Toolin’ Up Tuesday: Double Stroller

At the Fish House, tools are defined as anything that helps you do your job better. Early in our marriage, FishPapa asserted this fact. As a contractor’s wife, I needed to understand the benefit that quality tools would make toward our livelihood — in both dollars and sense.

(No, this was not clever manuevering on my husband’s part to buy as many saws as he wanted. He is very careful with his tools and that care ensures that his equipment lasts a long time. But I digress….)

Anyway, he was also clear that my job as a school teacher necessitated certain tools. He insisted that we allow a large clothing allowance in my “tool budget.” Today, though I don’t need lots of fancy clothes, he is always encouraging about making sure I have what I need to make my job easier. As our budget allows, we invest in “tools” that will benefit our family.

One of the items that we added several years ago was a double stroller. We were transitioning from “man on man defence” (2 kids) to “zone defence” (3 kids). I had thought that I could get by making my toddler walk while the baby rode in the single stroller.

Au contraire!

About two weeks of schlepping one kid in one arm and trying to push the other in the stroller, while keeping an eye on my 5 year old convinced me of our desperate need for a double stroller. Now, six years later, we continue to put this baby to great use. It is well worth all the pennies we spent on it. So, if you’ve got a couple little ones, I highly recommend scouring garage sales, thrift stores, Craigslist, or Amazon for a double stroller.

What makes your life as MOM easier? It can be anything! Share it on your blog, link to LifeasMOM, and then come back and leave the link to your specific post here in Mr. Linky so we can all benefit from your experience. If you don’t have the time or the blog to write a post, share your idea in the comments section.

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  1. We had a double stroller when my kids were little and then we passed it on to someone who needed it. I used to say it was like pushing a bus around. But I loved having it. When you have a baby and a toddler it makes life much easier. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Our double stroller is awesome, and it does feel like pushing a limo in front of you, but it makes times like going to the zoo way more fun. My friend recently told me they thought their kids would just walk around the zoo since they were just past toddler age, but their kids ended up having a very difficult time from having tired legs and feet with those hours of walking–what a bummer! Especially when all you want to do at the zoo is make good memories and have fun! We found our first one at a consignment store for $40–there are a lot out there that get barely used I think. When we ran that one to the ground, we found a deal on the internet.

  3. Mine would have to be our wagon (gotten from a garage sale when ds was 1yr old he is now 7 yrs and we still use it!) I used it alot when they were little for walks, etc. we use it now for resting little feet (even though ds is 7yrs and dd is 4yrs they still get tired!) carrying the cooler, jackets, etc when we go to the amusement park, zoo or flea markets (it is much easier to pull or push the wagon through dirt and sand than our stroller ever was!)
    The other tool we recently got was our laptop (we homeschool online) and now we can take school on the road much more easily (esp with all the free wifi spots now). Now ds and dd do not have an excuse to not get their work done (of course neither does mommy!)

  4. JessieLeigh says:

    Oh the beauty of the double stroller! We were so blessed to “inherit” my sister’s. When my second child arrived not 11 months after my first (she was born almost 4 months early…), I truly don’t believe I could have managed without the double. My older child did not yet walk and my newborn came home on oxygen and a feeding tube. Thanks to our double stroller, I could get both kids from point A to point B when needed… which was a LOT with all those follow-up doctor’s appointments for my preemie!

    When they were both toddlers, we bought a tandem umbrella stroller… also worth its weight in gold. And they loved sitting side-by-side!

  5. I love the ‘We may bite’ sign in the background… cracked me up!

  6. Way happy sweet smile on Ken and Becky’s face while they are in the stroller indicates how comfortable they feel. This stroller always runs very smooth, no matter in what direction you are pushing it. Whether sideways or backwards it is a smooth ride all the time!!! Ron and myself cherish the travel safe moment with our kids with this sturdy double stroller from wherever we go.

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