Time for MOM: Spend Your Time Wisely

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(This conversation about becoming a woman you can count on started here.)

In my efforts to grow as a wife and as a mother, I desire to manage my time better. As I mentioned last week, I feel woefully swamped. There are NOT enough hours in my day to do all that I want to, have to, need to do. So, I have to prioritize.

And I have to spend my time wisely. I’m going to be taking the next several weeks talking about time management strategies. I certainly don’t have it all figured out, else I would not be woefully swamped. So, I count on input from you ladies to help me solve the mystery of good time management. Here are some questions we’re going to explore over the next month.

1. What’s your plan? How do you plan all that you need to do?
2. How do you streamline or simplify your tasks so that they take less time?
3. What do you do when you can’t do it?

If you’ve got a post that addresses any or all of these questions, please send me the link to that post ([email protected]). I’ll select some of the best ones to share when we talk about each question.

For today, I wanted to pose this two-part question:

a. What part of time management are you strong in?

Are you good at waking early? Getting dinner on time? Leaving for appointments early? Think about your strengths and right them down – at least three! I may feel like a failure somedays, but that can’t always be true – for me or for you. So, think about what you’re good at in this area.

b. Where can you grow in this area?

Don’t sigh. Don’t even think of more than three! (I know you’re tempted to – so am I.) But, write three down. Do you oversleep? Stay up too late? Are you and your kids always late for events?

Now that you know where you’re strong and where you’re weak, thank God that He is God and you are not. Thank Him for those areas where you are strong. And thank Him for where you are weak because it shows you (or it should) how very much you need Him. Pray about these areas this week. Ask for wisdom and come back next week so we can tackle this problem together.

PS. Feel free to share your strengths and weaknesses in the comments section!

Part Eleven: What’s Your Plan?

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  1. FishMama,
    I had to smile this evening when I read your post as I had just personally written on the topic a few hours earlier to encourage some friends. Great minds think alike! It’s an excellent topic and one I know I can certainly grow wiser in. Thanks for encouraging other mommas the way that you do!

  2. Just last night I did a post on balance. I don’t micromanage the details of my life so much. I just do things as they need to be done , WHEN they need to be done.

  3. Great post!I have recently found myself, since I started blogging, just swamped. There is so much to do and figure out. But I’m absolutely having the time of my life!
    I make lots of lists to keep on track.
    I have 3 boys and I think my strength is running them everywhere they need to go and keeping it all straight.
    But I struggle with time for myself.

  4. I am pretty good about getting an early start on my day. I’m not afraid to say that I’m great at planning healthy and delicious meals and getting them on the table each night – and having it ready when my hubby walks in the door or shortly after. I am good at keeping my kitchen clean (though hubby does help).

    Even though I get an early start on my day, I waste a lot of time. I don’t know where it goes sometimes. I’m horrible at getting the laundry put away.

    I find I’m best organized and make the most use of my time when I sit down and make goals for each day of what I need to get done, marking off things as I accomplish them.

  5. a plan? what’s that? actually, i overplan and then don’t follow through. i made a meticulous Mother’s Rule of Life (it’s a book) plan (hour by hour), but with a baby constantly in the house, it didn’t happen. i do lesson plans, but we sorda wing it otherwise. i just did the ebook The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Life, so you know MY philosophy! and i try to realize the kids (and even my writing, which is for posterity and money to do fun things with the kids) are more important than the house.

    hey, come by my blog tomorrow for a chance to win a signed copy of Writer Mama

  6. Hmmm…I am very good at getting 8 little bodies dressed and in the car to go somewhere.
    I am also always on time wherever we have to be.
    I am good at having all the kids around the table doing school, and answering all their questions without losing my mind(usually).
    On the not so good side, I stay up too late, and have truble getting up in the morning.
    I don’t have a plan for the day…we just kinda fly by the seat of my pants. NOT GOOD.
    It really is hard to stop with just a couple things! I can think of so many areas where I need improvement.

  7. Oh, time-management…something that I struggle with too!! I read a friend’s post the other day that was helpful. http://www.hearthmanagement.com/2009/03/time-management-using-eternity-as-my.html

    Speaking of time-management…make sure to enter for the Beautiful Life Management Planner here: http://beautifulcalling.blogspot.com/2009/03/win-beautiful-life-management-system.html

    And I can’t wait to follow along with you on this! I am so thankful to have found your blog through biblical womanhood. It has been such a blessing in the short time I’ve been reading!

  8. This is something I’m focusing on this year as well. For me what work bests to keep me from feeling overwhelmed is constantly evaluating and prioritizing what’s on my plate. Here is one of the posts I’ve written on the subject:

    I’m usually good at getting up early, scheduling family time in the evenings, and saying no when I don’t have time for something. I am generally running late, stay up too late at nights, and have a tendency to neglect “me time”.

    Great topic!

  9. I really love your blog! I came here from Money Saving Mom and I have added you to my blog roll, so I plan on staying around.
    I’d like to think that my strengths are in planning and trying to stay a step ahead of my kids and my husband. This isn’t always the case, but for the most part I try to aim for this as it makes most everything else run smoothly.
    My weakness is getting up early. I am usually out of bed by 7:30 and I need to get my oldest to school by 8:30. I am afraid if I wake up before then the kids will just be up and my quiet time will disappear! I’d like to train them to play quietly in their rooms when they get up. I used to do that, but I have really gotten away from it.
    I also try to do things together such as:clean the sink and toilet in the bathroom when my kids age 6 and 3 are in the bathtub, or retun a phone call while I am organizing my coupons.
    I have a post that I did recently that somewhat fits this topic. I will email you the link and you may use it if you’d like.
    Thanks again for the blog!

  10. I’m a “lister” as I call myself. I have lists for everything, so I don’t forget anything. I plan out my day the night before with times and I try to stay as close to these times throughout my day so I can stick to a schedule. Sometimes I do, other days it doesn’t run as planned…so is life! Also…the best tip I can share with anyone with children… pack your things (diaper bag, purse, and car) the night before. I always pack my van with the diaper bag (which I’ve replenished/packed already) and things I’ll need for that next day (purse, stroller, blanket, coats, hats, bookbags, things to be returned, etc) so I’m not running around forgetting things the next morning. So after everyone is ready I can just grab the kids, put them in the car and pull out of the garage and I’m on my way knowing I didn’t forget anything.

  11. My strengths would be getting up early, being motivated by lists, and almost always arriving early to places we need to go. As for weaknesses, I tend to procrastinate doing chores I don’t like (i.e. laundry, housework), stressing majorly over not accomplishing something that was on my list for the day and sometimes putting the goal of completing househould tasks above slowing down and spending time with my girls. I look forward to reading more in this series!

  12. Thanks for the great ideas, links, and emails (lifeasmom at sbcglobal dot net). I’ll be sifting, sorting and summarizing in the coming weeks. Looking forward to all your tips and tricks. Keep ’em coming.