Toolin’ Up Tuesday: Infant Bouncy Seat

Around these parts a “tool” is defined as anything that helps you do your job well. Back when I was a teacher, my sweet husband called my clothes my “tools” and insisted on a large clothing allowance.

Yes, those were the days.

He’s still generous with my clothes money, but my arsenal of tools has gone beyond the cosmetic. (You can see some of my favorite tools here.)

For the last eleven years as more and more babies have joined our family, one tool has stayed at the front of the pack: the bouncy seat.

I remember when my mom brought home our first seat. It was one of the first battery-operated models to come out on the market. And though I was a first-time mom ready to be wowed by all sorts of cool baby gadgets, (I loved the baby wipes warmer, thank you very much!) I thought the vibrating feature was a little goofy.

Until the night when I could NOT get my sweet little boy to go to sleep. I was absolutely exhausted and had exhausted every trick in my book. I couldn’t let him “cry it out,” philosophically I’m opposed to it and physically, well, we lived in a studio and FishPapa needed to go to work in the morning. In desperation, I put him in the bouncy seat, turned it on and he was snoozing within minutes.

Then the clouds opened up, and angels burst forth singing the Hallelujah chorus. It was one of the first minor miracles of my mothering career.

To this day we still use a bouncy seat with our babies. And, as I type, FishBaby has falled asleep for the night, ready to be transferred to her crib. Yes, minor miracles still happen around here.

Not only is this one of the great go-to-bed tools at my house, it is a great assist in soothing a fussy baby. My bigger children, particularly my almost 8 year old, are adept at gently bouncing their sister when she fusses and I am otherwise occupied. The bouncy seat is a great asset to our home.

How about you? What tool makes your life easier? Share it here!

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  1. JessieLeigh says:

    We loved our bouncy seat! I especially loved that it broke down so small that we could take it with us when we traveled. What a blessing to have the bouncy seat in an unfamiliar hotel room!

  2. I loved the bouncy seat when my kids were little. They are great.

  3. When I was pregnant with my son, I bought a vibrating bouncy seat at Goodwill for $3, thinking it might come in handy. Oh man, did it ever!! (We don’t cry it out here either!!)

  4. My boy LOVES his bouncy seat. He pumps his arms up and down and moves the seat along the hardwood floor! It makes him so happy! =)

  5. Donna(mom24boyz) says:

    I loved their portability. You can take it counter, bathroom while bathing other kids, laundry room, outside. It was easy to carry and move my babes around ..with other kids in the house, my movability was important!

  6. "Cents"able Momma says:

    I’ve given you a blog award…

    I love reading your blog…I almost feel like I’m a part of the Fish Family :-). Congrats on the new little girl!

  7. Mrs. Pear says:

    Oh, too funny, I just posted about how to fix one when the battery leaks!

    A tool I could not be without!

  8. The Things We Say says:

    we loved our bouncy seat with vibration too. We called it “the magic chair”.

  9. Great in theory. But I thought it only worked for babies who were used to crying it out. Hmmm, have to try that with my next one. So far, I havent had a baby who will let me put them down when they are crying. In fact, my 9month old JUST got to the point where I dont have to hold him all day long.

  10. mommykerrie says:

    love it! i’ve since picked up one for tiny babies, as well, which my husband hates since we don’t have tons of space. also, i finally found a used on-the-floor basinett that vibrates and the kid can sit up in it when older! i borrowed one with #3 and then missed it with #4. yes, the tools that can get us a shower are very important!

    i agree with you on the crying it out! HATE IT.

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