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Thank you for all the anniversary well-wishes last week. We enjoyed a great recreation of our wedding supper with the kids. So fun. I even made a pretzel-chocolate-raspberry cheesecake. Yummy!

Thanks as well to everyone who submitted romantic recipes in last week’s swap. Can’t wait for my next at-home date night to surprise my hubby with something new and delicious.

Mother’s Day innaugurates the celebration season around here. Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we have four birthdays and an anniversary. One of our family traditions is to let the Birthday Person choose a special meal. I am guessing that many of you do, too. And I wanna know what you make!

So, come by Thursday to share what special Bday Dinner you make at your house. And if you don’t make one, share what you would make if you did. Got that?

(Just between you and me, for MY birthday – May 27 – I’m hoping that I’m making reservations. Haha! Or tri-tip….)

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