Toolin’ Up Tuesday: Quicken

A good tool is a beautiful thing. And let me tell you, we know about tools around here. The garage is full of them.

But, a tool is only as good as the extent to which it helps you do your job well.

One “job” that I have is to keep track of how we spend our money. Each month FishPapa and I sit down together to discuss the month’s expenses, how much money we have at our disposal, and what we should do with it. One thing that I do to prepare is to gather the data needed to make the best decisions.

The tool that has helped me to be accurate and efficient in this is the computer software, Quicken. It takes me about 15 minutes to print up reports on how we’ve stuck to our budget in the previous months, what our exact expenses were, and what bills are approaching. It also has cut my “check book balancing” time from an hour+ to less than 10 minutes! The features on this software are amazing….I know I haven’t exhausted even half of them.

If you don’t have a budgeting software that you absolutely LOVE. I recommend that you check out this one!

What’s a tool that helps you do your job better? It can be anything that positively effects your performance as a MOM. Please share it with us.

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2. Share your idea in the comments section.

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  1. We use quickbooks because it is what we have for business stuff. But it is the same idea. We love it. My husband talked me into using it about 3 years ago for personal finance tracking and it has been a big help.

  2. Mrs. Troop says:

    SO LOVE Quicken! Great for keeping track and budgeting and seeing where the money is going. And it’s so easy to balance. And the tax reports. . . it’s great!

  3. Org Junkie says:

    I’ve been using Quicken for years and years and absolutely love it. I love how easy the reconciling is and how happy it makes me when I balance.

    Of course I also like to impress hubby with all the reports I can do to 🙂

  4. I really wanted to participate, but I really struggled to chose a tool that made my job as mom easier – I think there are too many and none alone is that exciting that I could write a post about it. I am going to continue to think it through.

  5. Org Junkie, yes, I, too, have been known to say, “Honey, look at these bar graphs I made!” LOL

    Busy Mom, thanks for putting some thought into it. Please don’t feel pressure. But, we’d love to hear your ideas.

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