Time for Mom: Pamper Your Feet!

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One of the things that I really enjoyed about my sister’s stay in Kansas City was the pedicure she gave me. In fact, she hadn’t been off the plane for more than a few hours before she had my feet in her capable hands. (Did I mention that she is a manicurist? That ranks right up there with having a mechanic or doctor in the family, don’t ya think?)

Anyway, as she describes it, that day I looked like death. I had terrible nausea and hadn’t eaten much more than saltines and chicken broth. And yes, there was a fair degree of anxiety in my heart over when labor would start, etc. So, what a blessing for her to pamper me with a pedicure. There’s something so relaxing about having your feet massaged!

Jamie is also super creative. Not only did she take care of the basics: nails, soaking, cuticles, massage, but she also painted my toes bright pink with white polka dots, in honor of the newest FishChick.

It was great a few days later, just minutes after baby was born, to comment to the nurses, “Hey, have you seen my toes?” They were impressed. One even said, “Yes, a mechanic, a doctor, and a manicurist — that’s what you train your children to be.”

If you don’t have a manicurist for a sister, you can still get yourself some fun feet. Check out your nearest day spa or beauty salon and ask how much for a pedicure.

Or do it yourself or with a friend. Go here for directions on how to do a pedicure at home.

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog, and put it on my favorites list! Congratulations on your new baby girl….I love how you put it – to be on the other side of having a baby….there’s nothing in the world comparable to that feeling right after the baby’s born…I think I am addicted to having babies….but really, God is good. I also have that after-baby-amnesia, let’s do it again thing…


  2. I love the toes! So cute! I painted mine leopard-spotted before my son was born and they (and my ruby toe ring) were the talk of the nurses’ station. : )

  3. I had to laugh at your post about your children being manicurists when they grow up. I want mine to marry into my friend’s family. The dad is a chiropractor and the mom is a massage therapist!!!! Since I am recovering from whiplash, I’ve been thinking about it alot lately! This is off the topic, but if you ever fall in a place of business, (EVEN IF YOU FEEL FINE)ALWAYS fill out an incident report, secure any witnesses, write down the time/date for yourself. I slipped on egg in a grocery, felt fine, and three days later I felt like I was dying! Now I am having to go back to the store and ask them to pay for the therapy, x-ray etc. They are using an independent agency to investigate, searching on video surveillance tapes for the fall, asking me to fill out forms etc etc etc. I always thought I would know if I was hurt. Not so! Classic whiplash presents 2-3 days later! The sooner it presents the worse off it is, though, so I am fortunate it was not worse.