Throw a Great Birthday Party

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Birthday parties don’t need to be pint-sized gala affairs. In fact, you’d be surprised at the simple things that pack the most punch.

Budget-friendly ideas on how to throw a great birthday party | Life as MOM

It’s been awhile since I hosted a birthday party. You know, a real one, like with fifteen sugar-hyped kids and lots of cake and stress. And hours spent gluing tissue paper and solid gold painted wings on the dinosaur pinata so that it can be a dragon. And staying up till 2 am, sewing knights capes for all the kids.

Once upon a time, I went full bore on that kind of thing.

I think I’ve almost fully recovered.

It wasn’t until debt reared up uglier than a dragon that I came to my senses and realized that my kids really did not care what the pinata looked like or if the cake was baked from scratch. We didn’t have the money to pull it off in the style to which I had become accustomed.

But, my kids didn’t mind.

Kids are like that. Some things — usually the ones that most suprise us — are important. And others — those that we stress over — really aren’t.

Here are some quick and easy ideas to make birthday parties simple and fun:

What EASY party ideas have YOU got up your sleeve?

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  1. Jennifer B. says

    Hi, Jessica! Off topic…sorry! Do you have a favorite bread machine cook book? You have inspired me to use mine and I wondered which book (if you have one!) might be your favorite! Thanks! 🙂

  2. We too, have a large family, and we normally do a family party for our kids birthdays, but every kid gets a FUN party every few years. My favorite was the water fight party for my two sons (they are 4 years apart, but their birthdays a day apart). I bought two kiddie pools (that the little kids would get 3 years use out of), $20 in dollar store squirt guns and water bombs, and then invited a bunch of boys over. I did nothing but watch the fun. They battled for 2 hours, then instead of cake we had homemade ice cream chocolate chip cookie sandwiches (cheap & easy to make).

    This year my dd is turning 14 and she really wants a party, so we are looking into something fun and simple. It will be at our house. Maybe we will do a sit down dinner with her friends and then a movie? I don’t know my wheels are turning, bit one things for sure- it’s gotta be cheap and easy.

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