Time for MOM: Determine Your Destination

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Most travelers who set out on a journey have a destination in mind. Yes, there are some who just pick up and head out on the highway, letting the wind and their whims guide them. And there is a place for that. But, for the most part, when people set out, they generally have an end in mind.

And so it is with Motherhood.

The life of a mom has many twists and turns. You may be cruising along, casually enjoying the open road, when you come to a crazy turn that demands your utmost concentration. While it is important to focus on the current hairpin curve, it is also essential to keep in mind the end destination, a great reminder for why you are tackling the dangerous terrain in the first place.

As I think about this new year and all the ones to follow, I realize that time is quickly slipping by. When my oldest turned 9, we came to the shocking realization that our time with him at home was close to half over. Where did the time go? My mother-in-law’s passing, realizing that our time to enjoy her is past, has been a fresh reminder to redeem the days.

I am not an expert on mission statements. I’ve never studied them or how to make them. And truth be told, I’ve rolled my eyes more than once when I hear people talk about them.

But, it makes sense to me to articulate in words, on paper, what you want to do with your Life as MOM. That is your destination, where you want to go. And knowing your destination determines your course, or at least it should. If we know the end, we can better plan the means.

My mission?

I want to be a joyful mom who is encouraging to my children, content with where God has put me, and reliable to take care of the tasks that are mine.

I am not all that today. But, that is where I want to be. And that determines how I think about next year, next week, and tomorrow.

Where do you want to go in your role as MOM? What kind of mom do you want to be?

I hope you’ll spend some time thinking about it and share your thoughts (and questions) in the comments. In the coming weeks, I’ll be talking about forming a vision for the new year, setting goals for mothering, and strategizing for the road ahead.

Part Three: This Leg of the Journey

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  1. Great topic– and such an important subject to think about…

    I want to be my children’s biggest fan, strongest advocate, and a soft place for them to fall.

    I want my children to know, without a doubt, that nothing and no one was ever more important to me than them.

    I want to be the mother my husband always wanted for his children.

    Thanks for challenging us to think about this!

  2. Kelly, thanks for the encouraging words. I am thankful for the timeliness. God knows what we need, doesn’t He?

    I hear you on “relax more and just enjoy the day and time spent with my children. I’m tired of feeling inadequate, rushed and hurried to get something done.” I am right there. I feel hurried a lot lately and am trying to see the forest for the trees. I think having our mission in mind will help clarify what we are doing, don’t you.

    Mrs. S, great goals. You are so right in seeking to have God’s eyes for our kids’ futures. Amen.

  3. I too want to slow down and enjoy my children. I desire to grow in the Lord so that I can impart these truths to them. I want my children to be a joy to not only us, but to others. And finally I want to teach them to listen to the Lord and answer His call in each of there lives, whether that be a missionary, mother, or doctor! Oh there is so much more, but this is a start!

  4. Jessica, I just love your posts. They are always so timely for me.

    I want to be more of a Mom who can relax more and just enjoy the day and time spent with my children. I’m tired of feeling inadequate, rushed and hurried to get something done.

    It seems that here lately, whenever I’m out with my children and they’re trying to be little “stinkers”, an older person will look at us and smile and tell me to enjoy them while I can because they don’t stay little forever.

    I try to remember this these days when I start to feel outnumbered by them! With my third on the way, it’s definitely not too soon to be thinking about my role as Mom.