Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping

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Time keeps on slipping into the future. How can we enjoy the today before it becomes yesterday?

santa barbara zoo 2003

Cue the Steve Miller song….

A friend told me that on the occasion of her 14th wedding anniversary, she and her husband have been quite introspective. They’re younger than we are. I told her we get quite introspective, but that’s because we’re old.

FishPapa is 50. I am 41. Our kids are 16, 12, 11, 9, 6, 4.

Now that my last toddler is grown and approaching kindergarten this fall, I find that I’m able to catch my breath. I was pregnant, nursing, or chasing toddlers for a long time. My tenure as a “mother of preschoolers” ends this summer. It’s a little bittersweet.

For quite some time, I’ve felt like that little old lady in the grocery store who says, “Enjoy it while it lasts. They grow before you know it.”

They’ll be grown before you know it.

That picture of me and the first FishBoys was taken in 2003 when I had good skin and a thinner waist. Ten years has gone by in the blink of an eye. A blink.

baby covered in something

Another younger friend claims that I just don’t remember how hard it is to have babies and little ones. We agreed that maybe I have amnesia.

At least I think I agreed.

I admit; I am not sure if that baby is covered in lotion, yogurt, or sour cream. Without the picture, I kind of forget about those moments.


Today has me so consumed with tomorrow’s worries, that I forget. And I’m sure it’s been like that for at least ten years. I’m so busy thinking about what I need to do for tomorrow or even tonight, that I don’t really remember the struggles or problems of before.

To be honest, the pictures sometimes make me cry because I know that I wasn’t enjoying it.

I know that there were years that were an absolute whirlwind of activity: busy toddlers getting into all kinds of messes, diapers to change, and children to help, scold, cajole, and cuddle. Those years were also peppered with miscarriages, cross-country moves, friends who weren’t really friends, a parent dying of cancer, bad investments, and debt.

parked for a nursing break in the dessert

Was it parenthood that made Life so hard? Or just Life?

I do know that time keeps passing. When my husband turns 65, our “baby” will be 20 years old. There’s no stopping that from happening. In fact, hubs has often commented that he’s already “nostalgic for today”. We know how quickly today will be ten years ago.

We talked about it at date night this week. He said, “So, what are the important things that we don’t want to miss?” We discussed plans for the next few years, regular activities we want to work into the week, ways we want to spend time as a family.

Now that I think about though, a better question, at least for me is this:

How can I enjoy today before it becomes yesterday?

Got any tricks? I’d love to hear them.

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  1. I totally understand you and feel the same about several pictures: I was not enjoying the moment as I should have because I was caught in busyness of the moment ir just wanting things to get easier. But they never get easy, the parenting challenges changes every season of our kid’s life…and we should enjoy it the most!!! I am preaching to myself! We have to focus and look the big picture and find ways to make it easier or more enjoyable. They’re growing and maturing in our noses and that is hood and healthy and we are part of it. We have to enjoy. Growing hurts…but is a pain that I am willing to “suffer” while they are here with me…after is too late. Parenting is the best thing and also an experience of mixed feelings! Wow! What a roller coaster!

  2. My youngest is 3 years and 3 months. For the longest time, I just wanted kids who slept through the night. Now, I cuddle with my little ones as long as they will let me because I know sometime soon, they won’t let me cuddle with them anymore. It’s hard watching the smallest one grow up.

  3. It seems to be a continuous journey with good days and rough ones… but I have noticed that when I am able to quiet my mind in prayer or moment by moment awareness – noticing the little things and my inside responses to them, then the joy is a little more.

    Also, A wise mentor once reminded me that people come to my home to visit ME and my FAMILY not my house, so imperfection in tidiness (and even a little uncleanliness like undone dishes) is not worth getting irritable with my kids and husband about. Sigh. Not that this all is easy. (Smiles)

  4. I agree with Tanya- quiet my mind through prayers helps if I can find that time. But we have found camping has given us family time. It frees us from the busy life of cell phones, computers, etc. plus I find that the beauty of nature quiets my mind, allows be to see the wonders of this world And wonders in my children. Thank you for your blog!