Toolin’ Up Tuesday: Electric Griddle


Many moons ago FishPapa began a family tradition of making Saturday pancakes. He even let our oldest, a toddler at the time, assist in preparing the batter. You can bet that my eyes bugged out when he let our 18-month old crack the eggs. Since then, pancakes have been a regular part of the weekend routine. In fact, my sweet husband is so adept at his flapjacking that he often creates what I call Pancake Art. (More on that on Friday.)

Basically I’d had about a decade off pancake duty when hubby couldn’t be home some morning to make pancakes. Sure, I can do this. But, little did I know that I would have a constant line of hungry children whining for more at my side while I tried to make four at a time on our whimpy stovetop griddle pan that didn’t heat evenly.

I don’t think so.

The next time I was at a kitchen store, I spent my “allowance” on an electric griddle. FishPapa was a little skeptical that we would really use it. But, I just knew that if I was ever going to make pancakes again and feed the masses, I didn’t want to monkey with a lack of surface area or heat regulation. In reality, he uses it more than I do.

This has made pancake feasts so much easier. He makes 8 to 10 at a time and there are always hot cakes waiting for whoever wants them. But, lest you think it’s only for pancakes, know that it is great for making grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, tortillas, and basically anything you need a hot cooking surface for. This “tool” makes cooking for our family a lot easier.

How about you? What’s a tool that makes your life easier?

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  1. JessieLeigh says:

    I love my electric griddle- I often plan whole “griddle days” where it just stays out on my counter- pancakes for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, fried ham steaks for supper. My mom still has (and uses!) the electric griddle she got as a wedding gift back in ’68.

  2. I love my electric griddle. They are great.

  3. Donna(mom24boyz) says:

    Here here! I got my first electric griddle last year for Christmas. I confess I would never make pancakes for my four boys because I always burned them. I bought the frozen kind for them and was ridiculed constantly! However, my griddle helps me to make perfect pancakes. No more frozen ones here! Plus I can make enough quite quickly for my clan in one quick pour! Love it!

  4. Innocent Observer says:

    In our family the griddle is almost disposable, because we go through them so fast. We bring ours with us everywhere, from camping to hotel rooms. It’s amazing what can be cooked on it, from pancakes to frozen pizza (yes, really) to steaks with grilled onions. The griddle is our indispensable away from home item that allows us to go away and never once eat out.

  5. I have that exact same griddle and I LOVE it!! It is definitely one of my favorite kitchen tools. Like you, we “got along” with a stovetop griddle for quite a while–over 8 years, to be exact–but we finally decided to buy an electric one. Now we make pancakes a lot more, as well as quesadillas. These are 2 of my family’s favorite suppers, so the griddle sure comes in handy! 🙂

  6. I once had an electric skillet, but it was cumbersome and took up too much space that I didn’t have. We used it mostly for griddle type preparation, now I have a griddle pan for my stove top. It can make 4 grilled cheese or pancakes at a time, so not quite as large as the electric one, but it works for us (there are only 4 of us).

  7. I’d have to say, with the exception of missing out lately on this site, that my feeder (bloglines) has been a great tool for me. I used to use up a lot of time going to each individual site I follow. With a feeder/reader, I can sign up for the ones I want, and it notifies me of new posts. I have saved so much time.

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