This Week’s Meal Plan

Thanks to my sister, generous neighbors, and my freezer, dinners should be easy this week. I’m also hoping to get the older two doing some of the food prep. We’re into crunch time now that September is here. The new job starts Oct 1. How WILL we pull this off????

Sunday – cinnamon rolls (from a can!)
pizza (from friends)

Monday – oatmeal (from a packet)
free Chick Fil-A or sandwiches if I chicken out
pasta with Bertolli’s – yum! (Cook double pasta and make half into pasta salad)

Tuesday – eggs and toast (FishBoy cooks!)
pasta salad
Auntie Jamie’s flautas (she froze a batch for us), beans and rice

Wednesday – cereal
dinner from friends

Thursday – zucchini bread (from freezer) and smoothies
roast chicken, potatoes, steamed carrots, rolls

Friday – waffles
snacky lunch (cheese, crackers, hard boiled eggs, fruit, veg)
beans and rice, Chicken Ench. Casserole (OAMC), green salad

Saturday – pancakes
taco soup (I’m getting sick of taco soup….)
Catalan meatballs and potatoes, steamed vegetables

For more great meal planning inspiration, check out I’m An Organizing Junkie every Monday.

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  1. How will you do it? Pray, pray, pray…and then focus on one task at a time. It’s a HUGE task, but it appears that God has been orchestrating this move. He’ll help you get it done. You do have a whole pack of kids — maybe some of the older ones can help with packing. For sure, FishBoy11 should be able to help. Use it as a teaching opportunity!


  2. Yeah, I would say to my kids, “If you ever want to see it again, put it into a box, tape it up and label it. If not, a giant bulldozer will come through your room and scrape it away forever.” HaHa Whatever you do-do not visit I’m an organizing junkie till the move is over and you’re unpacked. Or watch Martha Stewart… Stay away from people like that!

  3. Excellent advice. Thank you!

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