Time for MOM: Your Turn to Chime In!

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It’s now been two months since I started talking about making a road map for the year in my Life as MOM. Where has the time gone?

I know that some of my readers have been thinking, praying, and planning about how they want to grow in the coming months. I wanted to give YOU the opportunity to share it with us. If you’ve blogged about any of these posts and where your thoughts went as result, please leave the link here. Feel free to write the post now and bring your link back. If you don’t have a blog, just share in the comments section

How do you want to grow? What road are you on? Where are you going? How will you get there? What do you struggle with? How can we fellow moms encourage you in your LIFE AS MOM?

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  1. well, i want to keep writing b/c i truly enjoy it. i want to help my son learn to enjoy math. i struggle with routine and a messy house. my fellow moms are great in encouraging me by bringing chocolate and watching my kids while i take a shower every now and then! AND i wanna look great in my maternity swimsuit this summer … haha!

  2. oh, and i struggle with being a good influence. i cuss too much and pray about it daily … is that crazy?

  3. Want to keep working on knowing God’s love b/c it’s patient, and kind. I get so short-tempered sometimes, and though I think God is growing me in this, it’s been something I’ve been praying/struggling with for years. I also want to keep growing in the kitchen… okay, not on my waistline much more than I am (if I can help it–due any now though!) but as a cook, meal planner, chore director kind of thing. Just had absolutely no exposure to pots and pans before I got married, and have a long way to “grow” in this area too. (Especially on a tight budget!) But also, you’ve encouraged me much in this, and I love trying your recipes and seeing what y’all are having for the week. Thanks for all that you take time to post!