. So, please bring a salad recipe to share.

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  1. AH! Salads…Trying to eat more of them this year…It was a New Year resolution, to eat healthy! So I am excited that you decided to do a salad swap. Here is my link to a few of my favorite salads

  2. Thanks for the nod! I love how the popcorn cupcakes turned out and happened to have enough spare time to do all of the little details…THIS year. 🙂