Toolin’ Up Tuesday: Cylindrical Ice Cream Scoop

Many months ago I was overcome by homesickness. I was in the midst of planning a trip to see my sister and her new baby, and I keep thinking of foods that I had eaten often(and loved) as a kid.

Basically I was homesick for food – Southern California food. And believe me, I planned an eating tour, the likes of which you’ve never seen!

(I’ve told you I was a glutton.)

Unfortunately, I never made my trip because I got a wicked flu that knocked me out for five days. Little did I know back in February that I’d be hitting the Western trail before summer had a chance to turn into Fall.

In the meantime, thanks to the internet, I’ve discovered some California classics, including my featured tool of the week: the cylindrical-shaped ice cream scoop!

When I was growing up, it was a simpler time. No hand-mixed on a marble slab ice cream for us. No sir! We bought cones from Thrifty’s for a dime! One of the things that made a Thrifty’s cone unique was the cylindrical shape of the ice cream. It fit perfectly, perched inside the rim of a cheap wafer cone.

Until this past winter, I didn’t know that Thrifty’s (now Rite Aid) had kept their ice cream counter. And you can buy their scoop! It sells on ebay for $100. FishPapa restrained me from getting one, telling me that Dave would not approve. No joke! FishMama would not approve either.

But, a little internet research showed me that Cuispro now has a similar tool, the Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Scoop. My friend Shari bought me one for my birthday this Spring. It is very cool! I can walk down Memory Lane anytime I want now.

While it may not “make my job easier” as a MOM, I sure do like it.

What’s a tool you love? What’s a tool that helps you do your job better? It can be anything that positively effects your performance as a MOM. Please share it with us.

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2. Share your idea in the comments section.

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  1. That looks really neat. Thanks.

  2. sockiepuppetsmom says:

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE Thrifty’s ice cream!! I’m from Northern CA and was able to go back this past spring and eat at all of my fave restaurants, YUM! My favorite flavor is Chocolate Malted Crunch, I must have eaten gallons of it with my first baby. Thanks for the trip down memory lane:) My favorite tool is my cookie scoops from Pampered Chef.

  3. I love the scoop! That’s very cool. This summer we started going to Rite-Aid for family outings to get ice cream. The ice cream still has the Thrifty name although it’s no longer 10 cents. Now it’s $1.19 for a single scoop. But, you can buy “half-gallons” of it for $2.50 on sale pretty frequently. I just love it in a cake cone.

  4. I often ask my husband if we can fly to San Diego, just to eat. He doesn’t get it!!!!

  5. Haha. . my husband and I were reminiscing a while back about Thrifty’s cylindrical ice cream cone. He also wanted to get the scooper and I was the one who said with an emphatic NO. $100??? You’re kidding me?

    I used to walk to Thrifty’s to get ice cream cones. Yeah, what memories.


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