To Do or To Die

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to do list

I mentioned before that successful home management is organizing your responsibilities in a way that

  • fits your family’s needs and personalities
  • most blesses your family and those around you
  • and ultimately brings glory to God

One of the best ways to organize these responsibilities is to have a daily to-do list. For some just a simple list on a scrap piece of paper is enough. Others love their planners and are adept at using them. Some of you are able to maintain a list in your head! (But I think you are a small minority.)

However you make your to-do list, I think it’s important to have one. There are so many things to do in a given day, that it’s helpful to keep track of them. Free up space in your mind, so that you can move on in life. It’s not life or death, but you may get buried under too many tasks if you don’t have a way to get them in order.

That said, please don’t become a slave to your to-do list. We can get so task-oriented that we forget to stop and hug a child, read a story to a little one, go ride bikes, throw a ball. Let your to-do list be your slave, helping you with the things that you need to accomplish.

I am a geek (in case you hadn’t figured that out) and have my to-do list in my computer. I don’t want to recreate the wheel every day. Every Monday is pretty much like other Mondays, so I have a list for Mondays. I have a list for Tuesdays, etc. If you really want confirmation of the nerd that I am and you need a good laugh, OR you want fabulous inspiration for creating a list of your own, you can check out mine here.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to share. Posts like this are so inspiring and helpful to me!

    So, do you have your household chores divided up by days? I’d love to hear more how you break this down.

    And you mentioned LAUNDRY on your list… I keep forgetting to ask you how you tame this beast. Any time you need a post idea, I’m waiting in line to hear your wise words and sage advice on climbing Mt. Neverest–one of my most difficult homemaking challenges.

  2. LOVING your to do list! I may have to start one on my PC…I’m a “list in my head” person, but my husband feels really neglected when I forget something he’s asked me to do, then I feel horrible. And I’m on my PC throughout the day, so that just might work!

    Also, just in case Crystal reads these comments, I seem to be the only person I know who has a handle on my laundry situation. I don’t get buried in laundry. First, I have hampers in everyone’s rooms. Every day or two, I gather the dirty clothes and bring them downstairs tp sort them into either the “dark” hamper or the “light” hamper. Turning socks rightside in, emptying pockets, spot treating stains, etc.

    I remember being really overwhelmed when my first baby was born; everything was so soiled that I did laundry daily…whites one day, darks the next, etc. That worked really well until both of my babies turned 1. Now that I don’t have burp clothes and blow out diapers, I do laundry each Wed and Saturday: 2-3 loads each time. I only have 4 people in my house, so there’s not as much to wash as other moms, but if you have more kids, I’m a firm believer in doing a load daily.

    My other suggestion is to start a load before breakfast to get it going first thing and then fold as soon as everything is dry, no exceptions, then it won’t pile up and seem so daunting. Also, MUCH less wrinkles when it’s folded warm. By noon, everything’s folded, so as I go upstairs throughout the afternoon, I always bring one person’s “pile” with me and put them away in their room.

    Laundry is truly the least cumbersome task I have and many of my friends have come to a “happy place” with their laundry by doing what I do. 🙂 Hope that’s helpful to someone out there!