Ways for Moms to Get More Sleep Without Drugs

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Jumping on Bed

One of the biggest things that can affect my success and failure as a mom is the amount of sleep I am getting. I can’t function at my best if I am exhausted. I am slow to respond, lackadaisical, grouchy, and plain ol’ ineffective. Lately, I’ve been burning the candle on both ends: getting up early and staying up late. And I feel sleepy all the time.

In another season I’d just be pumping the caffeine to get me through. But, being six months pregnant has limited my intake of Vanilla Coke and coffee with lots of cream and sugar. So, my only alternative – which should be my first line of defense – is to get more sleep.

You might be thinking…

But, I want to get something done while the kids are asleep.
But, my favorite show is on after the kids go to bed.
But, it’s so nice when the house is quiet.
But, you don’t know all that I need to do.

Yes, I do. I’m walking that same life. And believe me, this is an area I need to work on. So, here are some ideas I’ve brainstormed and that I’m going to try to make me a more restful mother:

  • go to sleep 15 minutes before normal bedtime
  • set a regular bedtime – getting your body clock set is important. Try not to disrupt its rhythm.
  • set the alarm clock for 15 minutes later
  • take a nap during your home’s quiet time of the day. This could be during the baby’s nap, during the last hour before the school bus pulls up, or just a quick twenty-minute cat nap while dinner cooks and the kids watch a short video.

Search for ways that you can get extra rest. Plan your days to be as efficient as possible so that you can have extra minutes for sleep.

Those bonus moments of shut-eye will benefit you in a better disposition and help you be more efficient. And the cycle will continue. Your body and your family will thank you.

How do YOU make sure you’re rested?

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  1. Oh I needed this–as you well know! 😉

    I’m thinking my problem recently has been no set bedtime.

    I like the idea of having a set bedtime and then going to bed 15 minutes before it.

    Any suggestions as to what to do when children’s needs are hampering the bedtime?

    I’d love to hear suggestions also on getting your children to go to bed at the same time every night; that’s something we’ve long struggled with. (And I’m sure half the problem is a lack of self-discipline on our part; we struggle with having a consistent evening routine.)

  2. I needed this encouragement. I am staying up late to have some quiet time with my husband and getting up early to have quiet time with the Lord and I’m that sleepy all the time person you have described. I need to find some balance and get in more sleep! Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Bedtimes IS something I have a handle on because I LOVE my sleep almost as much as chocolate!

    My children go to bed between 8:30-9 each night and we go to bed right after them (should I say crash headfirst into the pillow?)

    We have always been consistent with bedtime because we are the “early to bed type”.

    My biggest thing to make sure I don’t stay up and get my second wind is not to turn on my computer or get into any projects before bed. I know if I start something I will want to get it done. I do read in bed for a short while because I find it very relaxing.

    Having a evening routine is just as important as your morning routine. I always remind myself that the next day begins the night before. This keeps my perspective in check!

    I usually lay down for 20 minutes in the afternoon. Those 20 minutes energize me so much and prepares me for the next half of my day! I have done it for so long now that my body automatically wakes up in 20 minutes!