Time Saving Tip: Do Some Freezer Cooking

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Want to cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen? Freezer Cooking can help you do that!

Time Saving Tip: Do Some Freezer Cooking

My parents came for the weekend. It was a really nice visit. What was especially nice was to be able to pull out a week’s worth of meals to send home with them. My dad and mom are doing a Whole 30 right now. Mom mentioned that she was going to have a busy week and wasn’t sure how to keep Dad eating all the right stuff.

I find it really sweet that she still cooks for him even though he’s the retired one. Ha! Anyway, what fun it was to pull out meat sauce, taco meat, meatballs, and marinated and cooked chicken to send home with them. Since I packaged the meals for our family, those meals will go pretty far at their house.

And all the time Mom will save this week?

Oh yes, Daughter of the Year Award! Awesome!

If you want to save time at dinner time or want to make it easier to help others, filling your freezer is a great option.

The Freezer Is The Most Important Part of My Kitchen

Do you love your freezer? I do. In fact, I’d say it is the most important part of my kitchen. Head over to The Kitchn to find out why. I’m posting over there all month on various facets of freezer cooking. I hope you’ll join us for The Freezer Cute.

What Can You Freeze?

Freezer meals have changed over time. Now they are diverse and versatile and super easy to make. Wondering what you can freeze? Here’s a great list (plus recipe links!) for different things you can freeze. Chances are that family-favorite recipe can be frozen ahead in some way. I’m happy to help you figure it out.

Time Saving Tip: Do Some Freezer Cooking


Freezer Cooking Tips for Success

Freezer cooking takes planning and preparation. Without those, you just might have a disaster on your hands. Check out these tips for a successful day of freezer cooking.

Free Freezer Meal Plans

Need some guidance in prepping freezer meals? Check out this selection of FREE printable Freezer Cooking Plans. From breakfasts to desserts, I’ve got plans to help you stock your freezer well.

Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook

My book, Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook is designed to be your one-stop shop for all things freezer cooking. Loaded with over 200 freezer-friendly recipes, it also provides the know-how to make bulk cooking successful for any family, household, lifestyle, or budget.

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  1. How kind of you to give your parents so much food. I also love it when my parents come over for dinner and I can send them home with leftovers.

  2. No joke, sharing food with my “elders” has been a new-found blessing… even just giving my mother-in-law a loaf of banana bread when she takes care of my children is helpful for her. She doesn’t enjoy cooking for two, plus it lets her know that her (free!) childcare is appreciated.

    And… in your photo — what a great idea to use those cloth bags in the freezer! I would never have thought of that but I’m going to be doing that the next time I rearrange my freezer.

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