Toolin’ Up Tuesday: MapQuest

If you’d ever gone on a road trip with FishPapa and me, you’d know that I make a lousy co-pilot. Usually I forget the map. I always assume that he will have one, since I think maps are a guy thing to have. But, since I’m generally responsible for loading the vehicle, a reasonable person (like my husband) could assume that I would think of packing one. But, no.

On said road trips, we usually bum a map off someone or pick up an atlas at a Walmart. But, I still manage to get us lost. Or at least require two or three u-turns. Unless I plan ahead and “mapquest it.”

Since moving halfway across the country to a city I’d never seen before, I have developed a newfound appreciation for one of the best tools online – MapQuest. It’s been around for awhile. And compared to yahoo or google maps, I think it is very user friendly.

One of the things that I love about it is the map feature. Not only can you see your location and the surrounding area, but you can also type in a business to locate or choose a business category from the drop-down scroll bar. For instance, today I wanted to find out what banks were solvent AND on FishPapa’s route home from his new workplace. I selected “banks” from the scroll bar and it revealed a number of choices and showed me where they were in relation to our house and work. While MapQuest couldn’t assure me of their economic stability, it sure did show me how to get there.

Over the weekend, I typed in the names of different grocery stores so that I could find out what was where and how to most judiciously spend my gas. In this way, I found out that there are a Walgreens, Walmart, and a Target all in one shopping area. That area is the one to shop in rather than heading to three separate locations.

MapQuest has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. It has helped alleviate some tension on the road and made my driving time much easier.

How about you? What’s a tool that makes your life easier?

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  1. JessieLeigh says:

    LOVE MapQuest! And it makes me like a smart cookie when I can say, “Now, you’re going to want to merge right in about 200 ft, sweetie…”

    I’m lousy with directions. This is definitely a tool I use too!

  2. I read your blog today and I wanted to post a quick “Thank You!” It’s great to hear when people use our site and are happy with our service. If you ever run into anything on that isn’t working the way you’d expect it to, please feel free to contact my team to let us know. You can click “Help” in the footer of the page and then click on “Contact Us”. When you fill out the form, your feedback goes directly to my team.

    Thanks for being MapQuest lovers!

    Sandy Ziebarth
    Technical Services Manager, MapQuest

  3. Wow! Congrats on having the big wigs over at mapquest see your post! How fun.

  4. mommykerrie says:

    How embarrassing … I told everyone on MY blog that I posted a comment on yours and then it didn’t show up. i am blog-inept! here was the comment:
    Are you kidding me? They give the worst directions. They didn’t even have the hotel in Phoenix where we were staying in their little database. And people I know trying to get around the city where I live is impossible with MapQuest. Glad it works for SOMEONE!

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