Time for MOM: Just Enjoy Them!

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You know you’ve felt the pull.

Since your first child was born, you’ve felt that tension between playing with the baby and getting the laundry done. Between reading a story to your littles and unloading the dishwasher. Between taking a walk in the park and paying the bills.

Whether your work is mostly at home or split between home and an outside workplace, you are faced with these kinds of decisions every day. I’ve heard it called, “the tyranny of the urgent.” The to-do list can often supercede the more important, relational aspects of our lives: our spouses and our children.

Sometimes “time for mom” is just putting aside those seemingly urgent tasks and simply enjoying the people that have made you mom in the first place.

Though I’ve got a ton of things that I should do, we’re heading to the beach for the afternoon. My kids won’t remember whether or not I got all the laundry folded on March 21st, but they may just remember our time spent walking on the beach, exploring, getting wet, and laughing.

What can you do this weekend to enjoy your family?

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  1. We took a walk to look for signs of spring and locked ourselves out of the house. Instead of getting frustrated we took the door off the hinges, got the keys and headed to get more made. The kids thought it was especially fun when we stopped for slurpies on the way 🙂

  2. What a great life outdoors at the beach you are able to have with your family…something some of us just dream of! Enjoy it, and you’re absolutely right… when your kids are away at college they won’t be commenting to their buddies how clean their house was or how white their socks were, but they’ll tell them about all the memories they had eating lunch at the beach a few times a week and how living so close to the ocean impacted their lives!! Seize those days!!

  3. good for you, and you are so right. when the weather turns nice, the house isn’t so bad b/c we aren’t home as much, but my writing is always calling. i have to put it out of my head and go to the park, the zoo, to the natural history museum and just enjoy the kids. and i end up not wanting to leave 🙂

  4. What a great reminder 🙂 We did actually spend our day cleaning yesterday, but for a good cause – some excellent friends came over for dinner, and my daughters were overjoyed. I think it made up for a few tedious hours of cleaning!

  5. Great reminder! The pull is always there and I’m working hard at letting go of the “urgent” and enjoying the moment.

  6. AJoyFilledLife, that is a classic memory!

    Jamie, those are 5 of mine and the Leonard kids.

  7. So true – about them remembering laundry vs beach.

    My mom and I were talking today about little ones and memories. She was saying how often good things are overshadowed by the bad things. Your children will forget the great time at the library if you were snappy all evening because you’re behind in the house – that sort of thing.

    Let’s have our children remember good things!