To Be More Joyful: Take a Time Out

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I’m on a quest to be a more joyful mom. And while I am not one who counts the days to “get away” from her children, I do appreciate a few moments that are little quieter, a little simpler, a little more restful than the go-go-go that my regular days hold.

Over the years, I’ve found seven ways to take a time out that help me unwind and help to reenergize me for the next thing. I’ve written about them extensively before, so let me point you to them once again. Choose one, two, or seven and figure out a way to start implementing them into your life.

I think you will find that second wind we all need on this road to Joyful Motherhood.

Which time out sounds most appealing to you in your current stage of life?

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  1. I am all about the pedicure! Amazing what an hour away, sitting in a chair reading magazines is the best! I also do a mom’s night out with a neighbor once every couple of months, dinner and a movie with lots of conversation!

  2. I have a 21-month-old daughter who keeps me on my toes and am 7 1/2 months pregnant. The Mother’s Morning Out sounds WONDERFUL to me, and I actually think my hubby might go for it. I will definitely be asking!!!

  3. I agree, it is very important to remember that mom’s need some time also. When my kids were younger, I worked in a daycare as the preschool teacher. Needless to say, I took my girls with me to work, never getting a break. My husband’s job had him gone all of the time. When he came home, he was tired and didn’t want to take the kids so that I could get a break. I was so tired and worn out all of the time, plus frustrated. He was convinced that I was depressed, but all I really needed was a Mom’ time out.

    Having never had a pedicure, I think that is what I would love to try off all the things listed. That would feel so great I am sure.

  4. Oh-so-important. What other “job” in the world has no sick days, vacation days, days off, lunch hours, or breaks? Now that my children are older, it’s much less exhausting, but I remember spending a lot of time at the breaking point…

    My favorite “time out” is definitely the pedicure. The hour getting it is luxurious, but beyond that is a good three weeks of pretty feet. Each time I look down, a spunky little reminder of being a “woman” as well as “mom.”