Toolin’ Up Tuesday: The Baby Edition

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In honor of my big, big belly, this week’s T.U.T. is Everything Baby. What is a baby “tool” that you can’t/couldn’t live without?

For me, breastfeeding has been a wonderful experience. All five children have been exclusively breastfed, and it has been great. Once I get over the bite-your-lip pain of the first six weeks or so.

And as such, I have really enjoyed My Breast Friend. With my first four children I used a Boppy. I like the Boppy. But, I love My Breast Friend. It is a nursing pillow that stays really snug and secure around your body so that you can rest your arms and just let the baby nurse. There are so many things to juggle in nursing, that to have the baby elevated to the right height without too much muscle on my part is a definite blessing. I am very thankful for the friend who has loaned me My Breast Friend for these last two babies. I wouldn’t want to do without it.

What’s a baby thing/tool/gadget that you have really enjoyed?

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  1. I always loved having a sling! I once had to fly on an airplane with my new baby and my toddler–yikes! But, I found I was able to nurse the baby with privacy, then let the baby just sleep there in his cozy pea pod, while my hands were freed up to tend to my 2yr old and eat my airplane pretzels.

  2. I love Tooling Up Tuesday but my mind is far from baby stuff. My youngest is 6. So it has been a while since I focused on baby stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lynn, you’re sweet. Thanks for being willing to play. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I loved my slings with both of mine and my battery powered swing for those days when I needed to get something accomplished and dd had other ideas! Also one of my number ones would have to be my Directv (for those late nights when baby refuses to go back to sleep, it kept us company and even helped to keep my sanity!)

  5. I shared two tools on my blog- my favorite sling and the Bumbo seat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Anna Christensen says:

    Though I began motherhood quite determined to never use a noise machine, it has become one of my favorite “baby tools”.

    I wanted to train my baby to sleep through loud noises, but after 10 months she still woke up when you walked down the hall! So, her grandma gave me a noise machine and it’s been great. More sleep for her and more sleep for me made for a much happier time the next day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi! I loved using the Baby Bjorn bibs for toddlers! They are a soft plastic that can go through the dishwasher (if they’re really dirty) or just rinsed off (if they’re not). No more stinky, gross, cloth bibs laying all over the kitchen or laundry pile! I had four kids using these at once one child was old enough not to make a huge mess) so they each had their own color. You can get them online for about $7. I also loved the “ultimate crib sheet”-several things in one (mattress pad, liner, sheet)that snaps around your slats on the crib (for easy changing in the middle of the night!)-cost about $18. That’s all. Apparently, since I last had babies (almost 5 years ago:(, boo hoo), they have come out with some really cool, handy things. Like the baby wrap that velcros to keep your infant swaddled (why didn’t I think of this?! A little velcro solves a lot of problems!)

  8. Man, it’s hard to narrow it down. The first thing that came to mind is my Baby Bjorn front carrier. It was given to me as a hand-me-down. My second child is 11 months old and I still use it. It is especially helpful in the airport since neither of my kids will tolerate being in the stroller! It keeps my hands free to keep track of my 2-year old!

    I also love love love my pack n play! Those things are awesome! I actually have two of them. They are so handy to grab and go to Grandma’s house at naptime or to take with you on vacation. Both of mine are second hand, but I think they would be worth every penny brand new, too!

  9. JessieLeigh says:

    Gosh, so many great things mentioned here in the comments! I loved my sling with my little bitty girl, but not so much with my super giant boy. : ) And we LOVED the swing… but if we ever have another one, I’m investing in that new Fisher Price swing that you can plug in– how great would THAT be?? We have enough Daddy gadgets eating batteries in this house…

  10. My baby wearing devices.

  11. Homeschool Hollow says:

    I missed your Tuesday edition of this, but wanted to let you know my contribution can be found at:

    I’m logged into my other blog right now, but the url for my post is the above.

    Enjoyed your post and the rest of your blog!

    Have a blessed day!

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