Toolin’ Up Tuesday: The Intuition Razor

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I have never been much of a primper. Part of the reason is that I’ve never really been “hip” or up on the fashion trends. So, with my luck, if I did too much primping, I’d be wearing last decade’s styles.

I have been more than just your grocery variety geek all my life.

The other reason would be that I’m lazy. Or maybe it’s just hyper-efficient. I don’t like to spend a lot of time fussing.

And so — true confessions here — I’ve always been kinda lazy about shaving my legs. I didn’t like messing with all the rigamorole of shaving cream, razor, rinsing etc. So, I only shaved every couple of days. Thankfully, it’s blond hair that grows on my legs, but nonetheless, years ago my pedicurist would freak out that I hadn’t shaved. And that was my m.o. until….

I found the Intuition razor.

No longer do I need to mess with shaving cream. No longer do I need to worry about a rusty ring in the shower from said shaving cream can. This baby has the soap attached to it. Just wet your skin and go to it. Easy peasy.

schick intuition

This makes my primping oh so easy. ‘Cause come on, these days I’m lucky to get a shower. So, I need all the help I can get.

And you know I want to keep my pedicurist happy!

Over the last few months, these have been FREE at Walgreens and CVS, so I have razors to last me a year or so. Yeehaw!

What’s a tool that makes your life easier?

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  1. Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart says:

    You’re right, these are great. And, you can’t argue with free.

  2. I always want to participate in these but then when I come to your blog you have listed another one that I love and I can’t think of one.

    You are great at these!

    Truth be told in the winter I might go more than 2 days before I shave becuase no one ses your legs with pants on. (and boots). I had a friend visit from Tennessee and she brought me one of these because she loved it so much. But I already had one.

    Keep ’em coming!!

  3. UMMMMM….I just don’t shave.

  4. In all the years of shaving, I have never used soap or shaving cream. I just buy the cheap razors in the big bag, not even always the ones made for women, and I just shave in the shower with the water.
    Did I miss something? I thought shaving cream was just for men. I guess I lived without it. Is it supposed to keep your skin from drying out or something??

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