Time for Mom: A Cup of ….

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Love cup

  • your favorite tea with honey and lemon
  • your preferred soda pop over crushed ice with a straw (Vanilla Coke, please)
  • strong, brewed coffee with lots of cream and sugar
  • freshly squeezed, organic, orange juice
  • cool water with a slice of lemon

Whatever you enjoy to drink is a good mom break. Even if you just take 20 minutes, it’s a helpful thing to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of your everyday. And if you add a little refreshment, that will help energize you physically as well.

When my husband worked union in the construction industry, the crew would take regularly scheduled breaks. For every number of hours, there was a regulated time of rest. This was instituted in order to prevent employees from being overworked.

Well, in the life of MOM, it’s hard to take a break from all that we are responsible for. You can’t clock out at the end of the day. But, you can allow yourself a little coffee/tea/water break every so often.

Find a quiet corner, put up your feet, sip a refreshing drink, and relax for a little while.
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  1. supermom says:

    You are so right that it’s important to take time for a bit of a break. As mothers we need to learn to nurture ourselves in order to be able to continue to nurture others.

  2. I found myself the other day asking my husband to watch our 2 year old for just 10 minutes so I could go into the other room and enjoy a Diet Coke without having him underfoot trying to take it away from me or grabbing my hand to drag me to play with him. It had been a long day, and that 10 minutes to just breathe and enjoy a cold drink was exactly what I needed to enjoy the remainder of my evening with my family.

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