Time for Mom: A Road Map for 2009

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If you’ve read more than three blogs this past week, you’ve for sure landed on some posts that talk about setting goals or making resolutions for the New Year. It seems that everyone, including me, loves this opportunity for a fresh start.

By the time December arrives, the year has become messy and cluttered. Oh! How I love a fresh start! I look forward to New Year’s for the very reason of getting a “Do Over.” I spend this time each year to put my thoughts in order, create some goals, and map out how those goals will be achieved in the New Year.

My overarching theme for 2009 is to pursue LESS: I want less mess, less waste, less chaos.

In a world that is inundated by excess, I want to simplify our lives and have less things to worry about.

Of course, I’d like more money, more time with my family, and more good things. But, sometimes, less of some things results in more of others.

Example: If we keep only the toys the kids really like and organize them better, they will be easier to put away. If my kids know I will make them cleanup, they will do their work in a timely fashion, which means we will have more time to play and go do fun things.

Less toys – chaos – mess = more time to enjoy good stuff.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time today to sit and reflect, grab a sheet of paper and just jot down the first things that come to your mind. Putting things on paper often helps us to think through them and see them in a new way.

How do you want to grow and change in the new year? Tell us in the comments.

Related: To help you think about things, Simple Mom has some great questions for reflecting on the past year as well as planning goals for the new one. I highly recommend printing out her pdfs and spending some time over the next week or so to reflect and anticipate.

Part two: Determine Your Destination

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  1. i love your tag line up top about having a nanny, etc. i would like to add to that list: a wife! wouldn’t it be great to have a wife who would do all those things rolled into one and then go home for the night? hmmmmm.

  2. The latter half of 2008 has led us to a year of being able to spend more family time together. After much prayer and leaving it at His feet, God provided an opportunity for my husband to work closer to home. That, in turn, has provided a summer home for daddy! He knew this was just what our family needed to grow to it’s fullest potential! He is Awesome!! I look forward to this year and all of what He has in store for us!

  3. Fishmama-do you have any ideas on how to help your kids part with the less played with toys? Your example hit home with me, but I find my kids have trouble parting with stuff when we get down to decision time.They take after me in this behavior! For me, 2009 is going to be the year I keep a weekly dinner plan and a weekly cleaning plan so we can invite friends over more often.

  4. I love your goal of less…it is very attractive to me. It is hard to know where to start, as I am a pack rat, and also tend to pack to much into my schedule.

    In theory, I know less is more–it’s putting it into practice that I’m going to be working on:-)

  5. I’m trying to focus on less this year. We moved into a small apartment which has helped us get rid of things, and I am much more aware of exactly what we have space for (or don’t have space for.)
    The kids stuff is hard, though. They have very generous grandparents, aunts, etc. We did clean out the toy box and get rid of about 4 grocery size bags of things. I found that if we do it together they are more willing to part with their possessions. I tell them how much space they have, and we start with their favorite things, and go from there.
    I do plan on getting rid of more stuffed animals when no one is looking, though!