Three Cheers for the FBA!

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As I mentioned earlier, having so many boys in succession contributes to a certain sense of camraderie and identity, male-bonding at a young age. By the time we had FishBoy4, we had coined the term FishBoys as a way to call them to attention when we were leaving church, the park, or a friend’s house. And sometime in the last year, as their understanding of all those sports initials (NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL, etc) was established, they came up with their own moniker: the FBA.

This is short for FishBoy Alliance. It’s a club of sorts. Since they all share one room, their bedroom is “headquarters.” And they have officers: president, vice president, etc. One day I heard them discussing the fact that FishBoy11 wanted to be “dictator for life.” (Can you tell we homeschool?)

Recently, as their tousling was getting a little out of hand, FishPapa and I discussed it via cell phone. He said, “I’ll have a meeting with the FBA when I get home tonight.”

Later with rootbeer mugs in hand, they headed to the basement for their super secret meeting. They may even have developed a secret handshake, I don’t know. FishChick and I were excluded from the pow-wow.

This rootbeer and conversation, in addition to FishPapa’s identifying himself as the oldest “FishBoy,” has really helped the tenor of our home. Meetings are not held just when there’s trouble, but also just for fun, like when Papa brings home a Monkey Treat. This is becoming a great way for the guys to bond, for my husband to relate to them in “manly” ways, and it offers a great avenue for discussion and problem solving. FishPapa opens the meeting with prayer and in so doing directs them to God and His sustaining grace for our family. As one who is still being grown and changed by God, it’s a great opportunity for my husband to walk alongside our little men and have compassion for their struggles.

Our little FBA. It’s a beautiful thing.

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  1. We have a girls night! I have three daughters, 8, 5 and 3 and love these nights. We pop popcorn, dance, and do each other’s hair and makeup. They love these times, we do them when dad is not home at night! They just love them.

    On a side note. I found your site through the Money Saving Mom site, another of my favorites! I just love your humor in your writing. It is such a joy to come to this site and read the funny things that happen at your house. You are such an inspiration! I love seeing the photos of your family and I thought your cow costume was sheer genious!

    Thanks again and good luck with #6!


  2. Well, thanks, JZ!

    I’m looking forward to my girls’ nights in the future. Already the FishChick has seen Pride and Prejudice with me 2 or 3 times.

  3. I’m not sure how I found your blog but I love reading your thoughts, ideas, etc about parenting, cooking, etc. This is first time I’ve commented as I’m not married nor do I have any kids. That said, I LOVED THIS POST!! I grew up with three younger brothers, hope to have lots of boys myself someday, and love working with kids. You obviously know boys and the joys they are! Thanks for sharing your talents/life on your blog.

  4. I Love Pride and Prejudice, it is my favorite movie! I even have it on my ipod and will listen to it at work while I work! I also have Sense and Sensibility and Emma on there, I love those as well.


  5. How blessed the boys are to have a Papa like that!! What great memories!!!

  6. I had (and may soon again have) a part-time job where I worked a few hours in the evening 2x a week. We only had one boy, buy he and my husband would have their “guy nights” where they ate stuff I wouldn’t cook (like steak) and did “guy stuff” that I didn’t like to do. Now we have two boys, so they will get to have a bigger guy night!