Toolin’ Up Tuesday: Cordless Optical Mouse

My husband tried for several weeks to convince me to buy this tool. I resisted. Oh, it’s not worth the money. I can use the laptop mouse just fine. Finally, he found a really good rebate and just went ahead and bought me one. Well, I’m convinced. This is pretty cool.

While a cordless mouse is certainly not a necessity, it sure has come in handy. When I’m working on the computer, it serves its obvious purpose; it’s simply easier than those funky laptop controls. For date night movies, we usually set up a laptop in our room and watch the movie, cuddled in bed. This mouse serves as our remote. Very nice not to move from my little cocoon.

And if you’re a nursing mom and still want to surf – this is a great tool. I often need to use both hands to help my babies nurse, particularly when they are small. With the cordless mouse, I can place it on the nursing pillow and use the same arm to support the baby as well as click. Talk about your multi-tasking!

What about you? What tool makes your life easier? It’s okay if it’s a luxury item. No one said these tools are necessary to life. They just help.

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2. Share your idea in the comments section.

PS – This may be the last Toolin’ Up Tuesday for awhile, so if you’re itching to share your idea, do it today!

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  1. I finally thought of one. We get terrible reception at our house and we refuse to buy an antenna (ok so we bought some cheap that never worked) or get cable.

    Then my husband started working part-time at Best Buy and he found this little gadget. It is made by Pinnacle and is called PC to TV. It plugs into a USB port and receives about 20 channels, some in HD. Then we bought a very inexpensive cord that hooks from out laptop into the TV and viola! a TV with channels again that actually gets good reception. I still really limit our watching, but now we have QUBO and I can watch the weather or the very slanted news if I want.

    It is a little pricey (without an employee discount LOL) so keep an eye out for it going on sale.

  2. We have one of these and love it.

  3. ZimmsZoo, you may have saved me from venturing into the world of cable! Thank you! We have a digital converter box, but there is no signal here, backed up to the mountain. And my guys are going through football withdrawals. (I confess I miss qubo as well.) Maybe this will work for us, too.

  4. A little tip: take the dealy out of the back of the computer when not in use. Mine has been bent too many times…I’ve gone through 4 mouses, mice, meese?

    Where did he get the rebate?

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