Tim Hawkins – Weird Al for Our Generation

Tim Hawkins is a clever comedian who takes well-known tunes and makes them “relevant for today.” Love this one!

And, yes, I think I would agree regardless of who had won the last election. The more I study the American Revolution with the kids, the more I realize the preciousness of our freedoms.

Hope you have a good laugh!

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  1. The Real Me! says:

    Leave it to Tim Hawkins to nail it on the head. Sad but true huh?

  2. That was funny! Unfortunately, so true, too. Thanks for the post. I linked it on my fb page…

  3. JessieLeigh says:

    Thanks for the smile!

  4. The Park family says:

    Just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down! I love Tim Hawkins! He is so talented being able to make his point very effectively! I love it!

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